September 12th, 2002, 6:30 p.m.

Cimmaron Café 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:                 


Jared Van Sloten

Pamela Hoole

Paul Weavers

Garth McWhorter (in at 7pm)

Heling Craig

Randy Stacy

David Hoole

Elizabeth Schnell

Kelly Heavener

Mike Grady

Bernadine Wood

Bob Heil

Jodie Honn

Pete Villasenor, F.D. Liaison


Glenn Willis, Jr.                                       



Valerie Heath










Meeting called to order by Pres. Jared Van Sloten at 6:35 p.m. (six board members present.)


Motion to approve minutes for August 8th, 2002 made by Mike Grady, second by Jodie. Passed by six board members present.


Jared called for the first item on the agenda, the Treasurer’s Report.


Treasurer’s Report:  David gave the report since Pam is in Australia for the next two weeks.  Monies received this month $25 from apparel sales and total of paid expenses came to $213 ($150 was allocated to our 501C3 Status, $48 for the annual P.O. Box fees and $15 for check book fees.)  Balance as of September 12th, 2002 is $2,450.45. We still have to pay an open invoice for apparel purchases $2,541.80. 

See copy of report attached.


David stated that Heling wanted it to be noted in the minutes that she has turned in the following items:  checkbook, financial reports, bank statements and key to the Post Office box.


Motion to accept the report made by Mike, second by Valerie.  Passed by all seven Board members present.


Newsletter:  Nothing to report other than the newsletter went out later than anticipated. 


Communications:  Glen has confirmed the Ham Radio training on February 22nd at his local Chapel located on Raul Street in Manhattan Beach.  Cost is $95 & $10 per each test (up to three can be taken.)  Deadline to have the monies received is January 1st, 2003.  Jared requested that Mike add to the next RBCERT Alumni questionnaire the following question:  “Are you a ham radio operator?”


Website:  Randy reported that he did not receive any monies from new sponsors.  He will be creating an advertising page for Whole Foods to thank them for their 5% donation generated from their sales on September 18th, 2002.  He has received and posted the Official Minutes from the last meeting (Aug 8th) from Valerie.  


Phone Tree:  Mike reported that once we add the 25 members from class 20, we will have over 300 members.   We currently have 285 phone numbers and 80% are on e-tree.


Apparel:   Nothing to report at this time since Elizabeth and Bernadine are absent.


Police Briefings:  Jared stated that the meetings with Steve Murdoch and Police Officers were a great opportunity to explain how CERT members could be of service to the community and what we are capable of doing.  Jodie, Mike, Pam and David have met at various officers’ shifts and talked to them about:

Light Search & Rescue, CPR, 1st Aid, some EMT support, aid in evacuations, guarding high tension lines, suppress small fires, combing neighborhood for gas leaks, electrical short, flooding, hazardous material situations.  Also provided was a background of the CERT Alumni Association; Jodie did real well.  Glen asked to help with Friday’s 6am briefing. 


Our new Chief of Police is Robert Luman. 


Jared also mentioned talking to Sergeant Wayne Windman, about giving CERT members a four-hour training about Bio-Chemical Terrorism.


Appreciation Day:  Jodie went over the last Journal dated August 8th, 2002 in Pam’s absence.


All board members must wear their CERT T-Shirt and ID Badge on Appreciation Day.


Most invitations have been e-mailed or mailed out.  Garth to mail out to Yacht Club officials, Mike to post an invitation at all Torrance Fire Stations, Pete to give invitations to Redondo Beach Firefighters.


Mike has not confirmed news coverage - looks like it will not happen.  Garth will contact the Beach Reporter and Easy Reader, and Jodie will contact the Daily Breeze.


Jodie passed around volunteer rosters for drivers, greeters, cooks, game team captains etc… to fill in the times she did not have volunteers for.


We need volunteers to sell raffle tickets; drivers will only be responsible to promote the raffle, not the actual selling.  Kelly suggested we contact the Redondo Whole Foods Store since they often do raffles and might be able to loan us a raffle box.


Glen in charge of set-up; we will start at 8am using a wonderful layout provided by Jared.


Food is all taken care of; Ralph’s donated ($300) for which Pam has submitted the order for items needed.  We will need an additional $155 to cover it all. Valerie will purchase lollipops for the kid’s games.


Jared will do the last driver’s run since he will need to return the Enterprise van before 5pm.  Randy is collecting every driver’s information for insurance purpose.


A huge thank you to Kelly with Whole Foods for giving us three fabulous gift baskets to be raffled off on Appreciation Day.  Mike made a motion to raffle the large basket at the Safety Fair on October 6th, second by Garth.  Passed by six members out of seven.  Kelly has agreed to provide an additional basket similar, but not as big as the one presented today, to be raffled off at our Safety Fair, therefore, we agreed that all three baskets from Kelly were to be raffled at Appreciation Day.


Mike spoke to Sparkletts; they have agreed to match the amount of water purchased.  We will have a total of 12 cases of 24 bottles- 16oz (we will purchase six cases, they will donate six.)  Everyone please bring in a cooler full of ice at the event for all items we need to keep cold.


We want to thank Barbara and Doug Johnson for their generosity.  CERT was given a $3,000 display unit, complete with panels, carpeting and lights (only used 10-12 times).  Jared will send them a letter to thank them.


Operations Manual:  Garth will look into it after the Appreciation Day and the Safety Fair. 


Funding and Equipment:  Pete spoke to the Fire Department about equipment needed.  Enterprise donated clipboards.  Mike looked into a trailer to store all our equipment. However, we do not have the funding to purchase at this time.  


Training:  Pete not present.  Mike stated that on Saturday, Pete is getting together with Tad about doing drills in conjunction with our two cities.


Executive Board Report: Jared confirmed that our next meeting will be held Friday October 4th.


RBCERT Sponsored Activities:  None to report.


New Business:  Jared stated that this was the first time we had to do this, however according to the bylaws, if you miss two meetings in a row without proper notifications, the board will have to vote to have the member removed from the Board.  Heling has missed two meetings in a row, without giving us a reason for not being able to attend.


Mike made motion to have a vote at the next board meeting to have Heling removed and replaced on the board, second by Jodie.  Mike will call Heling and ask her if she wants to remain on the phone tree.  Glen mentioned that for the last four years, Heling was always the familiar face at all the events, he will call her as well.


Valerie will run the election; only board members can give nominations and votes.  The nominations will take place following removal of Heling (if this occurs), with voting taking place the following meeting.  The vacancy will be filled by majority of votes.


Mike has emailed all CERT Alumni Board members about the National Conference held by LA-CERT in November.  We have asked Pete to go through the proper channels and see if the Fire Department will be able to pay for it, or at least cover 50% of the cost of the conference.  It is hardship on couples having to pay $250 to attend.  Pete is given $1,000 per drill by the Fire Department.  On October 10th, we will have to make a motion as to an investment for Alumni to benefit from the training it provides.  We do not have details about the conference agenda yet.


September 18th is our donation day from Whole Foods.  David & Jared will to do the set-up for it on Saturday.  It would be nice to have a fire truck park across near the entrance, ahead of time to prompt people to shop that day. 11:00am-6:00pm need to help out with display.  Usually good business are 11:00am-2:00pm then 4:30pm-7:30pm.  Mike made a motion to send an email to main members for volunteers needed on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Wear your CERT T-Shirt, badge and gear.


Election procedures.  June’s election will be coming up again.  We would like to propose to change the bylaws to reflect having five new members elected the first year and six new members the second year.  Each member would be serving a two-year term.  We will discuss and make motion at the next board meeting.


Mike made a motion, as Whole Foods donated gift baskets, to give them a full page on our website, Jodie second it.


Jared mentioned that the Mayor’s office gave us two cakes with the city seal logo for our Appreciation Day, and that the Mayor has been really thinking about us lately.  


Jared has met with Dr. Brown who is willing to do a slide show for us about Oklahoma City Bombing and Ground Zero in New York.  Dr. Brown is a leading psychologist for rescue workers, and has tremendous insights in dealing with emotions at disasters.


Jodie mentioned that Tom Henderson wants a thank you for all his efforts. Jared will contact him.


Jared passed around a copy of certificates that will be issued for the raffle.  Valerie will retype them four per page, in color. Each will have a serial number, Jared’s signature and laminated for authenticity.


Safety Fair October 6th, Mike will be chairing the committee, since Lisa will not.  Valerie, Jared, Pam and David will be present to help all day.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:40 p.m.





                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary





Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________

(approved after change on page 2, last paragraph)









Redondo Beach

Community Emergency Response Team

Alumni Association



Financial Report


                                    Issue Date:     September 12, 2002

                          Treasurer:       Pamela Hoole







Balance reported at previous General Meeting:






Monies received:



Apparel Sales









Payment of Expenses:



Check # 1016  

Fee for 501(c)(3) lodgment



Check # 1017  

Annual PO Box rental




Check Book Fee
















Text Box: $2,450.45

Balance as per Bank Statement (First Federal Bank) at August 31, 2002                                

Reported for General Meeting 12 September 2002:                                                                            





Invoices yet to be received for Apparel Purchases:                                     $2,541.80