August 3, 2004 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Lisa Burke

Gary Horn

Sondra  Segal

Mike Grady


Yesenia Rivas

Valerie Heath


Julie Treher

Bob Heil



Margot Hoffman

Fire Department Liaison:


Garth McWhorter

Captain Rick Martinez


Michael Vacarro



Jared  Van  Sloten



Alisa Zells









Meeting called to order by Vice President Garth McWhorter at 6:30 p.m. (9 board members present.)


Role call done by secretary, member absent:  Gary Horn (excused due to illness)


Motion to approve minutes and financials for July 6th was made. Passed by 9 board members present.


Introductions of our guest:  Yesenia Rivas. 





Due to the untimely death of RBCERTAA’s  President Randy Stacy elections were held to fill the vacancies left available on the board.


The board unanimously approved the Vice President, Garth McWhorter becoming board President.  Lisa Burke nominated as Vice President. Jared made the 1st motion, and Mike Grady seconded it. Burke declined.


Michael Vacarro was nominated for Vice President. Vacarro but declined the nomination.


Alisa Zells was nominated for Vice President and accepted the position.


Michael Vacarro was nominated for and accepted the position of Treasurer.


For the vacant board position, Michelle Sayre was nominated for the position.


Also, Julie Treher was nominated for the vacant board position. An election will be held at the September 2004 board meeting.


Mike Grady made a motion to approve the minutes and financial report for the July 2004 meeting.


Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report: 

Garth gave out copies of our financials:  Balance as of August 3rd, 2004 was $3,161.28.


A motion was made to accept a check in the amount of $25.00 given to Mike Grady for a contribution

for Melissa Stacy. Motion was accepted.



Lisa Burke provided a receipt for $149.00 but only requested payment for $100.00 for make-up and received a check #2039.


Mike Grady proposed that we purchase 100 additional 3” stickers, which were sold out at a cost of $250.00. Check #2040 in the amount of $250.00 was paid to Fast Signs. Jared made a motion to change the border of the CERT logo to yellow.


Garth McWhorter requested a payment in the amount of $48.00 for the post office box for RBCERTAA.

A check #2041 in the amount of $48.00 was provided to be paid by Garth McWhorter as former Treasurer.


Treasurer’s report approved unamously.


Committee Reports and Activities:


Patriots’ Day Celebration:


Jared Van Sloten provided a script to the board members which detailed the RBCERTAA skit to be presented at Patriots’ Day celebration on 9/11/04 at Parras School. The skit will provide information

about how RBCERTAA would handle a spontaneous emergency.  The script calls for approximately one half hour of acting. Capt. Rick Martinez stated that our presentation would be a great program and that we need to practice diligently. Volunteers will be solicited by e-mail.


Mike Grady set the practice date to be Sunday 8/22/04, RB Fire Station 2, 2:00 PM. The final rehearsal  will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 7th, 2004 at Parras School at 6:00PM. (This has recently been changed to Franklin Park, behind Franklin School, at 850 Inglewood Ave.)  The board meeting will be held after the drill.


Comments regarding the presentation included the following information:

It was suggested that we video the presentation to use at a later date to advertise the CERT program.

Bob Heil suggested that the script be edited to make the program shorter.  Heil also suggested that radios be used for the show.

Margot suggested that the show not last longer than 15 minutes to keep the audience visually interested in the material.

Sondra Segal wanted to know how many practices we would have for the presentation?  ( 2 )

Mike Grady stated that Torrance CERT graduates would be available to be victims at the presentation.




Drills & Trainings: 


August 20th training will be held between 6:30pm & 9:00pm at Knob Hill Community Center.

The topic will be: Handling the elderly and persons with disabilities

Board decided to serve pizza and soft drinks paid for out of the RBCERTAA treasury.


The next CERT class begins on Thursday, September 9th, 2004.


Communications:  Bob Heil had no information to provide regarding the Communications Committee.


Web Site/ Sponsorship:  Valerie Heath stated that the sponsorships were not solidified presently due to the death of Randy Stacy. Valerie will provide an update as soon as she has time to research the sponsorships.


Citizens Corps Council: Nothing new to report other than Patriots’ Day information as listed above.


Funding & Equipment: Mike Grady scheduled a cleaning session for the trailer on Sunday, 8/15/04 at Redondo Beach Fire Station #2 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


Response Center:  No further information updated regarding the Response Center.


Phone Tree:  Mike Grady and Julie Treher will be updating the phone list.


Boutique CERT:  Julie sold $296.00 worth of  CERT apparel on July 1st, 15th, 22nd and 24th, 2004..



New Business:


Fire Department Corner:  At this time, some of Randy’s ideas were discussed regarding recruitment.

Capt. Martinez said that some of the recruits came from a Homeowners Association Meeting at Brookside Village.  Matt Johnson wants to become more active in CERT recruitment.  Mike Grady suggested that we attend Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce mixers to recruit new class members. Grady also brought up recruiting attendees from Neighborhood Watch groups. Jared Van Sloten stated that we would probably want to bring Mike Grady’s CERT jeep to Neighborhood Watch meetings.  Mike advised that he needed three volunteers to attend neighborhood Bar B Ques after Patriots’ Day. Julie, Margot and Garth signed up.


Graduation Day Committee by RBCERTAA or Fire Department:  

Due to recent mix-up on the previous graduation day program, it was decided to have a Graduation Day

Committees with Lisa Burke as Chairman, Gary Horn as Co-Chairman, committee members are Alisa Zells, George and Karen Anderson and Valerie Heath.



Elite Team: Mike mentioned that after Randy was voted in as President, that Randy had specific ideas about who would be assigned to the positions on the team.  Total members needed would be 29.  Team will include a leader, scribe, Fire Dept., logistics, triage team, search team and transport team.

Team Leader – Lisa Burke

Search Team Leader – Randy Stacy, Michael Vaccaro

Scribe – Valerie Heath

Logistics – Garth McWhorter and Margot Hoffman

Triage Team – Alisa Zells, Jared Van Sloten, Mike Grady and Gary Horn


The Team Training Committee was not assigned as of yet.


Drills (Communication for drills): The next drill will be on Sunday, Sept. 19th, 2004 in the field.

The deployment drill will utilize the use of e-mails and the phone tree. There needs to be a better way to communicate regarding drills. Lisa Burke and Alisa Zells called 300 people each and did not get sufficient responses from contact by telephone.


Sondra Segal suggested that in order to get better retention of alumni members that the board should offer small jobs versus big projects. Julie Treher stated that we each started with small projects that interested us and then moved on to bigger projects, which enhanced the group. Sondra further stated that RBCERTAA change the name of the drills to continuing education. Lisa Burke stated that current classes should have competitive contests during the class such as a prize for the best emergency kit bag.  Mike Grady said that all bags should have $25.00 worth of emergency kit items in them. Rick Martinez said that the RBFD might have dropped the ball on compiling CERT bags. Show minimum CERT bags at class per Lisa Burke.


Per Lisa Burke tie in during classes items which should be included in the bag and where to purchase them. Mike Grady said that a reward for having a fully loaded bag such as a ride-along with the Fire Department would be a great incentive for being prepared.  Gary Horn explained that some class members might need financial help to fill up a CERT bag. Rick Martinez suggested that we sell pre-made CERT bags.  Sondra Segal volunteered to work with Mike Grady on creating new CERT bags, which would be available for sale.


Valerie will provide a list of committees on the Web site so alumni members can select which projects they would like to work on.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Margot brought up an idea to honor Randy Stacy’s memory. She wanted CERTAA to create a scholarship fund for the year of 2005 to be awarded to a graduating senior at Redondo Union High School in the amount of $500.00. The RBCERTAA group would do fundraising for the scholarship during the course of the year .The scholarship would satisfy Randy’s desire for more publicity about CERT.  It would also enhance the community’s awareness of disaster preparedness. Margot thought that this would be special way to keep Randy’s passion for public service alive in the years to come.  Mike Grady requested that a follow-up e-mail be sent to the board for further discussion at a future meeting.


Michael Vaccaro mentioned that he attended the Red Cross Award where Jared Van Sloten won Volunteer of the Year Award.


Lisa Burke received publicity in the Daily Breeze newspaper, People Magazine, Channel 11 Fox 11 newscast for her moulage business (Burke’s Blood Bath).


A discussion was brought up regarding who serves food at the Cert Academy classes.  Mike Grady suggested that the Fire Department get donations of food from local restaurants for the first CERT class.


Garth explained what the Public Safety Commission is about and how CERT could utilize the commission to address CERT projects on a live monthly broadcast.






The Mayor and City Council members adjourned a meeting in memory of Randy Stacy.

Garth will get the adjournment certificate to the appropriate people.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned in loving memory of Randy Stacy at approximately 8:57pm.



                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                          Margot Hoffman,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on:  September 7th, 2004.