July 10th, 2003 - 6:30 p.m.

Cimmaron Café 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.

Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Jared Van Sloten


Captain Rick Martinez

Garth McWhorter


Paul Weavers

Valerie Heath


Margot Hoffman

Pamela Hoole


Laurraine Caruana

Mike Grady


Sondra Segall

Bob Heil


Gary Horn

David Hoole



John Moawad



Michelle Sayre



Randy Stacy



Alisa Zells




Meeting called to order by President Jared Van Sloten at 6:32 p.m. (all eleven board members present.)


Motion to approve minutes for June 27th, 2003 with one change - adding Bob Heil in the members present section - made by Mike, second by Garth. Passed by 11 eleven board members.


Swear in of the new 2003-2004 Board of Directors was conducted by Captain Rick Martinez.


Election of Officers: 

Captain Martinez counted the ballots when we had multiple nominees. New Officers are as follow:

w  President: Jared Van Sloten               w Secretary: Valerie Heath

w Vice-President: Randy Stacy  w Treasurer: Pamela Hoole


Procedural Changes:  Pam distributed copies of proposed amendments to article VI and article VIII of our By-Laws.  Motion to approve the amendments to article VI and VIII made Pam second by Randy (see attachment – we will vote on it at next board meeting.)


Pam distributed copies of the Election Procedures with an addition to Absentee Voting. Mike stated that we should give credit to Tom Gaian. as it was his idea. Bob recommended changing all references from a person’s name “Tony Israel”, to be replaced with a position title e.g.  “Fire Department Cert representative” at Station 1.  This will save us having to change the Procedures, should the person change.  (see attachment – we will vote on it at next board meeting.)


Motion to approve election procedure changes made by Pam, second by Alisa.


Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:  Balance available $2,936.65.   Check approval to be paid today $20 to Jodie for engraving and $400 to purchase 200 CERT lanyards from LA-CERT (retail $2 each.)   Monies deposited this month:  $435 from apparel and $20 from donations for food at drills. Vons trailers, net contributions $3,240.00 with 434 active participants in the program. Motion to approve the June financials made by Garth, second by Randy.   Passed eleven board members.


Mike stated that Pete Villasenor is willing to sell his pop-up stand for $100.  We used it at the Relay for Life last year, and will be very useful at Safety Fair and other outdoor events.  Motion to purchase Pete’s pop-up made by Mike, second by Garth.  Check made payable at this meeting, approved by 11 board members.  Mike will email Pete to get a receipt as a back up for Pam’s file.


Vice-President’s signature on Bank Account will need to be changed from Garth McWhorter to Randy Stacy.  Pam to arrange.


Master Calendar:  David distributed copies of the monthly calendar.  Picnic on August 2nd has been cancelled.  No other changes this month.  Randy will post revision on the website.


Class 22 Graduation Drill:  Graduation is on July 19, George and Karen Anderson will run the graduation drill. Pam and David will there for guidance only.  Email was sent to a few members to play victims.


Neighborhood Watch:  Pam submitted revised copies of the proposed email and newsletter article provided by Corey Fleischer.  Corey is trying to revitalize the program revamping the brochure etc… to make it a more interesting package tied to Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.  The problem is we do not know at this point what will happen once our CERT members reply to this email request.  They do not have a program in place yet, meeting are only quarterly and run only by the Police Department, since the Chief of Police does not want a board of directors to run the program.   Bob Heil suggested somewhere on the email it should state that we are sending this email per the request of our Police Department.


Mike brought up that neither Corey nor Janet Johnson have seen our revisions made to Corey’s NW email/newsletter article.  We cannot vote on it till they look at it and approve or decline our changes.

For now, until the program is fully operating we will have to wait to publish an article in our Newsletter as well as email it our membership.  Motion made by John until our conditions are met, we cannot go forward with NW, second by Mike.  Passed by eleven board members.


Boat Parade:  Dan Madrigal from the Fire Department is still looking to get a celebrity for us.


Relay for Life:  Captain Martinez and Mike have a team about 30 –40 people some from Redondo Beach and Torrance.  Email was send to alumni’s this week to participate in the Relay.  Torrance CERT members will man the First Aid booth for us.  Chief Herr is donating a three-hour boat cruise, to be part of the auction.  This is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family, brush up on your camping skills, and don’t forget about the pancake breakfast the following morning!  Whole Foods will provide the breakfast served in honor of all cancer survivors this year.



Drills and Training:  Search & Rescue drill will be held at   Dominguez Park, August 2nd at 9am.  Firefighters Carl Whitaker and Bob Herrera will run it. Please bring your helmet, boots, goggles, gloves and other protection gears you might need. Pam will give full details in next email.


Newsletter:  All articles have been submitted, it should go out third week of July.  


Monthly Notice to Members: Sondra brought to our attention that our drills notices are not specific enough.  If we can give more details especially when it’s a last minute drill request as where to meet- what to bring – do we need our CERT pack – is lunch or breakfast provided?  Etc…  She is willing to help us submit the information so no one has to guess anymore.  Mike only forwards emails in the form it was sent to him; he doesn’t create them nor corrects them.  Sondra will send a draft to Mike with questions that need to be answered so people can prepare themselves better in the future. 



Website:  Randy got a list from Pam from all sponsors that participated in out program last year.  Valerie has posted a lot of items on to the website.  When you visit our web site and see something that needs to be updated, please let Randy or Valerie know.


Video – If anyone has footage to put together on a loop video, please let Randy know.  Jared purchased a few tapes one of Chief Herr PowerPoint presentation at the public safety meeting, if we have some from various drills footage etc, Adelphia will put it together with voice over.  Michelle and Alisa will try to get a video camera and tape the graduation drill for us.


Funding & Equipment:  Gary Horn wanted for us to make a decision about the $2000 food trailer he saw.  At the June 27th Executive Board meeting discussion about the matter was to let this opportunity go, since we do not have the money, the storage facility or a health food license to handle this.  This issue will need to be brought up at August board meeting.


Phone-Tree:   Jared asked the question of who owns e-tree and who owns phone-tree?  Mike stated that the Phone-Tree coordinator (himself) and the Fire Department have access to both; it’s their program.  We maintain it and access it as a privilege.  Only the Fire Department, Mike, Randy and Valerie have access to the phone tree, they are the only three people that dispatch will contact in the event of a major disaster. 


Captain Martinez added if you use the phone-tree or e-tree for a legitimate usage for drills and other general CERT events, other that solicitations, then there is no problem.  Chief Herr is the ultimate contact to approve e-tree or phone-tree activation.  The Fire Department uses it without Board approval; Board uses it without Fire Department.  This has worked very well for us in the past; don’t change it.


Boutique CERT:  Jodie is almost out of Yellow Shirts – are we getting any more?  Pam distributed a list of items available for donations.   CERT Caps ($5 our cost) will be given for a $15 donation.  CERT lanyards ($2 our cost) will be given for a $5 donation.


Pam presented a proposal for discussion, on how we are to distribute our apparel.  Is this a purely marketing venture, to raise funds, or do we want some control over how our image is used?


Following discussion, it was agreed to divide our apparel into distinct groups:

Part I:  To have any generic CERT logo apparel (such as our baseball caps and lanyards) available for donation(s) by anyone in the “1st Responders” area.  This would include those in the CERT, FIRE, and RESCUE community.


Part II: To have any “Redondo Beach” branded items (RBCERTAA, RBFD, CERT logo) (such as our T-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, yellow jackets and patches) restricted for donation(s) to RBCERTAA Members that are currently enrolled or have completed graduation, RBFD members or other CERT entities that participate in drills or events with us i.e.: Torrance CERT or LA CERT.


Both categories of items are to be available at all CERT events.  At public events, like the safety fairs and open houses, they will be promoted as items that can be received, once people comply with the above requirements.  Thus, they could be used as an incentive for the public to join the CERT classes.


Motion about apparel made by Pam, second by Mike. Pam to prepare a final document for addition to the By Laws, and to prepare instruction for those people working at the Fire Department open house, safety fair and other events.


 Operation Manual/Pocket Guide:  Nothing to report.


Communications:   Nothing to report


Fire Department’s Corner:  Captain Martinez stated that if the waiver has not been signed, you couldn’t participate at drills.  The City will not take liability till the CERT member signs it.  He mentioned that the City Attorney is working on rewording this waiver and did not have an estimated date at this point.  If you don’t sign the waiver, you don’t get to play.


New Business:


CERT Pride: Pam submitted a draft to rename “CERT Pride” message to “CERT Image” message.  Motion to approve the CERT Image wording and to have it listed on every out going mailed at the bottom of the email second by John.  Passed by all eleven board members.   Mike to reprint copies for Pam to be handed out along with any apparel items.



When you wear or display anything depicting
RBCERTAA – or - CERT – or -
Redondo Beach Fire Department

Please be aware of the image you are presenting to the community.

These names and logos link you to CERT and the Redondo Beach Fire Department

We want you to wear them proudly, and promote our aims and goals.
Encourage others to join CERT.
Respect our community & use common sense.
xpect no special treatment, nor take any unfair advantages.

             As we were taught in class, be proud and  "look good!"


Announcements:   Alisa’s explained that her employer would give $250 to an entity of her choice for completing 20 hours in volunteerism.  Jared will issue a certificate after completion of her 20 hours with CERT.


Executive board meeting will be held Friday July 25th at 6:30pm.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:26pm.



                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________