October 7th, 2003 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Jared Van Sloten

Paul Weavers

Lorraine Caruana

Randy Stacy


Sondra Segall

Valerie Heath


Lisa Burke

Garth McWhorter

Fire Department Liaison:

Michael Vaccaro

Mike Grady

Captain Bob Engler

Gary Horn

Bob Heil



Margot Hoffman (in after 7pm)



John Moawad



Michelle Sayre



Alisa Zells




Meeting called to order by President Jared Van Sloten at 6:31 p.m. (9 board members present.)


Role call done by secretary, members absent:  Margot Hoffman who will be in after 7pm, and Paul Weavers who is working the voting pole for the Governor elections.


Motion to approve minutes for September 2nd was made by Mike second by Randy, passed by 9 board members present. 


Jared introduced our guests: Lorraine Caruana, Lisa Burke, Sondra Segall and Michael Vaccaro.


Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:  Balance available as of August $2.906.48.  Monies deposited this month:  $50 from Aloha Smog, $10 from Randy Stacy, $250 from City National Bank (Alisa Zells company’s contribution for volunteer work) and $100 from King Harbor Marina..  New balance $3,316.48.


Monies given to Garth at this meeting to deposit from the Safety Fair:  $150 from raffle, $23 from apparel.  Jared asked for Randy, Mike and Valerie to submit their receipts for expenses incurred to run the booth at the safety fair.   Valerie informed Garth, that the Fire Department still owes RBCERTAA $100 for the Hooles going away dinner.   Captain Bob Engler to follow up.


Garth presented an apparel comparison between our first inventory dated Oct. 2002 and what we have still in stock as of Aug. 2003.   Our concern is sweatshirts, caps and decals at this point. 



Master Calendar: Valerie read the various events we have coming up the next two months:

  • King Harbor Yacht Club graduation October 11th.  Class 23 graduation October 18th 
  • November 13th  - City wide – full scale drill
  • December 06th – Psychology – last quarterly training (might be @ Alta Vista)



Drills:  LA-CERT biannual drill on October 25th.  Mike made motion to send a reminder email one week before this event, as well as a notice for our upcoming November drill, second by Michelle, passed by all 9 board members.



Fire Department’s Corner:  Captain Bob stated that November 13th drill will be between 9am and 11am.  City is planning to activate OEC, this will be a field exercise for Police Department, Fire Department & City Workers.  Location is still unconfirmed.   Valerie gave a copy of drill questionnaire created by Sondra to help CERT Alumni be better prepared at what will be asked of them to do.   Captain Engler mentioned that they will need about 10 to 15 victims, and about 3 CERT Teams of 5 people each.  Set-up will use the Walgreen Community center, Parks and Recreation at Knob Hill doing evacuation Center.  Mike suggested having CERT Alumni contact Captain Engler directly so he has a better idea of who will show up.  This will be a great opportunity for any new graduate to participate as victims as additional training tool.


We will have one class just for Alumni that wish to renew their 1st Aid/CPR certifications.  Current class felt they were shorted out because so many Alumni came back for these courses.


Proposals for 2004:  AED trainings, so far only Red Cross offers it.  Working to incorporate some Sunday and Friday trainings.  We will offer 8 special Alumni trainings and 3 classes.  We have added a Homeland Security/WMD lecture to our regular class.  Jared mentioned that hands on training get people a lot more involved and to come back versus just a classroom/lecture setting.


Captain Engler added that he is a training officer instead of Matt Johnson at Station 1, working daytime only.  



Bob attended training in Long Beach, cost was $60. ARRL Homeland Defense will reimburse you. Disaster Burbank & Orange County, Disaster Communications Redondo beach meets weekly.


Bob is working on liaison between CERT and Redondo DCS.  They do not want untrained CERT members to join.  Bob has a lecturer that will come and talk to alumni, as part of hospital disaster communications.


Jared proposed to the Mayor at the Safety Fair the strong need for Emergency Service Corps to communicate amongst themselves: VIP’s/NW/CERT etc…  Jared made an appointment to meet with him on October 24th.


Gary mentioned that Verizon offers push to talk feature.  Redondo used to belong, but lost contract.  This could save 30% on your cell bill.  Where is the city cellular contract? We could get on it as Police/Fire/CERT.  Bob added if cell cite is down, push to talk doesn’t work it is not a walkie-talkie. 


Encourage CERT Alumni to use FRS radio.  Los Angeles has funds to use Police/Fire radios. They will train 500 people to use them.


FRS radios to authorities, we have no link to communicate back and forth.  Torrance Fire Department has purchased family radios to use so they can all communicate on one channel.



Safety Fair: Margot commented how nice our booth was this year. Mike added that even without the Hooles, people stepped up to make it happen, kudos to Randy & Valerie.   Valerie mentioned that we made $150 at our raffle this year, Randy was able to get a gourmet basket donated by Whole Foods, Randy donated a three-night Laughlin hotel stay, Independent Repair a $50 gift certificate, AMC tickets from Valerie and a free smog-test from Aloha smog. Thank you Lisa for her awesome display of all her gear and pictures, the candies and little fire truck erasers were a big hit.  Next year we will need to purchase a larger helium tank… we ran out of the small one twice!  We had some wonderful new volunteers participating in this event; they really put their heart into it.


Website Sponsorship:  Randy received a renewal from King Harbor from our previous sponsors.  Nina Murphy has purchased a $100 add to help us and promote a book she wrote.  Randy is in the process of building a full-page ad for her.  Valerie is still working on pictures posting for a couple of drills and the Hooles going away party.


Phone Tree:  Mike email all the answers compiled from the 2003 questionnaires he received.  Some great things came out of it, such as absentee voting.  2004 phone survey will be very short.


Mike wants someone else to take over the phone tree in 2004.  It is an extensive task that he was supposed to do for one year, it been over two years now.  Chairperson would need to go to classes and register people to become phone tree leaders and also should be proficient in Excel to update phone-tree and e-tree lists.  Mike also created a manual, which Sondra asked about and will forward it to her.


Phone-tree will be fully updated operational with names of October graduates for the November 13th City drill. 


Funding & Equipment:  Mike contacted Gene Mahoney and due to a recent illness, we need to decide tonight what we want to purchase from Gene.  Mike pass around a proposal of items we could get from the accrued Vons money.  Vests were too pricey; it would have run about $3000 for only 100 vests.  Motion to approve equipment list and to allow for any necessary adjustments in case items are no longer on inventory made by Mike, second by Alisa; passed by all 10 board members.


Chief Herr spoke to Mike about all the equipment we have and agreed to help us find a 6x8ft trailer for us.


John passed around a list of equipment he is working on as well from generators, fire extinguishers, blankets to back boards.  Some will be available mid October, others waiting for response.


Captain Engler mentioned that they might get some grant money for CERT (about $400).  We could use another pop-up and medical supplies.  Motion made by John to allow the Fire Department to use the money as they best see fit, second by Michelle.  Passed by all 10 board members.


Boutique CERT:  Not sure if Jodie be at the graduation drills, Michelle to contact her. We only sold one cap and two decals at the fair.


Mike emailed a proposal and projection of revenues for new color CERT decals (similar to our patch.) Minimum order is $305.00 in various sizes.  Mike made motion to spend $305.00 to purchase an assortment of stickers, second by Alisa.  Passed by 9 board members, on opposed. Garth made check payable at this meeting, to be recorded on November Financials report.



New Business:


Alhambra:  City of Alhambra have invited us to tell them about how to form a board of directors, how to incorporate etc…  Randy will meet with them along with Mike (with Pattys’ blessings) and Alisa.  We will show them our by-laws, procedures etc…  This will lead them to a position where it will be viable to become a corporation.


Captain Engler passed around a brochure from a Community Partnering Program PARR that offers special training for a group of people subcontracted with FEMA.  You would be flown to a disaster area to do damage assessments and get paid for it as well.  Jeff Coffey is a Field Supervisor/Recruiter, Trainer.

Mike to make copies of brochure to distribute at next board meeting.


Boat Parade:  Date has been cleared with Sean Parr, mid-day KZLA DJ.  We now need to email him a schedule of activities he would need to participate in that day.  Note:  since this meeting KHYC found another Grand Marshall and charity.


Captain Bob Engler sworn in Margot Hoffman as our newest Board of Director.  Randy some pictures for our website.  Paul Weavers will be sworn in at our next board meeting.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:34pm.


                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary



Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________