September 2nd, 2003 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Jared Van Sloten


Lisa Burke

Valerie Heath


Paul Weavers

Mike Grady


Marianna Weavers

Bob Heil

Fire Department Liaison:

Laurraine Caruana

Garth McWhorter

Captain Bob Engler


John Moawad



Michelle Sayre



Randy Stacy



Alisa Zells




Meeting called to order by President Jared Van Sloten at 6:32 p.m. (9 board members present.)


Motion to approve minutes for August 14th was made by Mike second by Randy, passed by 9 board members present. 


Motion to send the Chamber of Commerce luncheon “Role of Intelligence Plays in Foreign Policy” email to CERT Alumni made by John, second by Mike. Approved by 6 members – 3 sustained.


Valerie conducted the election to fill in the two vacancies, with the help of Captain Engler, results came as follow:  Paul Weavers and Margot Hoffman, congratulations to both, it was a tough race!  Mike will bring Board Member Oath of Office certificate so Margot and Paul can be sworn in at our next board meeting.


Nominations from the floor to fill in the treasurer’s vacancy were as follow:  Garth McWhorther and Alisa Zells.  Valerie distributed ballots and with the help of Captain Engler, our new treasurer is Garth McWhorther.  Congratulations Garth, it’s nice having you back in the Executive Board again!


Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:  No changes, position was vacant as of August 14, 2003.


Master Calendar: Alisa read the various events we have coming up the next two months:


Bob Engler was able to give us a date for the large-scale disaster drill.  So far November 13th between 9am and 12pm has been confirmed, location to be determined. Mike will email Captain Engler a questionnaire form so we can email detailed information to our Alumni who wish to participate in the drill.  This will be nearly be a full WMD drill involving Police Department, Fire Department, victims, participants with a possible CERT phone-tree activation.  Captain Engler does not have detailed functions for CERT at this time, possibilities of setting up rehabilitation and treatment area.


Mike mentioned about the LA CERT biannual drill on October 25th.  Mike will put together an email to let the Alumni know that Huell Howser will be there with his camera crew.  We will form our own team/battalion if we have enough members from other local cities. It’s a lot of fun to work as a team, brush up in your skills and learn new ones as well.  This time, there will be a fire to put out, and you will not be able to use a fire extinguisher… So be prepared to roll out some fire hose!  Motion to send out reminder email made by Mike, second by Michelle, passed by all 10 members.


Drills:  George Anderson will not be able to coordinate the KHYC graduation drill.  Alisa will help supervise the drill along with Jared and Garth.  Lisa, Michelle and Valerie will help out with moulage.  Class 23 graduation drill will be run by George.


Safety Fair:  Garth has reserved three tables for us.  We will need to bring our own canopy.  Captain Engler to check if the Fire Department could loan us theirs.  Set-up will have to be done in the morning at 8:30am.  Valerie and Randy to chair this committee, they will contact Susan Landino to get a basket from Whole Foods for our yearly raffle.   Discussion about getting balloons, candies, and small give aways to attract people to stop at our booth to sign up for 2004 classes. Email will be sent out to membership to request for help to man the booth, contact Valerie for schedule (approval from board voted on 8/14.)

Motion made by John to use funds to rent a helium tank, second by Michelle, passed by all 10 members.


Mike brought up a good point; we are all working hard for RBCERTAA and shouldn’t use our own personal funds for these specials events.  Valerie and Lisa you need to turn in your receipts.


Newsletter:  We had a few delays sending out the July newsletter, some of it was due to the fact that voting was requested on the NWP article.  In the past, the news editor never needed to get board approval or articles need to be voted on before the newsletter was sent out.  To alleviate this type of delay in the future, Jared asked of Mike, Randy and Valerie to help him review the news article.


Communications:  Bob went recently attended a meeting at the South Bay amateurs radio club in Torrance to see how they coordinate.  Los Angeles Fire Department uses ACS, Don Herr wants to revive DCS in Redondo Beach, however this program is not running yet.   Bob is interested in identifying hams that are also RBCERTAA, and handed out a draft to email our CERT alumni.  He will present it at next board meeting.


Website Sponsorship:  Randy mailed out sponsorship renewal letters to all our previous sponsors this week. Alisa’s company donated $250 for her 20 hours contribution to CERT.


Phone Tree:  Fully operational, information has been compiled.  Jodie and one neighbor have offered to help Mike updating the leaders information. It is crucial to have our data updated as some team leaders have moved or no longer wish to be a leader, therefore gives extra phone calls to one person to make, and sometimes Mike.  Updated list will be distributed to each team leaders by November drill. 


Funding & Equipment:  John is interested in gathering information of CERT Alumni employers.  Some companies offer flat donations for employees being involved in their community such as Alisa’s, others have a matching program or a gift program. Alisa will help John with creating a letter.


Mike to contact Gene Mahoney to get a list of all the items that we can purchase with the Vons money since the program died.  John is trying to get some generators and a trailer from Honda where we could store and haul our equipment and displays materials at various events and drills. These types of things take time; he has met with the warehouse managers and needs to submit a new proposal request.


Boutique CERT:  Nothing to report.  Jared to contact Jodie to bring apparels at the KHYC graduation day (Captain Engler to mention it at one of the classes.)  Jared will also announce at our Class 23 that apparel will be available on September 18th (CPR) and at graduation for purchases; if Jodie is unavailable, Garth, Randy and Michelle can help with apparel display that night.


Mike has not received confirmation from Stacey of being able to display CERT caps at the LA CERT bi-annual drill on October 25th.



New Business:


Boat Parade:  Division Chief Dan Madrigal has spoken to Shawn Parr, mid-day KZLA DJ.  Dan made it clear that Shawn would agree to be Grand Marshall as long as he has no conflicts with his contractual agreements with his station on that afternoon, and evening.


Proposal of a couple additional items available to CERT:  Golf shirt embroiled with Redondo Beach Fire Department CERT logo can be available for $13.95 each for a minimum order of 24.  $12.95 each for orders over 72. Sizes available S – M – L – XL – (XXL & XXXL add $1.50 per shirt.)


10” RBCERTAA full color stickers can be displayed on vehicle doors or windows.  Fast Sign will print those for $30.


Garth will bring a projection on how items sells before we venture on purchasing any more apparels at our next board meeting.  We still have a lot of T-Shirts and Sweatshirts in our inventory.


CERT emblems, something should be added to our CERT image to the effect of discarding apparels that carry our logo.  


Voting via email or phone. Robert’s Rules guidelines allows email voting as long a it is in an emergency and the issue can not wait to be voted on at the next board meeting.   Captain Engler suggested that the board needs to develop a policy for committees to be allowed to send out emails to Alumni if they remotely have to do something with CERT.  Mike to work with Alisa on this policy and present it at next board meeting.



September 11th, Patriots day, our City will have a memorial service at City Hall at 12 noon.


Historical Society museum on 190th has a lot of memorabilia about the Fire Department.  Motion to donate one of our RBCERTAA patch to be displayed made by John, second by Michelle.  Passed by all 10 members.



Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:34pm.


                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary



Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________