November 1, 2005 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:





Lisa Burke

Alisa Zells

Jennifer Adam

Jeff Adam

Noble Smith (Class #29)

Monty Ruth (Class #27)

Garth McWhorter

Bob Heil

Peter DePortillo

Dennis Cajili

Gary Horn (6:55 pm)


Michael Vaccaro

Margot Hoffman


Fire Department Liaisons:

Captain Rick Martinez

Grant Currie


Rosalee Penberg

Edie Potvin (Class #30)

Angela Soo (Class #30)

Tania Amaral


Meeting called to order by President Lisa Burke at 6:30 p.m. (6 board members present).


Names of Board Members taken by Vice President, Alisa Zells, in place of absent Secretary, Margot Hoffman.  Members present and absent as noted above.


Introductions of our guests: Named as listed above.


Minutes from Last Meeting:

Alisa Zells made a recommendation to revise the Minutes to show the actual cost of the new shirts ordered from Proforma.  A revised clean copy of the Minutes was made available to all Board Members prior to the meeting for review.  Per further discussion, Garth McWhorter recommended that the prior Minutes be annotated to reflect the actual cost of the shirts and all Board members agreed.  No further discussion ensued.  A motion to approve the Minutes for October 4, 2005 (subject to the annotation change) was made by Alisa Zells and seconded by Garth McWhorter.  All six Board members present at the time voted in favor of passing the motion and the Minutes were unanimously approved.




Fire Department Corner: 

Per Captain Rick Martinez, the RBFD has now purchased the Call-Out Phone Tree service from Database Systems.  All names are in the system that has multiple call list capability that can be activated with one call.  The RBFD has the ability to pre-record a standard message or revise the message as necessary.  The phone list currently has 417 phone numbers stored (includes two numbers per person, with cell phones listed as the primary contact and home numbers listed as secondary).  Class #30 should be on the list. 


Captain Martinez indicated that he missed the last Class #30 Graduation Drill due to increasing work responsibilities.  He is therefore passing on additional responsibilities to new CERT leadership, Grant Currie and Matt Johnson, who have both been active in CERT training drills and events.


Captain Martinez will meet with President Lisa Burke and Grant Currie to coordinate the 2006 training schedule.


Finally, Captain Martinez announced that it will be the responsibility of all RBFD CERT Class Instructors to set up the library meeting room for all future CERT classes.  However, we will all continue to encourage and enlist volunteers from CERT graduates and current class enrollees to assist with the task.


Bob Heil congratulated all volunteers that assisted with the recent Class #30 Graduation Drill.




Treasurer’s Report:

In the absence of Treasurer, Michael Vaccaro, the Board agreed to table the Treasurer’s Report and discussion of all financial matters until Michael was able to formally present his Report to the Board.





Although Valerie Heath was unable to attend the meeting, the Board commended her for continuing to do an excellent job with our website.


Regarding volunteers to relieve Mike Grady from his financial responsibility for the Yahoo website account, Tania Amaral (Email Tree Chairperson) volunteered to assume the responsibility on behalf of RBCERTAA and seek reimbursement from the Board for her expenses incurred.


Lisa Burke announced that she received an email from RBCERTAA member Marcelle McCollough just prior to the Board meeting.  Marcelle suggested switching the Yahoo website account to Godaddy.  The cost would be $92.24 for a two year contract and we’d receive a 10% discount.  Garth McWhorter expressed concerns and suggested we should check out Godaddy prior to making any decisions.  Bob Heil believes we should stay with Yahoo so long as RBCERTAA obtains a debit card and we transfer the name on the Yahoo account from Mike Grady to RBCERTAA.  Alisa Zells mentioned she thought Treasurer Michael Vaccaro had recently been provided with a debit card, but that she believed it was in Michael’s name instead of RBCERTAA.  Since Michael was not present at the Board meeting, Alisa suggested that the Board confirm this information with him at the next meeting.  Bob Heil then volunteered to pay for the Yahoo account, if necessary.  Gary Horn suggested we investigate PayPal as an alternate method of paying for various goods and services on behalf of RBCERTAA.


Training Calendar:

Alisa Zells indicated there were no changes for the remaining 2005 training events and that upon receipt of the 2006 training schedule from Captain Martinez and Lisa Burke, a new Calendar would be issued and Monthly Events Notices would be updated to include the information.


Email Tree:

Lisa Burke agreed to send Tania Amaral a list of the Class #30 graduate names and email contact information in order to ensure they are included on the email mass-distribution list.


Funding & Equipment:

Gary Horn addressed RBCERTAA Sponsorship pertaining to advertising of corporate logos on our CERT trailer and more specifically, the allocation of logo sticker sizes in relation to donations made.  Bob Heil will collect feedback from email responses he receives from his “draft policy” distributed via email prior to the Board meeting and will address the sponsorship logo policy at the January meeting.


Gary Horn advised the Board that he was waiting for Michael Vaccaro to provide him with a copy of the IRS exemption form evidencing RBCERTAA’s non-profit status in order to finalize the donation of two generators to RBCERTAA.  Upon his receipt of the exemption form and verification of a physical mailing address, he will write a thank you letter and arrange for delivery of the generators to Mike Grady at Independent Repair.  Per Gary, delivery of the generators is expected between 11/16/05 and 11/20/05.


Related to the generator donations, Gary Horn made a motion to have RBCERTAA purchase gas cans and siphoning equipment.  The Board agreed that before addressing this matter, additional information regarding costs and our ability to store these items would need to be submitted to the Board for review.


Grant Currie from the RBFD volunteered to teach a class on the operation of the generators to interested RBCERTAA members.


Monty Ruth inquired about the status of the second CERT trailer that is to be purchased with the Make Amends donation(s).  Garth McWhorter will research further and report back to the Board.



Jennifer Adam was absent and therefore unable to provide an updated report on inventory status.  Discussion was tabled until the January meeting. 


Lisa Burke confirmed that the new t-shirt order had been delivered as agreed by Proforma.


Video/Photo Committee:

Gary Horn also suggested that those members with pictures from prior training drills and events should send photos they took to Valerie Heath so she could post them on our website.


Lisa Burke announced that Marcelle McCollough had arranged for Adelphia to air our Public Service Announcement (PSA) again starting 12/15/05 which could be useful in attracting new enrollees in the upcoming CERT classes.  Marcelle requested RBCERTAA Board approval prior to allowing the PSA.   Discussion ensued regarding the fact that the ads could generate more CERT sign-ups than the RBFD could accommodate.


Alisa Zells made a motion to approve airing of the Adelphia PSA on 12/15/05 in order to advertise new CERT classes, subject to the specification that enrollment priority would be given to community locals (those who live and/or work here) on a first come, first serve basis.  Peter DePortillo seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously approved.



The next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 3, 2006.


Mike Diehr, Garth McWhorter, Monty Ruth and Grant Currie will give a presentation to the Public Safety Commission meeting on 11/21/05.


Noble Smith inquired about the status of the Citizen Core Council’s plans to form a group of liaisons from various city organizations in order to streamline communications and action plans in emergency situations.  Per Alisa Zells, Chief Bob Engler discussed formation of the group in a recent meeting she had with him.  The project is still in the very early planning stages; however it is his intent to keep RBCERTAA informed during the process.


Captain Martinez reminded us that our first focus should remain on CERT.  



Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:39 pm, per motion made by Alisa Zells and seconded by Bob Heil.



                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,





                                                                                          Alisa L. Zells,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Vice President




Minutes approved by Board on:  January 3, 2006