October 10th, 2002, 6:30 p.m.

Cimmaron Café 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:                 


Jared Van Sloten

Heling Craig

Bob Heil

Garth McWhorter (in at 7pm)

Elizabeth Schnell

Lauraine Caruana

Pamela Hoole

Bernadine Wood


David Hoole

Pete Villasenor, F.D. Liaison


Mike Grady



Jodie Honn



Glenn Willis, Jr                                       



Valerie Heath






Meeting called to order by Pres. Jared Van Sloten at 6:32 p.m. (eight board members present.)


Motion to approve minutes for September 12th, 2002 (after adding that all agreed to raffle off the three gift baskets donated by Kelly on Appreciation Day) was made by Mike, second by Jodie. Passed by eight board members present.


Jared called for the first item on the agenda, the Treasurer’s Report.


Treasurer’s Report:  We received our official 501(c)(3) as of September 27, 2002.  Monies received since and deposited:   $1,867.53 from Whole Foods 5% day, $505.50 from Appreciation Day raffle and $150 from Police Safety Fair raffle.  Balance as per First Federal Bank Statement dated October 7th, 2002 is $4,973.18.  Checks approved for payment of expenses: $2,541.80 for CERT Apparel, $16.81 supplies for Party, $7.96 501(c)(3) registration.  Ending balance reported as of October 10th, 2002 is $2.606.61 (see attached.)


Pam also read a cost analysis for the party.  After allowing for the $300 donation from Ralph’s, the final cost to CERT was  $2.98 for food & associated items.  Pam also prepared an Asset Report including Apparel, Operations Manual, Back Packs from Honda, Display Materials and Web Site Sponsorships.  Balance reported as of October 10th, 2002 is $17,742.52 (see attached.)  Pam asked Garth to let her know how many booklets and backpacks are given away in order to keep an accurate count on the asset report.  Bob Heil added that we need to keep in mind that as things do depreciate, and assets should be revalued yearly. 


Mike acknowledged Pam for her tremendous work and the way she has made a huge difference in the format of the financial reports, from the way they used to be and where they are now.  Motion to accept the report made by Mike, second by Garth.  Passed by all eight board members present.


IRS documentation relating to 501(c)(3) will be given to the Treasurer to keep, along with all other official documents.  Currently held by Jared.  Jared gave the Ralph’s donation letter to Valerie to keep with the minutes.


Thank you Certificates to Sponsors: Mike suggested that all sponsors should get a certificate printed in color.  All agreed to have a glass-framed certificate for the following people:  Mayor Gregory Hill, Melanie Chacon, Chad & Nancy Campbell, Jan Golleher, John Moawad, Robert Allen, Don Herr and Kelly Heavener.  The following will received a cardboard-framed certificate:  Tom Kinyon, Jane Harmon and George Nakano.  Special glass-framed certificates will be made to Honda and Whole Foods.


Jared reviewed the cover letter to go along with the certificate.  Pam will need everyone’s address in order to mail the certificates; Valerie offered to help with the mail merge letter. Motion to accept the letter with modifications for various vendors, volunteers etc… made by Mike second by Jodie.


Lesson Learned:

·          When signing-up volunteers, allocate time for replacements 

·          When we pick a date, it should not conflict with other events

·          Get a better commitment from our RSVP’s – send out a confirmation e-mail as a reminder


Planning and structure for the Appreciation day, was marvelous.  Thank you Jodie and Pam for doing a spectacular job.   Additional glass-framed certificates will be made for Jodie, Pam, and Randy who was our MC the entire day.


Training:  Since Pete is absent, Mike will contact Pete about our up-coming drill, due at the end of the month.  The October 19th LA-CERT bi-annual drill conflicts with our graduation, Mike and Glenn are planning to attend both morning and afternoon sessions, Valerie only the morning sessions.


LA National CERT Conference:  The Redondo Beach Fire Department has agreed to purchase two tickets for us - a $250 value.  Motion from the board to donate and match the $250 money given by the Fire Department and spread it evenly amongst all the CERT Members attending the conference made by Mike, second by Jodie.   Total value to be distributed: $500.  Passed by all eight board members present.


Phone Tree:  No changes, fully functional.


Elections:  We will postpone adjusting our elections to 5 members in the first year, and 6 members in the next year, for the time being. We have 11 positions available on the board and only had 13 names on the ballot.  Motion to withdraw made by Mike, second by Garth.


New Business:  Rick Martinez would like to get a free CERT Patch; he didn’t realize how far his design would have come along when he created it!  Motion to give a patch to Rick made by Mike second by Garth.


Jared asked the board members to make a decision as to how the jackets and backpacks should be allocated.  Motion on the Orange Area G Jackets and new Back Packs:


(1) Jackets are to be given as a raffle item at our Appreciation Day party. Remaining jackets will then be awarded to the CERT members that have shown consistent participation to events and drills or performed outstanding services for our Alumni Association. These members are Paul & Marianne Weavers, Randy Stacy, Jack Kitchen, John Moawad and Mary Lou Shackman. Remaining jackets are to stay in our stock and will be awarded at a later time.

(2) Back Packs are to be given first to all current CERT Board members, then to the CERT members who are being rewarded above. Lastly, they will be distributed to all RBCERTAA members who attend the drills (one per member) on a first come first serve basis till we run out of them. Names will be taken to keep track of who received a backpack.  

Motions made by Mike, second by Jodie.  Passed by all eight board members.

It is with great regret that we have to remove Heiling from the board.  As per her conversation with Glenn at the Safety Fair, we understand that due to her husband’s health and other commitments within our community, she is not able to participate and attend the board meetings. Everyone appreciates the effort and dedication that she has given to CERT over the last few years, and we all wish her the best. Motion to remove Heiling as a board member made by Mike second by Jodie.  Passed by all eight board members.


Nominations for replacement: Randy Stacy, Paul Weavers, Marianne Weavers and perhaps John Moawad (Jared to contact John first.)  We will only have 10 people voting at the next meeting (winner or run off.)  Elections will be done as a secret ballot.


Vision Statement:  Please turn in your ideas to Jared as soon as possible.


All agreed to sell the extra patches $2.00 for the Honda patch and $10 for the CERT patch, money to go back to CERT.  Mike will take the Honda patches to sell them at his shop, since a lot of his clients own Honda cars.


Navy blue baseball cap with CERT red lettering were a popular item at the Appreciation Party, as well as the navy blue polo shirts.  Pam will contact Lisa Burke and get information about her vendor.


Mike talked about “The Wall” located at station #1.  It is located in the public area, With the Fire Chief’s permission, it could be used by us to display our certificate, CERT brochure, CERT classes, Award from George Nakano etc…  Mike to contact Pete.


Communications:   HAM classes still available.  Glenn had no one signed up for the $95 class in February.   Palos Verdes offers a similar class on 11/02, 11/09 & 11/16 (2-4 hours each class) at no charge.  You will then need to take the test at the Maritime Museum for $10, if you fail the first time, you can retake the test two more time at $10 each.  This needs immediate action.  Contact person is Walt Ordly at (310) 541-4007.  Location:  Hess Park, 29301 Hawthorne Blvd in Rancho Palos Verdes.  You can purchase the Gordon West text book ($5-$10), bring a calculator, pencil, eraser.  Walt also stated that you could purchase slides from his presentation.


November Two-day event:  Glenn contacted Gene Mahoney to bring the disaster trailer to sign up Vons cards in front of the Vons store the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Gene asked for volunteers.  Will need to have a schedule made at the next board meeting.


Police Briefings:  Ten presentations were done in one week, five Police Officers per shifts.


Motion to cancel December Board meeting providing no emergencies come up made by Mike second by Valerie.


CERT Banners:  We will look at the next meeting and vote on which text we want to add to the banners. Valerie to ask Pam to bring them at the next board meeting.


Executive Board will meet on Friday October 25th.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:10 p.m.



                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________





Redondo Beach

Community Emergency Response Team

Alumni Association



Financial Report


                                    Issue Date:     October 10, 2002

                          Treasurer:       Pamela Hoole





Balance reported at previous General Meeting:






Monies received:



Raffle money from Appreciation Party



Donation from Whole Foods for 5% day



Raffle money from Police Safety Fair









Payment of Expenses :



Check # 2001  

Cancelled – Security deposit for Yacht Club ($300)






Balance as per Bank Statement (First Federal Bank) at October 7, 2002







Monies received (but not banked):



Sales of Apparel






Payment of Expenses (to be approved at this meeting):



Check # 2002  

CERT Apparel



Check # 2003  

Supplies for Party



Check # 2004  

Postal costs for registering 501(c)(3) plus laminating









Adjusted Balance:




Text Box: $2,606.61

                                              Reported for General Meeting 10 October 2002:

Asset Report   Issue Date: October 10, 2002


This is not strictly a “Balance Sheet”, as a number of our assets have been donated.

Rather, it is a statement of our stocks on hand. 

The “Cost Price” column is NOT the cost to us.  It represents the production cost of the items.



Cost Price


Asset Value

Stock of Apparel:



Original Order (December 2001):



5 T-shirts @$5.40

3 Sweatshirts @ $9.95



New Order (October 2002):



198 T-shirts @$5.40

148 Sweatshirts @ $9.95






TOTAL STOCK:  (October 2002):



203 T-shirts

151 Sweatshirts






SALES VALUE:  (October 2002):



T-shirts @ $15 =  $3,045

Sweatshirts @ $25  =  $3,775






Backpacks from Honda:



144 Kits, complete with 2 patches @ $66.93 each



56 extra patches – “CERT” @ $2.49 each



56 extra patches – “Honda” @ $2.23 each









CERT Banner:



2 banners, each 10ft by 3ft









Operations Manuals:



51 with comb binding @ $4.00 each



100 stapled @ $2 each









Web Site Sponsorship:



4 Business Card size @ $50 pa = $100



1 Full Page size @ $100 pa = $100









Display Materials:



3 large easels & 2 small easels



Display materials – posters etc






Text Box: $17,742.52

                                               Reported for General Meeting 10 October 2002:

VONS Trailer Report


                                        Issue Date:            10 October, 2002


Note: the report is compiled 60 days after month end.










2.38 %

$ 266





$ 237






Total YTD



2.38 %

$ 1,305




Number of Supporters

March 2002


April 2002


May 2002


June 2002


July 2002



"Supporter Count" represents the number of actively registered supporters at month end.