August 7th, 2007 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Attendees at this meeting:

RBCERTAA Board Members



Guests in Attendance:

President- Marcelle McCullough



Noble Smith

Vice President- Mike Grady



Lauraine Caruann- 1854

Treasurer- Monty Ruth




Secretary- “Ro”chelle Kelley




Jeff Adam




Jennifer Adam




Tania Amaral




Lily Gonzalez




Bob Kumler




Bob Applegate




Sandy Marchese




Fire Department Liaison:




Captain Dan Bliss




Kurt Mahoney




Isaac Yang









1)  CALL TO ORDER ~Marcelle    18:30

2)  INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS ~Marcelle     18:30

3)  INTRODUCTION OF NEW FIRE DEPARTMENT LIAISON Captain Dan Bliss ~ Marcelle       *18:33

                        Cpt Bliss- Gave Great Thanks to the support for his wife. I.e. Cancer walk

4)  PRESENTATION OF AGENDA ORDER and request for additions/deletions ~Marcelle

           (Please announce Open Forum discussion items at this time)

5)  REVIEW OF PROCEDURES AND VOTING (See attached 1) ~ Mike     18:38

            Mike Grady made suggestion of purchasing a audio

6)  CALL FOR APPROVAL OF MINUTES ~ Ro            18:44

            - Approved as is unanimously



i)  Presentation and call for approval of July 2007 Treasurer’s Report   18:44

            - Request for Approval of Treasures Report-  18:46

- Mike Motioned, Sandy 2nd Approved as submitted 18:46

                        ii) Revenues received, reimbursement requests and presentation of current                             bills for payment.

            - Charitable Trust Finalization forms

            - Summary of Donations

            - Summary of Expenditures


8) NEW BUSINESS:           -18:55

A.  Address from President- 18:55

            -Recap from meeting with the Fire Department

                        -Recap of thoughts from last months meeting and Thank You for your thoughts.

B.  Committee List Revisions (See attached 2)- 18:58

            In an effort to help streamline the process and aid in reaching these goals we have revised the Committee structure. Attached is a Committee Organizational Chart. Much like an Incident Command System which has Finance, Logistics, Planning and Operations, we have structured it so that we have 4 key Committees supporting other sub-committees. The 4 key committees are Communication, Funding, Community Involvement and Equipment.

C.  2007/2008 Term Goals (Marcel’s Notes)- 18:59

            It would be a suggestion to have each committee chair write a brief description of that committee's role and responsibilities as well as their impressions and/or efforts to help reach our overall objectives and goals. Please forward that me and we will send out a mass email to encourage other Alumni to join your committees. As well, if you have a suggestion for a committee please forward them to the committee chair or get involved!

Ironically they fit very well with the 3 objectives I hope you will support me with during this term. They are:

1.      Communication

a.      Improving communication so that we have an increase of 30% in new student and Alumni participation in trainings, board meetings and community events. So for example this Saturday we have 15 people participate. My hope is to have 20 or more next year. (Is my addition right?)

2.      Community Involvement

a.      Participate in a minimum of 6 community events a year (i.e. block parties, relay for life etc.)

3.      Funding

a.      Suggested goal of $10,000 by the end of this term

b.      That $10,000 recommended disbursement is:

                                                                          i.      $3000 for communication/radios

                                                                        ii.      $1000 fro fire suppression equipment

                                                                      iii.      $3000 operating expenses

                                                                      iv.      $3000 to remain in the bank


D.  New Committee Assignment-19:03 Read attached for clarification (small print) by  Mike

-Opened up for discussion- 19:07

- Lily her open forum relates to Community Involvement.

- Mike volunteered to be Equipment Chair.- No Objections

                        - Tania will be relocating and has released her position of Communications                           Chair.

- Sandy volunteered for Community Involvement Chair- No Objections

- Mike Volunteered for Relay for Life, Safety Fair

- Mar, Special Events, Fire Department

- Jen Adam General

                        -Bob Applegate volunteered for Chair for Communication- No Objections

-Mar subcommittee

-Sandy, Hotline

-Mike, E-mail tree from Tania

- Monty for Funding- No Objections

-Ro sub chair under apparel.

- Marcelle to e-mail out update Community chart with new chairs.

- Mike- Funding Short term goal i.e. apparel, Mid-Term i.e. Fire Department and the Grants- Raffle’s , Long Term goal corporate sponsors annual donation- Stores i.e. shopping cards- Approach Public Safety Commission for money for CERT specifically. Upon approval of Fire Department.

- Request for E-mail being sent asking about Kinicika accounts.

            - Noble suggested to go after large Aerospace companies.

            - Bob questions about Print/ newsletters/ Events

-Monty Clarified that it is mostly electronically only approx 100 printed and actually mailed to those who do not have e-mail.

- Mike vol for Print/ Roster

- Re-shifting of Member roster from Print to e-roster.

E.  Fire Department Corner (Captain Dan Bliss)- 19:46

            - Very Happy to be here.

            - Had meeting with the Fire Chief.

- All about the budget.

- His Goal is to keep us Happy

- Is going over the evaluations from the last class.

- Next class more business sided.

- Look into the training needs.

- Need for more hands on training.

- USAR Team- looking into 25 members Current w/ a standby list.

-Mike recommended to also train standby list as well.

- Has lots of ideas for our training.

- If on USAR team must attend at least a quarterly training.

- Cpt Martinez will no longer be heading the USAR either.

- Pete vol from RBFD to help when ever possible per Mike.

- Going to go through all instructors and see where they actual stand

-Are  they ok or do they need a break.

- Really looking forward to working for us,

- Love the marketing plans.

- Dan Bliss Number 310/ 486-0478

- Station 1 Ext. 4309- C shift

F.  Graduation

A) Upcoming Events

i)  Fire Academy- Saturday August 11th, 2007- 20:38 confusion on if the e-mail was sent out or being routed properly.

ii) START- November, 2007



A. Graduation- 20:01

                        i)   Thank you to Alumni

                        ii)  Pictures

                        iii) Evaluations

            iv)  Graduation Press Announcements

B. Next Academy (#36) begins Thursday- September 6th, 2007- 20:05

                        i)     This is a Business focus Academy. Individuals still welcome to join

                        ii)    Promotion (need volunteers)

iii)   Local businesses, Library, Coffee Shops (Chamber/ Marcelle)

                             -Lily to help I.e. Village Runner.   

                                    - Make sure that you all well identified.

                        iv)  Future Class enrollment  20:11

a. Juniors/Seniors, Manhattan Beach & Hermosa-per discussion with   RBFD

                                                - Lily really likes the idea.

                                                - Mike concurs 

- Overall combination of the Mutual aid cities in CERT under RB.

-Possible rate increase for other city members.

- Lily suggested using Key Club members of schools to help vol.

- Mike brought up FD to volunteer as well.

- Bob Applegate has questions on the lower ages of participates.

- Mike just wants us to give full support

- Monty makes motion 20:26

- Mike 2nds

- Lily thinks it is good idea, just don’t do it because we need attendance.

- Sandy thinks that if a class is offered consideration to the balance of adults and students to as not make the adults feel uncomfortable.

- Mike not proposing any timetable to do this, just to offer the support to the FD no matter.

- Noble restated what the others already had.

- Monty wants to revise his motion 20:30

            (That RBCERTAA supports the opportunity for the RBFD to open CERAT training to Junior and Senior high school students as well as residents of the cities of RB HB and MB including those cities high schools.

- Mike 2nds

- Bob A. still not sure .

- Calling for Vote-20:33 Vote as stand 10 to 1 in favor. Motion passed and referred to Capt. Bliss for presentation.

            C.  Recap of BOD Meeting with RBFD

            D.  Relay for Life Recap-2008 Team CERT ~Mike

- First Aid portion- Was very fun and successful

                        - Massage chairs donated money in Carol Bliss’s name.

                        - FD cooked Pancake breakfast.

                        - For next years team American Honda Donated a Motorcycle for raffle.

E.  AYSO Region 34 South Redondo Opening Day- Ro

      -Monty and Marr to attend.

F.     Block Party- Lisa/Doug Rodriguez

August 25th, 2007

            -Monty and Marcelle and Sandy to attend.



-Lily- Toys for Tots- 20:56

- Wants to propose that we participate in the Program. Specifically CERT will be partnering up with and use our name.

- Tabled to Sandy for specialization.

-Lily wanted also bring up having a calendar that is preprinted at the end of year for the upcoming.

-Citizen Core Council update- 20:48

- Public Table top training on Earthquake on August 22, 2007 at the Main Library 9am-12pm

- County Wide Drill not sure how involved we are going to be.

- Working on CERT not be the victims to be more involved.

- Will be sending out a safe the date.

- Sending out a public service announcement to business asked for the CERT program to be mentioned.

- Wants to cross over CERT with other Core groups.

-Mike is working with Sandy to move the Bi-Cipp to RB Museum.

- Since Tania will be leaving us Mike Grady has Nominated Garth McGoyter 

- Bob Applegate had questioned the way that elections were held.

- Clarification on how many meeting they had to attend and then e-mail those who qualify of nominations.

- Discussion to change date to September 11th in lieu of September 4th  Location to be – 21:25


12)  ADJOURNMENT ~ Marcelle 

           Motion made by Lily 21:26

           2nd by everyone


RBCERT COMMITTEES                             Organizational Chart