Election Procedures


Nominations for the Board of Directors are made in May, at either the general membership meeting or a training/drill.

A second to the nomination is not required.

To be eligible to be a Board Member, at the time of nomination, one must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Maintain and present verification of valid CPR and First Aid certification documentation
  • Attend at least two (2) Board Meetings within the past six (6) months.
  • Nominated candidates for annual General Elections are to provide a nominee statement to the Secretary at the May meeting/training drill. Additionally, all candidates nominated to replace Board Member vacancies between General Elections shall be required to submit a Synopsis to the Secretary who will then distribute the Synopsis to the Board of Directors via email within two weeks prior to the next scheduled Board of Directors meeting for voting in accordance with the Vacancy provisions of the Elections Procedures.

The Secretary will prepare a Candidate Ballot and Nominee Statements listing.

The Nominee Statements listing is sent to each candidate for editing and final approval.


The Nominee Statement listing, Election Procedures, and a cover letter are emailed or regular mailed to each voter about two weeks prior to the next General Membership meeting. This meeting is held in June.

The order of candidates on the Candidate Ballot is drawn at random, from a hat of names.

A representative of the Redondo Beach Fire Department will supervise collection and counting of the ballots.

The election is held at the next General Membership meeting.

For those unable to attend the election, Absentee Voting is allowed, but only as follows:

  • For the week prior to the election, ballots will be available at Fire Station 1. Members must make an appointment, between 8am and 5pm, to see the Fire Department CERT Coordinator, who is stationed at Fire Station 1.
  • The Coordinator will verify the member's name and CERT ID Number, and supply a special absentee ballot form.
  • This form must be completed on the spot, and include the member's name and signature. This is to facilitate checking to ensure that a person only votes once.
  • At close of business, on the day prior to the election, absentee voting will cease. The designated Fire Department representative will bring the ballots with him to the Election.
  • Prior to the election, the Fire Department representative will read the names of the absentee voters, to check if they are in attendance. If so, they will not be given another voting ballot.

Ballots for all other members are passed out at this General Membership meeting.

Members present at the meeting (except those absentee voters noted above) vote and turn in their marked ballots. They vote for no more than eleven people.

The eleven people on the ballot receiving the most votes are elected as the new members of the Board of Directors.

The representative of the Redondo Beach Fire Department will supervise counting of the ballots.

Executive Board:

At the first Board Meeting following the election, the new Board of Directors nominates and votes for the position of President. This is followed, in sequence, for the position of Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The vote is done by secret ballot; so the Board Members feel free to vote for the person whom can best fill each particular position.

These four board members are referred to as the Officers of the Board, and serve the board as required by the RBCERTAA Bylaws.


A Board Member position may become vacant before the next election, due to a resignation, or by a parliamentary procedure removal.

The remaining Board Members can nominate a person to fill the vacant position, from a list of no less than two candidates. All candidates must comply with the eligibility requirements, as stated under Nominations.

The remaining Board Members conduct a vote at the next Board Meeting, by secret ballot.

Should it become necessary, the Board of Directors may replace one, or more, of the Officers, according to the RBCERTAA Bylaws.