November 14th, 2002, 6:30 p.m.

Cimmaron Café 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Jared Van Sloten

Mike Grady

Bob Heil

Garth McWhorter 

Jodie Honn

Rick Martinez

Valerie Heath

Pete Villasenor, F.D. Liaison

Randy Stacy

Pamela Hoole


Marianna Weavers

David Hoole


Lauraine Caruana

Glenn Willis, Jr.


Victor Willis








Meeting called to order by Pres. Jared Van Sloten at 6:35 p.m. (six board members present.)


Motion to approve minutes for October 10th, 2002 was made by Pam, second by Garth. Passed by six board members present.


Board Member Election:  Jared asked the board to make a vote tonight, on whether we would only fill in Heling’s position and take additional nominations to fill in Elizabeth and Bernadine’s position (since they resigned last month); or should we fill in all three vacancies tonight.  According to the by laws we need 2/3 of the board to be present.


Glenn made motion to fill in all three positions tonight, since we have 6 members present out of 8 total board members making the necessary 2/3 for a vote. Motion second by Garth. All agreed by vote. 


Nominees Marianna Weavers, Randy Stacy and John Moawad (absent) are now our official new board members.  Congratulations!   Marianna and Randy were sworn in on this 14th day of November as Rick read the Board Member Oath of Office to them.


Jared called for the first item on the agenda, the Treasurer’s Report.


Treasurer’s Report: We had a $5 income adjustment from last month apparel sales. Submitted checks:   $500 for LA-CERT National Conference (waiting to be reimbursed $250 from the Fire Dept.), $186.38 for Certificates and Frames for Thank You, $2,541.80 for Apparel.


Balance as per First Federal Bank Statement dated November 14th, 2002 is $4,653.41.  Ending balance reported as of November 14th, 2002 is $1,925.23.  Asset Report balance is $19,400.97 and our Vons contributions are $1,602. This is our last meeting for the year; Garth mentioned that e-script had others vendors participating to a similar program as Vons, such as Pep-Boys and Smart & Final.  Per Gene Mahoney, this is too difficult to get since you can only select shoppers who own a store credit card or special membership card. 


Jared stated that we need an actual CPA to approve our financial documents.  Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report made by Valerie, second by Garth.


Training Activities:  Jared went over briefly the LA–CERT conference, (see second page of the agenda).  Mike will do a small presentation for us, he was going to do a briefing for us tonight but he has injured his back.


Since Pete is absent, drills will be put off till next year.  Rick mentioned that he had presented to Pete, the idea for First Aid training – however, he has not heard back from Pete, and he will look more into to it and get back to us.  Jared stated that the board will work on the goals for the upcoming year, and will put together a calendar of events, for the next year. CERT members have not participated in a drill since the shelter operations with the American Red Cross.


We would like to be able to have a training every month. Working on a different topic, or with a different entity.  We have a Fire Dept Liaison and we give input to the liaison for what training we would like the Fire Dept to help us with.  If the Fire Department can train quarterly, CERT will do additional training on a monthly basis.  Rick was very much in favor since he has the trainers.  He will talk it over with Pete and Chief Herr and let us know what we should do, so we don’t jeopardize our relationship.


Pam suggested that everyone should bring ideas for the “training calendar” at the next board meeting.


HOMEWORK:  Everyone should bring ideas for the training calendar at the next board meeting.   We will get a calendar approved in January with specific training and drill dates.


Jared discussed the idea that teams should be set-up by neighborhood; right now they are set-up by the Fire Chief, with members to report to Station 2. Jared would like to have all CERT members shown on a map: Green for active CERT – Red for archive CERT members.  Mike and Valerie to work on this project.


Thank You Certificates:  Pam distributed appreciation certificates to the Fire Department (Rick, Matt & Kurt), Paul & Mariana Weavers, Jared Van Sloten, Garth McWhorter, Margo Hoffman, Tom Kinyan, Elizabeth Schnell, Bernadine Wood, Valerie Heath, Mike Grady and Pete Villasenor. Special framed certificates were given to Jodie Honn, Randy Stacy, John Moawad and Pamela Hoole.


A list of the people whom received a certificate was given to the secretary for record keeping.


Garth got a letter back from the White House stating due to security reason, our invitation was received a day after the event.  Letter given to secretary to file.


Communications:  Jared is taking the Ham Radio on three consecutive Saturdays for free.  Purchased the 130 PowerPoint slide presentation.  Book goes over 360 questions; test has 33 randomly selected questions, 20 needed to pass.


Glenn reminded everyone that one-day course will be available on February 22nd, 2003 for $95.


Web Site:  Rick mentioned that he has received a few emails from Florida and Virginia complimenting our web site.  Valerie has posted the pictures of class 17, class 20 and of the appreciation day; just need Randy to post/link the list of the raffle items and sponsors so people can read it easily.


Newsletter:  We need a year in review, Jared asked for a few articles about the appreciation day, safety fair (Glenn), Torrance drill (Pam & David) etc…


Since we will not have a board meeting in December, we will have a social gathering at Jared’s home Friday December 6th at 6pm.  Please email finger food item you would like to bring to Pam, so she can arrange a menu.  Invitation will be extended to all board members (previous and current) and to our regular meeting attendees.


Executive board meeting will be held on Friday December 13th, as Jared wants to have a final meeting and to work on the 2003 training calendar.


Jared went over the questionnaire that will be sent to all CERT board members. Look at the current form and see what other questions would be beneficial to ask, such as specials skills, tools etc….

Survey will be given to all district/team leaders to contact members over the phone.


Jared thanked all for their hard work and good ideas.  We have accomplished a lot with a new board, we have made a huge dent in things that needed to be taken care of, and is looking forward to the year to come.


Rick personally thanked everyone.  He had to push really hard to get an alumni association, and we are everything he wanted it to be.


Pam asked about the CPR training to team leaders at Whole Foods, Rick will look into it.



Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:18 p.m.



                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________





Redondo Beach

Community Emergency Response Team

Alumni Association



Financial Report


                                    Issue Date:     November 14, 2002

                          Treasurer:       Pamela Hoole





Balance reported at previous General Meeting:






Additional Apparel Sales:



Adjustment to what was reported last month






Payment of Expenses :



Check # 2005  

LA CERT National Conference



                     (to be approved at this meeting):



Check # 2006  

Certificates & Frames for Thank You









Text Box: $1,925.23

Reported for General Meeting November 14, 2002:






Expenses already reported (but not yet presented):



Check # 2002  

CERT Apparel



Check # 2006  

Certificates & Frames for Thank You









Balance as per Bank Statement (First Federal Bank) at November 14, 2002










Monies Owing:



From Redondo Beach Fire Dept for LA CERT Conference tickets




Asset Report


This is not strictly a “Balance Sheet”, as a number of our assets have been donated.

Rather, it is a statement of our stocks on hand. 

The “Cost Price” column is NOT the cost to us.  It represents the production cost of the items.


Issue Date: November 14, 2002

Cost Price


Asset Value

Stock of Apparel:



Original Order (December 2001):



0 T-shirts @$5.40

2 Sweatshirts @ $9.95



New Order (October 2002):



190 T-shirts @$5.40

148 Sweatshirts @ $9.95






TOTAL STOCK:  (October 2002):



190 T-shirts

150 Sweatshirts






SALES VALUE:  (October 2002):



T-shirts @ $15 =  $2,850

Sweatshirts @ $25  =  $3,750






Backpacks from Honda:  original supply 144 Kits



129 Kits, complete with 2 patches @ $66.93 each



50 extra patches – “CERT” @ $2.49 each



50 extra patches – “Honda” @ $2.23 each









CERT Banner:



2 banners, each 8ft by 3ft









Operations Manuals:



30 with comb binding @ $4.00 each



97 stapled @ $2 each









Web Site Sponsorship:



4 Business Card size @ $50 pa = $100



1 Full Page size @ $100 pa = $100









Display Materials:



3 large easels & 2 small easels



Display materials – posters etc



Convention Display Backdrop






Reported for General Meeting November 14, 2002:Text Box: $19,400.97


VONS Trailer Report


                                        Issue Date:    November 14, 2002


Note: the report is compiled 60 days after month end.










2.38 %

$ 266





$ 237





$ 253






Total YTD



2.38 %

$ 1,602




Number of Supporters

March 2002


April 2002


May 2002


June 2002


July 2002


Aug 2002



"Supporter Count" represents the number of actively registered supporters at month end.