September 6, 2005 - 6:30 p.m.*

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:





Garth McWhorter


Mike Swanson

Margot Hoffman


Monty Ruth

Alisa Zells


Rose Marcotte

Michael Vaccaro

Jeff Adam

Lisa Burke

Bob Heil (6:43 p.m.)

Gary Horn

Dennis Cajili

Fire Department Liaison:


Capt. Rick Martinez

Nethia Masiak

Tania Amaral

Ricardo Amaral

Noble Smith

Lurraine Cauraunna


Jennifer Adam

Peter DePortillo


















Meeting called to order by President, Garth McWhorter, at 6:30 p.m. (10 board members present).


Names of Board Members taken by Secretary, Margot Hoffman; member absent: Bob Heil (arrived at 6:43 p.m.).


Motion to approve minutes for July, 2005 was made by Alisa Zells and seconded by

Peter DePortillo.


Motion to approve minutes for August 2005 was made by Alisa Zells and seconded by Michael Vaccaro.


Introductions of our guests: Named as listed above.




A motion to order 100 polo shirts (red and white embroidery) from Victor Matsumoto, Proforma JPC, for approximately $13.00 per shirt was made by Garth McWhorter and seconded by Alisa Zells. Margot is to notify the Board (Michael Vaccaro) regarding the amount of the payment check to Victor Matsumoto. A vote resulted in 10 “Yes” votes, with Gary Horn abstaining, thus the motion was passed by majority.


Per Michael Vaccaro, no orders of the embroidered shirts will be placed at the present time. The board had no interest in ordering shirts with the sewn-on CERT patch.


Per Jennifer Adam, there is no need to order white CERT decals. We need more 5’ CERT decals.

Jennifer can order 100 decals at Fast Signs for $5.40 each.


Alisa Zells has a source for decals, also.


Jennifer Adam will be unable to sell apparel at the CERT classes from September 29th, 2005 throughout the entire month of October, 2005 due to previous commitments.




Fire Department Corner:

Area G is on call for 2000 Firefighters for the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The American Red Cross is looking for volunteers for a nine day training course.  


President Garth McWhorter advised that 27 RBCERT alumni volunteered to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina.


The next RBCERT class to be held on September 8, 2005 is full per Capt. Rick Martinez.


Capt. Rick Martinez saw Marcelle McCullough’s Adelphia RBCERTAA PSA announcement. He advised that it was well-done.


Per Capt. Martinez, the September 18th, 2005 drill is cancelled due to the phone tree transition from RBCERTAA to the RBFD.  Discussion ensued regarding the use of a “call up phone service” vs. a Team Leader phone tree.


Discussion ensued regarding the use of HAM radios.


The Redondo Beach Community Open House (formerly referred to as the Public Safety Fair) will be held on Sunday, October 2nd, 2005. RBCERTAA will have a booth. Lisa Burke volunteered to be the Chairperson and advised that she has upgraded all of the display boards. No raffle for prizes will be given away at the open house from RBCERTAA this year.





Treasurer’s Report:    

Alisa Zells made a motion to pass the Treasurer’s report and Jennifer Adam seconded the motion.

Michael Vaccaro abstained from the vote  regarding the Treasurer’s report. The motion was passed by the remaining 10 board members.


These were the checks written (for which receipts were submitted) with the corresponding payee and breakdown.


2075  Lisa Burke -  $37.47

          Display materials (10.00 plus 7.00 plus 15.96)  

          Trailer keys  4.51.   





2076    Lisa Burke - $20.85

Affordable Voice Mail (Sept., Oct., Nov) – CERT Voice Mail



2077    Postmaster - $48.00

P.O. Box Annual Fee





Garth McWhorter provided a donation check from the Village Runner in the amount of $500.00

for the volunteer efforts of RBCERTAA at the July 4th, 2005 10k run.



Progress is on-going. Per Monty Ruth, the RB City website contains outdated RBCERT information.


Drills & Trainings:   

The next Continuing Education class will be in November, 2005.



Alisa Zells will provide information regarding future drills. Alisa Zells made a motion that Tania  Amaral be allowed to take over e-mail duties since Mike Grady has resigned from the board. The motion was passed unanimously.


Phone List and Addresses of Board Members:

Per Margot, a new list of phone numbers and addresses will be provided at the October meeting

after the Executive board election is held at this meeting.


Funding & Equipment:

Discussion is on- going. Thus far, no generators have been provided to RBCERTAA.  Capt. Rick Martinez stated

that he has not heard anything about generators being given or loaned to the RBCERT group.


Phone Tree:

Decision is pending regarding whether the calls for the phone tree will be made by an electronic service

or via a Team-Leader phone tree system.



Lisa Burke questioned why the Title for the trailer is in Mike Grady’s name.  Lisa asked if the Title should be turned over to RBCERTAA.

 Lisa Burke enlisted Monty Ruth, Garth McWhorter and Peter DePortillo as alternate trailer tow personnel.  Lisa will e-mail all trailer volunteers regarding a trailer tow demonstration.  


Boutique CERT:

Per earlier discussion, an order will be placed with Victor Matsumoto, Proforma JPC for 100 CERT polo shirts.


Per Jennifer Adam, the $40.00 change envelope was found to be empty after Julie Treher returned the shirts to the board upon her resignation. Per Michael Vaccaro, contact with Julie Treher resulted in her stating that the envelope was turned in with all apparel upon her resignation.  However, the funds remain unaccounted for.  The Board agreed not to seek reimbursement of the missing funds from former board member, Julie Treher.



CERT Class/Graduation Day Drill Committee:

Discussion ensued regarding safety issues at RBCERT graduations. Also, per Alisa Zells, film footage

from the U.S. State Department/Indonesian film crew will not be available for approximately three months.   


Video/Photo Committee:

Monty provided a viewing of his 6½ minute RBCERT video.




Lisa Burke and Garth McWhorter were nominated for President. Lisa Burke won the election.

Alisa Zells and Gary Horn were nominated for Vice President. Alisa Zells won the election.

Michael Vaccaro was the sole nominee for Treasurer and won by acclimation. Margot Hoffman was the sole nominee for Secretary and won by acclimation.


None. Next board meeting is on October 4th, 2005.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:15 pm, per motion

made by Alisa Zells and seconded by Bob Heil.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Respectfully submitted,       



                                                                                          Margot Hoffman,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on: October 4, 2005