August 2, 2005  - 6:30 p.m.*

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:





Garth McWhorter

Bob Heil

Valerie Heath

Margot Hoffman


Noble Smith

Alisa Zells


Jeff Adam

Michael Vaccaro

Lisa Burke

Bob Heil

Gary Horn

Fire Department Liaison:


Monty Ruth

Jeff Adam

Lurraine Caruna

Jared Van Sloten

Mike Grady


Marcelle  McCollough

Jennifer Adam


Martha Mitchell

Peter DePortillo(6:40 PM)


Tanya Amaral



Ricardo Amaral







Meeting called to order by President Garth McWhorter at 6:36 p.m. (10 board members present.)


List of Board members present compiled by Secretary, Margot Hoffman.


A motion to set aside the approval of the July 2005 minutes was made by Mike Grady and seconded by Michael Vaccaro so that  corrections could be completed and approved by all of the board members. 


Introductions of our guests: Named as listed above.




Fire Department Corner: 

Captain Rick Martinez did not attend the board meeting.


Regarding the CERT class 29 graduation, positive responses were received from George, his crew and the Redondo Beach Fire Department. The next RBCERT class starts September 8, 2005.


On a sad note, long-time RBCERTAA board member, Mike Grady resigned from his position as board member.


With Mike Grady’s resignation, Jeff Adam and Dennis Cajili will fill in the two spots vacated by Julie

Treher and Mike Grady.


Discussions regarding Mike Grady’s duties are pending.


The tasks include the following:

- E Mail Tree

- Trailer ( Lisa Burke volunteered)

- Bills for Yahoo web site $14.95

- Domain account

- AOL account


Per Mike Grady – RBCERTAA received two generators on loan from Honda.


No election will be needed, however, at the board meeting in September, Jeff Adam and Dennis

Cajili will be sworn in early in the meeting and the Executive board will be nominated and elected at the end of the meeting.


Community Open House 10/2/05 – Per Michael Vaccaro, the CERT display boards need to be updated.

Monty Ruth will do a slide show. Lisa Burke will chair the Community Open House Committee. Her committee members will include:  Jeff Adam, Michael Vaccaro and Gary Horn.


Discussion regarding animal oxygen masks for dogs and cats is pending.



Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:

Michael Vaccaro received  $125.00 from Jennifer Adam for apparel sold.

Lisa Burke submitted a receipt for $130.00 for moulage supplies.

Lisa Burke submitted a receipt for $37.16 for sunscreen and Gatorade for graduation.


Mike Grady made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Alisa Zells seconded the motion. Michael Vaccaro abstained from the motion.


WEB Site (Valerie Heath)

Per Valerie:


All classes have been updated up to #28 and all minutes have been posted through June 2005.  Training-

New class dates have been updated.


Pictures of Garth McWhorter and Peter DePortillo will be posted. Pictures needed of new board members:

Jeff Adam and Dennis Cajili to post on web site.


Sponsorship Web page will be removed.  Picutes under the Events Page will be posted for:  Fire

Department Open House, Memorial Day Parade, -Fire Suppression Drill & -Graduation Drill

Class #29.


The Redondo Beach City newsletter is updated with RBCERT information included.



Alisa Zells will update September and November information.
Phone List and addresses of Board Members:
Margot Hoffman advised that the phone numbers and addresses of the new board members will be updated as soon as elections are held for the executive board.  


Funding & Equipment:

Per Gary Horn – More time will be spent on his committee after his school ends shortly.

The trailer inventory needs to be completed next month(September).


Phone Tree:

Mike Grady made a motion to tactfully give the phone tree back to RB Fire Department. The motion

Was seconded by Lisa Burke.

A meeting with the RB Fire Department is pending.


Le Boutique CERT

No 5’stickers are in stock per Jennifer Adam.


A motion by Gary Horn to revisit the pricing of shirts. Alisa seconded the motion.


Discussion occurred regarding the whereabouts of the missing $40.00 from the apparel bags which were returned by former apparel Chairperson, Julie Treher. Investigation will be on-going regarding the missing monies.


Graduation Day Drill Committee:

Lisa Burke is ready for the next class to begin.


Video/Photo Committee:

Progress is on-going.



Next board meeting is on 9/6/05.


Relay for Life made $311,000.00 and no heat-related injuries were reported.


Having no further business. the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:55 pm, per motion

by Mike Grady and seconded by Alisa Zells.



                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,





                                                                                          Margot Hoffman,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary





Minutes approved on September 6, 2005.