Mission Statement

RBCERTAA is a non-profit organization that provides a well-trained team of volunteers to be a prepared, deployable community resource, when requested by the Redondo Beach Fire Department, to support emergency operations, disaster response, and community service. RBCERTAA supports CERT training, educates the community on disaster preparedness and participates in community activities.


  • Improve retention and engagement of alumni.
  • Participate in community events to educate the public on disaster preparedness.
  • Raise $7,000 to $10,000 annually for ongoing operating expenses and seek $10,000 in additional funding for special projects.
  • Provide training opportunities to maintain and increase the skill level of RBCERTAA members.
  • Implement an enhanced RBCERTAA activation plan.
  • Develop and implement a Board succession plan.
  • Generate a Memorandum of Understanding of deployment expectations between RBFD and RBCERTAA.
  • Manage asset inventory to achieve logistical efficiency.


Seven committies; Communications/Public Relations, Fundraising, Training, Community Involvement, Disaster Communications, Ham Team/Ham Radio Net and Equipment; exist to support the goals of the organization.

See the Volunteer page for more information and how you can help.