June 12th, 2003 - 6:30 p.m.

Cimmaron Café 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Garth McWhorter

Jared Van Sloten

Laurraine Caruana

Valerie Heath

John Moawad

Corey Fleischer

Pamela Hoole


Gary Horn

David Hoole


Paul Weavers

Mike Grady



Randy Stacy



Marianna Weavers



Jodie Honn



Bob Heil




Meeting called to order by Vice President Garth McWhorther at 6:39 p.m. (nine board members present.)


The Canadian Consul General, Colin Robertson, has invited Jared to attend a reception in honor of the President of the American Red Cross, Marty Evans.

Motion to approve minutes for May 8th, 2003 was made by Mike second by Marianna, passed by nine board members present. 


Neighborhood Watch:  Corey stated that they have come up with their final collateral, but unfortunately, he was not able to bring any samples with him to the Board Meeting. He will email a copy to Mike so we can review it prior to next board meeting.  Once approved by all board members, Mike will email it to our membership to solicit Block Captains through our CERT Alumni’s.  Any members interested will contact directly either Janet Johnson or Corey Fleischer.


Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:  Monies deposited this month:  $455 from apparel, $64 donations for food at drills.  Monies paid at this meeting $320 for CERT Baseball caps (set-up cost), $31 supplies & $ 58.76 for WMD training dinner. Balance available:  $2,771.65.  Motion to approve the three mentioned bills made by Jodie, second by Randy – passed by all 9 members.


Vons trailers, net contributions $2,738.  Asset Report: $15,815.19 Pam reduced the value of convention display to $2000.  We only have 67 backpacks from original supply of 144, and 12 Yellow Jackets.


Motion to approve the May 8th financial report made by Valerie, second by Marianna.

Motion to approved June 12th financial report made by Mike, second by Jodie.  Passed by all 9 members.


Master Calendar: No changes since last month.  Special Training: Traffic Control - June 14th at Knob Hill Community Center, will be given by Police Officer Dan Ritchie. Our next Quarterly drill: Search & Rescue – August 2nd at Dominguez Park and run by Firefighters Bob Herrera & Carl Whitaker.


Elections:  Valerie has confirmed that all nominees are current with their First Aid and CPR; Margot is the only one who needs to renew her First Aid.  Valerie also confirmed with Tony Israel that everyone is registered as a State Worker under the Redondo Beach Fire Department.


Question was raised to let Margot go through the elections with the understanding she will have her 1st Aid by next board meeting.  Unfortunately our by-laws state that in order to be nominated for the Board of Directors, you have to have your current 1st Aid & CPR cards, be registered as State Worker under the Redondo Beach Fire Department, and have attended at least one board meeting. Even if we make an amendment to our by-laws, it won’t be voted on till next board meeting. We all appreciate Margot’s contributions; she will have an opportunity to join our board at a later date.


Valerie will bring 75 ballots at the June 14th training; we now have 12 nominees running for 11 positions.  She added that Captain Parsons has been assigned by the Fire Department to count the ballots. 


Newsletter:  Please forward your articles to Jared no later than June 25th.  Pam has assigned the following:

Paul Weavers – Memorial Day Parade       Corey Fleischer – Neighborhood Watch

Mike Grady – Relay for Life              Valerie Heath - Lecture on Weapons and Mass Destructions


Website Sponsorship:  Randy sending letters out end of this month for renewal.  Mike would like us to give the local air conditioning company who loaned two cars at the Memorial Day Parade a business card ad on our website.  Bob added that this was a great idea to give businesses that help us a free business ad.  It will give them some exposure and will encourage them to renew the following year.


Whole Foods has sponsored a lot of our events such as Appreciation Day, Safety Fairs, Relay for Life Survivors, one-day donations of 5% from their proceeds and the 10K run.  They are sponsoring the Fire Department this year at the American Cancer Society Relay for life this year.


Jim Chen from Independent Center ad is due for renewal this year.  He is funding the consignment of CERT caps ($6,000 value) and he donated the salmon at our Appreciation Day party.


Mike made a motion to give Budget Mobile Air Conditiong a $50 business card ad, Independent Repair and Whole Foods a $100 full page ad, second by Pam.  Passed by all 9 members.


Website: We now have an additional 2 buttons on the website: an Award button - Valerie has posted the pictures of all awards and certificates we have received; and an Events button - where we have pictures of CERT’s participation other than our regular drills and graduation pictures.   Valerie added that the Memorial Day Parade pictures have been posted; Gary Horn will give her a CD of pictures he took to add.  She will be posting this weekend pictures of Fire Station 1 open house as well as the lecture on WMD.


Phone Tree:  Mike apologized for the delay in collating the information from the questionnaire. The phone-tree is fully updated. Most of the people who replied to the questionnaire only filled out pertinent information such as phone numbers, addresses and if they wish to remain active or not.  Jodie has offered her help to go over the questionnaires received.  Mike is now on jury duty.  About 25 respondants have given more information about what they think of our board, where it’s going and what type of drills they are interested to participate in.  Pam asked for Mike to bring those at the next board meeting. 


Mike then raised an important question: What do we do with all the information gathered?  At the current time, there is incomplete information on the submitted questionnaire forms, plus there are many Alumni who have not responded at all.  It is a HUGE task, to individually ring each alumni, to obtain all the information.  We need to decide if we are going to use it.


Discussion was then held on these questions: In an event of an emergency, does it matter that we know who has certain type of equipment, who is a Ham Radio operator, who is a nurse or doctor?  If we decide that we need some crucial information, then someone can call in 300 members and get the information over the phone.  Valerie was going to have all this information on a mapping program.  Who needs access to this?  Originally this was for Pete Villasenor to know whom had their CERT Bag completed. If it is just board of directors and the Fire Department, then we can give her the information, but our members personal information needs to remain confidential.  With that said, Mike will only forward the addresses to Valerie to place on a pin chart, and give no other information.


Email message – We now have the CERT Pride message on each outgoing email.  Mike suggested listing all board member’s names and the committees they are involved with at the bottom of the email.  This way, people will know whom to contact if they have a question or a suggestion to make. Mike will work on a draft and email it to all the board to discuss and vote at our next board meeting.


Funding & Equipment:  None to report – We would like to appoint John Moawad to take over this committee.  He will only be able to do it for a short-time as he and his wife will be moving to Palm Springs next year.


Boutique CERT:  Although Jodie has resigned from the board to become a full time mom; she will still be in charge of apparel.  She will be at the June14th training with all apparel available.  Stacey from LA CERT told Mike they are willing to sell us some Lanyards (rope to attach your badge on.)  Two good reasons for purchasing those: #1 additional profit - #2 if your badge is only clipped to shirt, you might lose it, while you are working.  Mike worked at the Red Cross shelter last week and he had his CERT badge and ARC badge attached to it and made it easier to get through.  Jodie will contact Stacey and give us a report next month.


Question was raised by Paul - do we have a policy on how to distribute our apparel? Does the CERT Pride message goes with every thing?  Do certain items go to CERT members only and others to general public?  Is our apparel to Promote CERT or only as an award once you have taken the class?  Remember that we do not “Sell” anything – everything is a premium for a certain donation amount.


Pam to put a draft together for various articles identified with:

“Redondo Beach Fire Department/CERT” – “CERT Alumni Association” – “CERT” – “1st Aid American Red Cross kits” & “Area G.”


Operation Manual/Pocket Guide:  Nothing to report.


Communications:   Nothing to report


New Business:


Charlene Elkhardt proposed to Gary Horn that there is a 26x8ft food concession trailer, that CERT may be able to obtain, for payment of the $2,000 storage fees have are outstanding.  It will be going on auction soon.  Gary will go check it out; possibilities that license fees have not been paid, and could be quite costly.  We have no real use for it as this time since we do not have a storage facility or a CERT vehicle to pull it.


Baseball Caps:  Per Randy, we should receive our first batch on June 24th.


Possible display needed for June 18th?  Officer Mike Diehr and Division Chief Don Herr will address the general public “ARE YOU READY?” It is in the City Newsletter Recreational program on page 7.  CERT has not been approached to have a display there, so they should be all set.  If anyone wants to go it will be held at the Library June 18th, 2nd floor starting at 6:30pm.


Relay for Life – To alleviate conflict with doing charitable events this year, CERT will be doing 1st Aid and the Fire Department will have the Relay for Life Team.  Mike is helping them organizing it since he was team captain last year.  Rick Martinez will recruit firefighters, family & friends and local businesses to participate.  Mike made motion to have CERT Alumni’s participate with the Redondo Beach Fire Department and to add CERT to the team’s name “Redondo Beach Fire Department/CERT”,  second by Mariana.  (Passed by 8 members, Bob opposed.) 


Paul presented to the Board, a certificate he received on our behalf, for RBCERT participation in the Memorial Day 1st parade.  Valerie will scan for our website and give it to Chief Herr for our wall.  Thank you Paul for organizing our team to participate in the parade and for providing a frame for our banner and the two flag holsters.


Question was raised about who is our official CERT liaison – is it still Pete , and if not, then who is?   Valerie will contact chief Herr and report at next board meeting.


Absentee ballot elections next year:  Mike to propose to the Fire Department for Tony Israel to have on hand 20 ballots, for people who can not attend elections.  They will have to go to Station 1, give Tony their name, address and badge number so he can verify information to make it legitimate.


Flowers sent on RBCERTAA’s behalf to Captain Engler’s funeral.  Motion to reimburse Mike $70 for the flowers made by Mike, second by Jodie. Passed by all 9 members.


Harley Davidson pocketknife; this is an award gift for Pete Villasenor to be engraved from RBCERTAA to thank him for his devotion, training and help the last three years.  Motion to reimburse Valerie $50 for the knife made by Mike, second by Jodie. Passed by all 9 members.



Announcements:  Garth attended a meeting about City budgets.  Within the next three years; the City is going to lose $8 million.   The California PERS Program was supposed to have $173 billion, only have $132 billion. $20 billion vested in venture capitals right now.  Redondo loses money, asking for $7 million.  How to raise it?  Proposals of $5 swewer per month, a household tax increase (proposal 13), closing the Harbor Patrol would save $1.6 million. Three firefighters on duty plus a paramedic, they are thinking to cut coverage hours in half.  Dispatch Facility (911) might have to merge with other cities; there was an article about it on Easy Reader last month.  Jail systems; have it more centralized versus having our own.  Closing the Wilderness Park – Recreation Program and Senior Citizens Program.  At this time, these were ideas brought to the table, nothing has been confirmed.


Executive board meeting will be held Friday June 27th at 6:30pm.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:40pm.


                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary



Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________