October 2nd, 2006 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Attendees at this meeting:


RBCERTAA Board Members



Guests in Attendance:

Alisa Zells – President



Mike Grady

Lisa Burke – Vice Pres.



Jason Schroeder

Monty Ruth – Treasurer



Garth McWhorter

Bob Heil – Secretary




Jeff Adam




Jennifer Adam




Tania Amaral




Lili Gonzalez




Marcelle McCullough




Noble Smith




Jared Van Sloten












Fire Department Liaison:




Capt. Rick Martinez










1) Call to order (President)

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM by Alisa with only 6 board members present. Board action was deferred until a seventh Board member arrived.


2) Introduction of guests (President)

Mike Grady was recognized as a guest.


3) Call for approval of minutes from last meeting (President)

Approval of the minutes from last meeting was moved and passed.


4) Presentation of Agenda Order and request for additions/deletions (President)

These minutes reflect the final agenda.




A) Swearing-in/Photo of Tania Amaral (Rick/Alisa)

Captain Rick Martinez (RBFD) swore in Tania as a member of the RBCERTAA Board of Directors.


B) Discussion regarding BOD member 2 consecutive absences, if necessary (Board members)

No action was taken on this topic. It was recognized that the by-laws provide for an automatic motion to remove a board member who misses two consecutive board meeting, but that such a motion would need to be approved by the board to take effect.


C) NIMS Online Training Certification Update (Alisa)

ICS-100 and FEMA IS-700 are required by RBFD for CERT members. These courses can be completed on-line, at: in which case FEMA sends out an electronic confirmation of a passing grade. A copy of this should be sent to Diane at Station 1.


It was also noted that the current academy classes had been switched around in order and that some advance notification of this would have been helpful to alumni wishing to attend CPR.


A) BOD Committee Reporting and New Business Agenda Item Discussions (Alisa)


a) Committee email and meeting protocol (courtesy copies to Exec. Board appreciated);

Alisa asked the Board to have patience with her as she learns the role of President. She pointed out her priorities were training, fund raising, and raising public awareness of CERT. She also mentioned that she could not participate in every committee meeting and every email discussion, but that she did want to be copied in on all important transactions. She also asked that committees provide advanced information to the Executive Board well in advance of the monthly Board Meeting so that the members could be prepared to vote.

Mike Grady noted that committees should finish their work prior to presenting it to the Board.

Specifically, the Board of Director's meeting should not be used as the venue for a committee meeting.


Lili agreed with this philosophy, but expressed concern that she felt that the need to go through the office of the President prevented her from arranging for an invitation to a fundraiser.


Mike Grady suggested that any Board member could copy all Board members when sending a message to the President.


It was also noted that in an emergency, the Board could take action by email or by telephone.


Captain Martinez asked all Board members to be careful with the use of email and to avoid sending emails which they would later regret.


Alisa noted that phone calls can avoid some of the misunderstanding which arises from emails.


b) Chairperson Duties/Reporting responsibilities. Please get this material to the Executive Board one week prior to next Board of Directors meeting so that updates may be added to the Agenda;


c) Items not on Agenda may be discussed briefly under Announcements or Open Forum; however, voting on any issue cannot take place until all Board Members receive detailed information 2 weeks prior to the next meeting and only then following a discussion amongst board members, with a first and second motion;


d) Bottom Line: Use your best judgment to get information to the Exec. Board members and ALL Board members in a timely manner!


B) Fire Department Corner (Rick/Matt)


a) BICEPP Overview

Rick asked who would be competing in two years. His point was that the training should continue during the next two years so that we would be prepared.


Mike Grady asked that the BICEPP team take a break until after Christmas and that he be made the point of contact for members interested in participating in BICEPP.


In response to his request, Mike is being shown as the chairman of the BICEPP committee.


b) NIMS Update

No further discussion.


c) November 4th Search & Rescue Training (location, time, instructor, etc.)

Captain Bob Herrera will teach this from 9:00 until noon. Location TBD.


d) CERT Refresher (Oct. 22nd?)

Mike Grady is willing to lead a carpool to this event from his shop. Alisa asked him to prepare an email with details, which she would arrange to have sent out.


e) City-wide Drill (Oct. 26th per Capt. Baker – Kickoff meeting Oct. 2nd 3:30 PM at BCHD)

A minimum of 50 volunteers are needed to support this drill (dirty bomb scenario). This includes CERT members with their gear to participate as CERT members as well as victims. This is mainly a police department exercise. Focus of the drill is on management and the participation of the hospital.


f)  County-wide Drill (November 4th or 9th?)

No additional information was available.


g) Station #2 Container Roof Repairs

There are a couple of rust holes in the roof. Rick will see if the city can repair (patch) this.


h) Chief Madrigal expressed is pleasure with the BICEPP results.





A) Treasurer's Report (Treasurer)

Mike Grady asked if the existing trailer funds were obligated for acquiring another trailer, or if it could be used for supplies for the existing trailer. Garth McWhorter was not sure of the answer. Mike asked permission to attempt to obtain an answer to this.


a) Presentation and call for approval of Sept. 5th, 2006 Treasurer's Report

Monty presented the treasurer's report. This report was approved as submitted.


b) Reimbursements and presentation of current bills for payment

A number of receipts were submitted payment next month.




B) Committee and Assigned Task Reports


a) BICEPP Committee Recap (Monty)

Mike Grady was recognized as the captain of the winning BICEPP team and showed off the trophies that the team won. Monty stated that he would assemble a collection of materials relating to the BICEPP competition.


b) Safety Fair Recap (Monty)

200 balloons were given out, could have used 300. One academy signup was received. There was a lot of traffic at the CERT booth.


c) Food Committee (Alisa for Marcelle)

No report. A thank you letter was sent to CPK ASAP.


d) Class #33 Graduation Drill – Oct. 28th (Committee Chair)

Lisa reported that this is under control.


e) Email Tree Update (Committee Chair)

Tania reminded us about the ongoing problems with spam filters blocking our emails. She wants to advise people to add to their safe list to avoid spam filtering.


She also pointed out that AOL is offering free email and that this could be used to save us $6.95 per month. This will be placed on the agenda for next month.


Monty presented a draft email list that was generated by Marcelle to collect email addresses from members and students.


f) Calendar and Events Notice (President)

Alisa noted that Tania has sent out this notice. In future this may be distributed every other month. Alisa reviewed the contents of this notice.


(i) NIMS, CPR & First AID

First aid was reported to be scheduled for Oct 12th and 19th at the CERT Academy class 33.


(ii) Volunteer to take over this monthly responsibility?

No volunteers.


g) Newsletter (Lisa)

Monty distributed copies of the latest newsletter. Lisa stated that there was a desire to print 100 copies to be distributed to members without email and for use as CERT advertising. A suggestion was made that black and white copies be made by the city for distribution. Another suggestion was made that a brochure could be printed for less money. Mike Grady suggested that we see if we could get the printing donated.


h) Website Status (Committee Chair)

Alisa reported for Valerie that the website was being updated monthly.


i) LeBoutique Status (Committee Chair)


Jennifer reported that she would not be available to support apparel sales during the classes in October. Alisa will arrange for someone else to take over this task.


(i) Sales and Inventory

Revenue received is reported to be in the display bag. There is no currency available for making change. Alisa will inventory the holdings.


j)  Raffle Committee (Mike G./Monty)

Mike reported that he had spoken with Rick Martinez about holding a raffle and got approval to pursue this.


Mike spoke to an officer of the Rotary Club who asked for a wish list for CERT. Mike prepared a list of supplies (medical) totaling $2434.15. It looks like the Rotary Club will be providing funds for this material. In response he has asked that CERT send out a solicitation for the blood drive that the Rotary Club is sponsoring. It was moved and passed to include this solicitation within the next CERT email, recognizing the Rotary Club as a CERT sponsor.


Mike observed that this donation from the Rotary Club, coupled with the existing trailer funds, and expected RBFD funding could meet all of our current medical supplies needs and thus would obviate the need for holding a raffle to raise these funds.


k) Trailer Committee (Committee Chair)

Monty will be completing an inventory.

Lisa brought the key to the new lock on the trailer and requested that this be given to Mike Grady.



A) Next Board Meeting November 7th, 2006 (President)

Alisa reminded us that this would be the last Board meeting of the year.


B) Alisa requested photos for newsletter and website from BICEPP, Picnic, City Award Ceremonies and Graduation Classes/Training, etc. These should be sent via email to Monty at and also to Valerie Heath at:


C) Jared announced that the Redondo Beach City council has approved the acquisition of a low power AM radio station (AM 1610) and that this may be acquired before the end of the year. This will utilize Homeland Security funding.


D) Mike Grady suggested that the first board meeting should include a review of the policies and procedures for the new Board members.


E) Monty presented a Thank You to the RBFD for their support of the BICEPP Team.


8) OPEN FORUM (Open to floor, subject to Robert's Rules time constraints)


Noble attended the Amateur Radio swap meet held at Northrup Grumman on Aviation on the morning of the last Saturday of the month and reports that he believes we could benefit from a booth at this event.


Lili asked the Board to consider if there would be a holiday get together for the Board. Lisa mentioned that she and Monty had spoken about this last month and asked that Lili join the committee to plan this.


9) ADJOURNMENT (President)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM.











Respectively submitted,





Robert H. Heil

RBCERTAA Secretary