September 5th, 2006 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Attendees at this meeting:


RBCERTAA Board Members



Guests in Attendance:

Alisa Zells – President



Mike Grady

Lisa Burke – Vice Pres.



Lauraine Caruana

Monty Ruth – Treasurer




Bob Heil – Secretary




Jeff Adam




Jennifer Adam




Tania Amaral




Lili Gonzalez




Marcelle McCullough




Noble Smith




Jared Van Sloten












Fire Department Liaison:




Capt. Rick Martinez











1) Call to order (President)

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Alisa.


2) Introduction of guests (President)

The guests in attendance, Lauraine Caruana and Mike Grady, were introduced by Alisa.


3) Call for approval of minutes from last meeting (President)

A motion was made and passed to approve the minutes for the August 1st meeting as presented by Bob Heil, secretary.


4) Presentation of Agenda Order and request for additions/deletions (President)

[These minutes reflect the final agenda for this Board meeting.]




A) Photo of Tania for the website – this was deferred since Tania was not in attendance. This was noted as her second consecutive absence.


B) BCHD Medical Reserve Corps. Training Sept. 11, 2006 (Lisa/Alisa)

Information regarding this is reported to be available at: Lisa will attend this training as a representative of RBCERT.


C) Class #33 Enrollment (Lisa Burke)

Lisa reports that this class currently has 23 students enrolled. It was noted that Marcelle helped to recruit these students by distributing flyers. The flyer (application) is on the web site.


D) Fire Department Corner

[No RBFD Representative was in attendance, the following information and comments are from Board members.]


a) BICEPP Training & Competition


(i) Training Status/Programs

Monty reported that the team has accumulated over 700 hours of training, meeting twice a week. Everyone is encouraged to attend the event this weekend. Lisa has attempted to arrange press coverage for the competition. Volunteers to simulate victims are needed for tomorrow's training at Independent Repair.


(ii) RBFD representatives confirmed for competition [either Pete V. or Bob H. per Grant.]

[It is expected that a RBFD representative will attend the event.]


(iii) Other comments/details

[None presented]


b) City-wide Drill Oct. 19th Update

[It was reported that this date is tentative and has not yet been confirmed by the RBFD.]


c) NIMS and Triage Training Overview/SummaryNovember 4th Search & Rescue Training

[It was noted that the location for this training has not yet been confirmed. No other information was presented.]


E) Phone List/Laminated Cards of Board Members (Monty Ruth):

Monty passed out laminated cards with contact information for Board members that he had created. Distribution of this information was limited to current Board members only.




A) Treasurer's Report (Treasurer):


a) Approval of July 18th and August 1st Treasurer's Reports:

(i) July 18th report: Questions regarding the returned check fee previously reported have been answered. Moved and passed to approved the July 18th report.

(ii) August 1st report: The previously noted $14 dollar discrepancy has been resolved. The deposit and corresponding withdrawals were used to cash several checks for picnic expenses. The report was determined to be correct as submitted. Motion made and passed to approve this report.


b) Sept 5th report (Monty's first):

This report was presented by the Treasurer (Monty) and was accepted as presented.


c) Reimbursements and miscellaneous bills to pay:


(i) A reimbursement check in the amount of $43.18 was issued to Marcelle to cover expenses of providing snacks and water during the recent NIMS training.


(ii) Mike Grady reported that Monty has purchased supplies used for training of the BICEPP team. It was reported that Monty would recover some of his expenses by selling remaining supplies to some BICEPP Team members and would then submit a list of remaining expenses to RBCERTAA. It was further reported that Independent Repair has picked up the majority of the charges for BICEPP Team T-shirts, and that team members have picked up most of the other incidental expenses.


(iii) Monty Ruth noted that it was Chairperson Alisa's birthday

A cake was presented to the Chairperson and 'Happy Birthday' was sung by the assembled Board. [No invoice was presented for the cake.]


B) Committee and Assigned Task Reports:


a) Archive Policy (Bob Heil):

A motion was made and passed to approve this policy which had been previously presented.


b) Safety Fair Preparations (Monty):

(i) Volunteers, Time Commitments, Trailer set-up:

Monty has made inquiries but has not yet received any feedback. It is possible that the BICEPP team members could put on a demonstration at the safety fair. This wil be Sun, October 1st. (From 0800 until 3:00 PM.) Monty needs volunteers to help man the CERT booth. Mike Grady suggested that we distribute balloons at the booth to improve the walk-up traffic. This would cost approx $100 to $150 for the balloons and helium. The BOD gave approval to spending not more than $250 for expenses for this.


c) Email Tree Update (Lisa/Tania):

Lisa reported that she created a form last month to collect student contact info. This is to be filled out at the last class or on graduation day to update the email list.


d) Calendar and Events Notice (Alisa):

Alisa distributed an updated calendar, which should also now be on the website. She reported that Class 33 starts this Thursday, and that NIMS training is now included on the calendar.


(i) Volunteer to take over this responsibility:

Help is needed, please contact Alisa.


e) Food Committee (Marcelle):


(i) Class #33 Starts Thurs. Sept. 7th

California Pizza Kitchen ASAP has offered to donate the food for the first class as well as the graduation. This was arranged by Marcelle.


(ii) Food, set-up and clean-up volunteers/sign-up sheet


f) Newsletter (Lisa):

Revised deadline for submission is Sept. 15th, 2006

The revised deadline will enable the results of the BICEPP competition to be included in the newsletter. A photographer is needed to take photographs at the event this Sunday.


g) Website Updates (Alisa):

Alisa reported that Valerie has updated the pictures and data pages, and has also included the new CERT Academy application form. The picnic pictures have not yet been loaded. Any additional pictures can be sent to Alisa or Valerie ( for possible inclusion on the website.


h) First Aid Supply/Equipment Donations (Marcelle):

[No new information presented.]


i) LeBoutique Status (Jennifer/Jeff):


(i) Apparel Sales & Inventory Status:  It was stated that LeBoutique would advertise its products at the first class (Academy #33), and would commence selling product at subsequent classes.


(ii) It was reported that RBCERTAA business cards have now been received and are available.




A) Next Board meeting scheduled for October 3rd, 2006 (Alisa)


B) Talk Radio 790 KABC Operation “Get Your Kit Together Radiothon [9/8 @ 7am – 9/11 @ 9 am] (Alisa):

Volunteers are requested to help to raise awareness for Emergency Preparedness and funds to benefit the Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms Severely Wounded Warrior Center, The Education Fund for Children of Camp Pendleton Marines Who Have Lost a Mother or Father in Iraq, and the County of Los Angeles Office of Emergency Management.

Contact :  Larissa Maness,

KABC community affairs department at:

(310) 840-4944

Or email to:


C) BCHD Emergency preparedness for families, neighborhoods & community

This will be held 9/11/06 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm (Beach Cities Room); there is no cost for this.


D) Remember to pay for your dinner! (Alisa)


E) Items from the floor:


a) Jared Van Sloten reported that the RB Public safety commission has asked Jared to look into a radio station for the city (low-power AM). This would broadcast a prerecorded message(s) normally but could be used for emergency announcements in an emergency. DOT funding for this is available, if they accept your request. This will be discussed 9/14 at the strategic planning session of the City of Redondo Beach Safety Commission. Such a system could be used as an alternative to the telephone call-out system in the event of a city-wide emergency. Torrance has a system like this at AM 1620.


b) Mike Grady reminded us that our supplies are very low and our finances are also low. He suggests that we think about trying to get a Redondo Beach business to donate something (Wide-screen TV?) which could be raffled off to raise funds.  Mike observed that our expenses have been running twice as much as our income. Mike will try to obtain the donation of a suitable prize for such a raffle.


c) Alisa will be sending a 5% day application to Whole Foods.


8) OPEN FORUM (Open to floor, subject to Robert's Rules time constraints)


A) There were numerous reports of broken helmets. The white plastic liner mounting tabs break off. These will need to be replaced.


9) ADJOURNMENT (Chairperson)

The meeting was adjourned at 7:43 PM.





Respectively submitted,





Robert H. Heil

RBCERTAA Secretary