Total Volunteer Hours: 


Attendees at this meeting:

RBCERTAA Board Members



Guests in Attendance:

President- Marcelle McCullough



Noble Smith

Vice President- Mike Grady




Treasurer- Monty Ruth




Secretary- “Ro”chelle Kelley




Jeff Adam




Jennifer Adam




Lily Gonzalez




Bob Kumler




Bob Applegate




Sandy Marchese




Fire Department Liaison:




Captain Dan Bliss




Kurt Mahoney




Isaac Yang












1)  CALL TO ORDER ~Marcelle              18:32


2)  INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS ~Marcelle        18:33


3)  PRESENTATION OF AGENDA ORDER and request for additions/deletions ~Marcelle 18:33

           (Please announce Open Forum discussion items at this time)


4)  CALL FOR APPROVAL OF MINUTES (August & September) ~ Ro     18:34

                        -August Motion Mike Second Jennifer- All Yeah

                        - September Motion Mike Second Sandy- All Yeah



A. TREASURER’S REPORT ~Monty       18:35

i.          Presentation and call for approval of September 2007 Treasurer’s Report

ii.          Revenues received, reimbursement requests and presentation of current bills for


            ? Possed by Jennifer about when and how we got the debt card? Mike answered that we were able to obtain through some hard work.

            - Motion to approve by Marcelle Second by Sandy 18: 43 unanimous

            - Monty gave Ro deposit slips for banking. And opened to be deposited to all board members.

            - Marcelle discussed were we stand please do not spend any money until we have discussed and approved as a exe/ board.

            - Mike broke down the expenditures and stated that he has seen the account flux up and down.  Stated that we do not need to pay for everything ourselves as we are volunteers.  Mike suggested that we make known our financial situation and ask for members to donate as well as ask there employers.

            -Noble suggested that we tell people what we have, why and how.

            -Mike suggested putting together a report to show what we have done.

            -Mike made suggestion to write up a briefing/ letter on financial state of association.

                        Goal: A little know to help build more later- try and get more people to step up.

            - Monty Second item: The waiver of fee this time- cannot be a long term or permanent.

6) NEW BUSINESS: 19:00

            A.  Board Position Nomination and vote ~ Mike

            B.  October goal progress & November Goal ~Marcelle

            C.  Class 36 Coverage and Volunteers ~ Marcelle

                        i.  10/11, 10/18* & 10/25

                        -Mike will be at 10/18 will be trying to attend others

                        -Ro at all

                        -Monty will try.

            D.  Safety Commission Meeting Sept. 17th ~ Marcelle     19:04

                        -CD available for viewing of meeting.

                        -Recap of

                        -Sandy made note that Marcelle represented us well.

E.  Fire Department Corner ~ Captain Dan Bliss- Skipped no one in attendance    19:59

            -Contact Chief Hink for further details will probably be at Knob Hill Community center.

            -Ro asked if there was an age limit for drill, Capt Bliss does not believe so, Marcelle to check.

            - Are we covered under Cal Work Comp not City- Capt Bliss not sure needs to check with City Attorney?

            -START 15 or less station 2 more probably at BCHD.

            -Capt Bliss will be temporally taking a personal leave of absence. Any urgent matters please contact

 Chief Hink. But please feel free to call him.

            -Alta Vista for South Redondo staging area.

            -Keys for Perry Park available for CERT members in the event of FD not available.

            -Had brought up only (2) mandatory training as well as AED/ CPR/ First Aid.

            -Marcelle sent reminder to Dan and not Issac or Kurt

                                -Mike very disappointed that no one attended

F.  Upcoming Events ~ Marcelle            -19:12

            i.          NEPC in Sacramento October 11-14 (http://www.srccc.org/)

                        -Mike made suggestion to reimburse Marcelle for travel expenses.

            ii.          Academy 36 Graduation Saturday, October 27th

iii.                  START- November 11, 2007 12N-3P Location TBD (based on numbers)

-          Sandy Had two messages from hotline confirming attendance to: Will have to call to confirm and get more information: Sandy committed to.

iv.                 Redondo Beach Hosts County Drill Thursday, November 15th

-Chief Hink is contact for – He contacted Marcelle to get CERT more involved other then just being volunteers.  Mar wants specifically the BICEP/ USAR teams being utilized

-Scenario is that we will be facilitating and evacuation.

-Monty suggested that an e-mail to see who is available from USAR. Mike wanted it stipulated that if we are to attend that we are not going to be just door openers.

v.                   Emergency Preparedness Speaker Training is rescheduled for Jan 2008 (Date TBD)

-Rescheduled for January 23rd, 2008 18:00- 20:00 In Beach Cities room BCHD. To be posted in the up coming events notice and newsletter.

G.  Committee Updates

                                                                           i.      Community Involvement ~ Sandy

1.       Safety Fair October 7th

o        Mike Grady/ Marcelle/ Sandy/ Kumler/ Noble attending

                                                                         ii.      Equipment ~ Mike 19:37

1.       So sorry did not get will be sending out email for the 10/24/07 to do, ie Brandy BCHD MRC equip added.

                                                                        iii.      Funding ~ Monty     19:41

1.       CPK ASAP Flyer Night for RBCERTAA – Nov. 13th 4P-9P

-Possible to make RBCERTAA holiday get together.

2.       “They don’t know if we don’t ask” – Donations accepted

3.       Monty Stated that it would really help with Grants and fund raising that we want everyone to track your volunteer hours.

a.       Marcelle to write e-mail to ask people to track there time as of October 1, 2007.

4.       Start thinking about getting donations for raffle for Open House.

                                                                       iv.      Communications ~ Bob       20:33

1.       Website Update ~ Marcelle for Bob K.         21:11

-Monty gave Kumler the passwords for the website.

-Is ready to get started on the uploading.

-Kumler is willing to try uploading photos to the website.

2.       Weekly Update ~ Marcelle for Bob A.

a.       –Monthly News Letter

b.      –Weekly Update via e-mail/ save the date.

                                                                         v.      PR ~Marcelle          20:40

1.       Thank you certificate to Billy’s (Nov. Board Meeting)

2.       Street Banner – present estimate, ask for RBFD assistance

3.       Poster for South Bay Galleria

7) ANNOUNCEMENTS               -20:42

A.  CERT Alumni Ms. Kelly Kovac (Hermosa) named Woman of the Year (Hermosa) ~Monty

B.  Club 33 Invitation from RB Rotary Oct. 22nd 9A-9P ~ Mike

            -Mike will send Marcelle an e-mail to send to alumni.

C.  PERT – Pet Emergency Response Team (Dennis Cajilli) ~ Mike

            -ALERT- Animal Lovers Emergency Response Team/ PERT is what Palos Verdes calls there CERT


            -Monty suggested Alta Vista Tennis Courts for housing animals if dog park unavailable.

D.  Last Board Meeting of 2007 Tuesday, November 6th at Billy’s ~ Marcelle

E.  Holiday get-together 11/13 (CPK) or 12/3 on own ~ Marcelle

            -End of year event will be 11/13 at CPK during the flyer night. More details to follow.

F.  2008 Academy Schedule and mandatory trainings ~ Marcelle/Mike

G.  Location for 2008 Board Meetings ~ Marcelle

H.  Torrance City Disaster Expo Recap ~ Monty 20:53

            -Huge event over 35 plus vendors


            -Pet CERT

            -Decontamination tents

            -Loads of fun

- AYSO Opening

            -Had Fun

            -Raised a $3.00 donation

-Mike- Opening question of offering first aid at events that we have booths at. What is the scoop?  Monty wants to

have a written guide of generalization of level of care.

            -Self help First Aid- ie bowel of band aids, no hands on.

            -Standard First Aid- ie Wound Care- need more call 911.


8)   OPEN FORUM        - 21:15

            -What is the status of the Citizens Core Council Will be September 24th 12:00 to 13:00

9) ADJOURNMENT ~ Marcelle      21:16

                                                   Motion Marcelle Second Mike – Unanimous.

      Don’t forget to pay for your food.