September 11th, 2007 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Attendees at this meeting:

RBCERTAA Board Members



Guests in Attendance:

President- Marcelle McCullough



Noble Smith

Vice President- Mike Grady



Miguel Henry

Treasurer- Monty Ruth



Brandy Harkins

Secretary- “Ro”chelle Kelley



Loraine Essex

Jeff Adam




Jennifer Adam




Lily Gonzalez




Bob Kumler




Bob Applegate




Sandy Marchese




Fire Department Liaison:




Captain Dan Bliss




Kurt Mahoney




Isaac Yang












1)  CALL TO ORDER ~Marcelle       16:31


3)      MOMENT OF SILENCE ~ Marcelle

a.      9/11

b.      Chris Leist’s father passing & mother had a stroke

c.      Annie Moler’s brother (stem cell treatment for his heart)

d.      Lily in Peru

 4)  PRESENTATION OF AGENDA ORDER and request for additions/deletions ~Marcelle

           (Please announce Open Forum discussion items at this time)

 5)  CALL FOR APPROVAL OF MINUTES ~ Ro Due to computer issues August minutes will be presented at the October meeting.


A. TREASURER’S REPORT ~Monty                        Motion by Mike Grady Second by Kumler- Approved

i)  Presentation and call for approval of August 2007 Treasurer’s


First Federal charging $10.00 service fee.

            Mike Grady to talk to first federal bank about waiving the charge.

ii) Revenues received, reimbursement requests and

    presentation of current bills for payment

            Mike Grady presented a receipt for $88.69 for Alumni meeting food. (Pre-approved spending.)

B.  Alumni get together ~ Mike


            A.  Board Position Nomination and vote ~ Mike

            B.  MRC ~ Mike/Brandy- 18:38

                        - Open invitation to all RBCERATAA Board members to become certified on Train the Trainer Training On September 25th, 2007 from 18:00 to 20:00 at BCHD.

                                    - Noble Smith Signed up

                                    - Sandy Marches signed up

                                    - Marcelle will not be able to attend

                        - Mike offered extra medical supplies for their training.

                        - Mike Thanked Brandy for all of their help.

C.  Class 36 ~ Marcelle- 19:02

            CPR and First Aid will be offered September 20th and 27th.

            D.  Board Members & EMT Training – Excused absence

                                    i)  Participation from existing Board Members

                                                -Bob Applegate and Monty Ruth both taking classes.  Approved for excused absences while taking classes.

            E.  City Tabletop Drill ~ Jason Schroeder (unable to attend briefed by Cpt Bliss)

                        -First portion or morning session is open to public, Actual drill is generally closed session to invited guest only. Any portioned that could be attended would defiantly be worth while.

                        -Brandy was very happy with the way the last one went.

                        - Will continue to try to keep all informed about when these are brought up and scheduled.


            F.  Safety Commission Meeting ~ Marcelle- 19:13

                        - Monday Sept 17th at 19:00

                        - Please come and share you experiences with the public. (Where your CERT hat)

G.  Fire Department Corner ~ Captain Dan Bliss

            - Personally Thanked the Alumni for filling the last class.

            - We have a lot of people from Hermosa Beach Some coming from as far away as the Valley. Chief was not so much happy about the little amount of actual RB.

-Marcelle asked if there was an opportunity to drop off brochures while they are doing inspections. 

            -  AYSO-  Donated Dinner for 4 and a free CERT Class.

                        - Includes full station tour- Ride on truck and dinner. And harbor cruise. Dessert.

            - Call out list still be worked on.

            - Diane called today about going from 8 plus grad to 9 plus grad will have to be approved by City council for funding.

-Mike Section: Volunteered to help with the presentation to council.

- Partially for investigation part just to bring up

            - Would like to see is that each class to emphasize that in the orientation class that it is more to help the community not jus tot help themselves and immediate neighbors.  That there is a an Alumni association that they can join and be able to help many more people.

            - Phone tree- couple of years ago was given from AA to FD and to a sub company.  Is it now capable of activation CPT stated no.  Lost child in city or need an evacuation it is needed it is not ready. 

            - Determined to be Perry park as meeting place in the event of self activation.  Is that still the place and can we make sure that all of the classes and the alumni know where to meet.

            - With regard to the radio station it is new and there are certain people who have access to recording addresses. In the event that FD is not going to be able to record or have access to.  Is it possible to get CERT people trained and informed on how to.  It is run by the PD.  (CPT Bliss) Possible to get pre-recorded messages. AM 1630.

            Monty- Are we going to have an actual City drill on October or November

-          CPT bliss-  we are going to have one in November (it is a county Drill) no confirmed on the date or the location.

-          Requisition more actual CERT participation not just as victims.

-          Class recruitment help us help u we need applications

-          Getting 100 posters donated.

-          Handing out applications can usually end up in round file.  Can get checks and fill out applications or get name number e-mail and when you think that you can.

-          Is the FD still trying to start the Fire Core.

o        Fire Core is supposed to be an assistant to the FD. Similar to the VIP.

H.  Upcoming Events ~ Marcelle- 19:48

ii)                   NEPC in Sacramento October 11-14

iii)                 START- November 11, 2007 12N-3P Location TBD (based on numbers)

-We really need to get more people involved before the FD questions training

-Were previously worried about the amount of e-mail sent out by RBCERTAA, we need to have more information sent more often.  Need to get the alumni more involved in the training.

- let people know as soon possible. Especially the new classes.

-To send out e-mails once a week.

- Miguel Stated appreciated getting the calendars in advance-  

- added safety Fair in October.

Safety Commission meeting is the third Monday of the month

City council Meeting is twice monthly.

iv)                 Alumni Get Together (3x annually)

- Week- First week in December-  Monday the Third.

             - Monty wants a guest speaker no just a committee meeting.

             - Mike wants the committees to have opportunity to do their jobs.

I.  Committee Updates- 20:16

                                                                           i.      Community Involvement ~ Sandy

-          As of the last meeting there is many more sign-ups.

o        AYSO-  Monty/ Marcelle/ Noble

o        Beach Clean-up- Sandy/ Marcelle/

–Meeting at 09:30 in front of old library.

-          Safety Fair- October 7th, 2007 From 10 – 15:00

o        –Noble/  Bob Kumler/ Monty/ Marcelle/ open

                                                                         ii.      Equipment ~ Mike- 20:29

1.      –We are staffed if we get more great if not we are okay

– Setting date with Brandy to go over new supplies.

–O2 in triage for disasters.

- Meeting with a storage facility to get a storage unit donated.

                                                2. well equip. except in fire Suppression/ and Communications

                                                            - south Bay Fire willing to get extinguishers at there cost

                                                                        - as well as revamping used ones for use.

                                                                        iii.      Funding ~ Monty-20:44

o        Have a few leads on grants.

o        Open to suggestions.

o        Will have more time after test Nov 14th, 2007

o        Per Marcelle everyone needs to help.

o        Okay to proceed with the Eat for preparedness nights at restaurants.

o        Mike has many ideas and will forward them on later.

                                                                       iv.      Communications ~ Bob/Marcelle- 20:53

-Given by Marcelle in Bob’s absence.

            Two new subcommittees created

                              - Radio check committee

                              - Publication ie website and e-mail.

-Mike may have found a web master.

- E-mail tree has dropped form approximately 650-700 down to 300.

                                                                         v.      PR ~Marcelle- 21:03

-          Has anyone seen the articles in the papers.


A. Academy (#36) open to Hermosa and Manhattan Beach) - September 6th, 2007

            B.  Request volunteers to cover food committee in my absence

      9/27, 10/11 & 10/18 & 10/25

C.  October 2 Board Meeting to be held at Billy’s

 9)   OPEN FORUM 21:06

            -Monty Attended the HAM convention last weekend a lot of people have gone through training but do not follow up with training and are not really prepared when it comes down to it.

                        - Mar a member of Citizens ore Council can she share what their goals are

                                                            - Response there is no current outline of goals for 2008.

            -Monty requested that Marcelle ask the CCC for help with Funding.

            -Mike voiced opinion on making participation in one or two refresher training mandatory offered 1 -2  a year if they do not come at least once every two years to stay active.

 10) ADJOURNMENT ~ Marcelle       21:24