May 4, 2004 - 6:30 p.m.*

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Randy Stacy

John Moawad

Lisa Burke

Valerie Heath

Jared Van Sloten  

Lauraine Caruana

Garth McWhorter

Michelle Sayre

Michael Vaccaro

Mike Grady (in @ 6:42pm)  


Carolyn Kinatian

Bob Heil

Fire Department Liaison:

Diana Clites

Margot Hoffman (in @ 7:00pm)   

Captain Rick Martinez


Paul Weavers  (in @ 6:36pm)  



Alisa Zells












Meeting called to order by Vice President Randy Stacy at 6:40 p.m. (6 board members present.)


Role call done by secretary, member absent:  Jared Van Sloten, Margot Hoffman, John Moawad, Paul Weavers and Michelle Sayre.


Motion to approve minutes and financials for April 6th, 2004 was made by Bob Heil second by Alisa Zells. Passed by 6 board members present.


Introductions of our guests:  Captain Rick Martinez, Lauraine Caruana & Lisa Burke.  Carolyn Kinatian and Diana Clites could not stay due to prior commitment.



 Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:   Garth gave out copies of our financials: Balance as of May 4th, $3,019.05. Monies deposited: $197.00.  Three checks paid out at last meeting for a total of $853.14.


Garth gave out copies of December 31, 2003 assets of $22,690.00 to compare with the current March 2nd, 2004 assets report of $21,777.00.  He will add the trailer value with acquired date on the next assets report.


Motion to approve the May financials and assets reports made by Valerie, second by Mike. Passed by all seven board members present.


Receipts presented at this meeting were for the WMD drill from Margot, and from Lisa & Alisa for the Fire Department open house purchases (to be itemized on the June treasurer’s report.)


Memorial Day Parade: Paul Weavers sent out the first Memorial Day Parade email to the alumni last week.  He has not heard from Herman Villoria from the South Bay Model “A” Club.  We were hoping to have 5-7 cars in the parade.    Registration starts at 9am, parade starts at 10am from Knob Hill.   May be if we have enough cars CERT family members can ride in them.


Paul thought it would be nice to have our web site address on the banner and the side of the trailer.  Discussion from Mike about how the board doesn’t always agree how to spend money.  Valerie volunteered to pay for the lettering on the side of the trailer, black lettering would have the best impact on the silver background; Alisa is willing to share the costs with her.  This will also help to get better recruiting coverage at various events such as the 10k run, safety fair, Relay for Life, open house etc… Captain Martinez added that he has received numerous emails from other cities complementing our web site.  It definitely works!


The Memorial Day Parade Committee has asked Paul for CERT to handle the First Aid booth after the parade during the memorial ceremony (about 2-3 hours).  Discussions on the floor about insurance coverage, are we stepping over our boundaries? Do we need a Doctor or EMT on staff? As a non-profit organization, are we covered under the good Samaritans’ Law? At some of the city sponsored events, CERT set-up with the Fire Department; we can volunteer to have a First Aid booth.  We were required to have a working cell phone at all times to call 911, other wise we ran a “self-serve” First Aid booth, where we had supplies and people helped themselves with bandages etc…  Captain Martinez mentioned that CERT alumni are trained for the big disaster that we hope will never happen, but in the mean time this is an opportunity to brush up your skills, get exposure throughout the community.


Motion made by Mike to have CERT tend a First Aid booth during the tribute portion of the Memorial Day Parade at Veterans Park, unless the Fire Department recommends other wise, second by Paul.  Passed by all 8 board members present. Mike to recruit CERT members to tend First Aid Booth.


Drills & Trainings:   May 15th, CPR & First Aid training.  This will be an all day event, where you can renew your CPR/1st Aid cards.  Lunch will be provided; Margot will coordinate lunch, pizza, soft drinks and munchies.


Lisa has received a list of people who want to be called for drill and events, Alisa volunteered to type up the for her.  Lisa’s goal is to contact members at least 2 weeks prior to event; no one was called for the WMD drill as the list is still being compiled.


Open House:  The Fire Department will have their open house on May 8th.  Lisa Burke will be in charge of Station 2 along with Alisa Zells and Lauraine Caruana.   Mike, Randy & Valerie will set-up the trailer at station 2 at 6am, Lisa to take over at 7:30am.  Michael Vaccaro; Margot, Jared will set-up Station 1in the morning, the Weavers will cover in the afternoon.


Elections: Nominations will be taken at the May 15th drill.  Randy Stacy asked if any board members who didn’t wish to be renominated.  John Moawad as he will be moving to the desert, Paul Weavers, Valerie Heath and Bob Heil are also considering dropping out. Alisa will not be able to attend nominations, neither will Valerie.  Margot will be keeping a list of all nominees to be contacted by the Secretary for synopsis.


Communications:  Bob Heil did not receive any additional response or interest from CERT alumni interested in developing the CERT emergency communications plan.  He presented test results that he and fellow CERT member Dick Schaffer obtained while testing radio coverage using several types of FRS and GMRS radios and also separate results from tests using older CB (HF) radios. None of the radios tested were adequate to support emergency communications beyond a limited neighborhood. 
Captain Martinez stated that CERT priority role will not be communications; dispatch at the Fire Department would be handling that. Communications would only be needed amongst ourselves while conducting Search & Rescues etc., not citywide. This is consistent with the results of the radio tests.


Funding & Equipment: Mike would like for all board members to email him a list of items they feel are necessary for our trailer.  Lisa Burke had an item for sale that we wished not to purchase at this time…….. What do you feel we need to purchase?  We had a lot of donations and contributions given to us with in the last two years, Mike thought it was time for us to purchase equipment with it.  Please email Mike with an equipment list prior to next board meeting so he can go forward.


Trailer:  We need a complete inventory of what is in the trailer.  When items are taken out for a drill or event, items should be tracked on a form.   They need to be signed out by whomever takes them out with the time noted, and signed them back once they are returned.  Alisa is willing to help Mike & Garth with a full inventory since she will be on vacation for the next three weeks.  Once we have an inventory we will contact George Anderson to built us shelves etc… to get it fully organized and accessible.


Captain Martinez will check with Chief Engler if any of our bulk items could be stored in the can that is currently used by the Fire Department at station 2 for CERT items and gears used at graduations etc….


Boutique CERT:  Michelle absent – Alisa will email information when she hears back from St Louis- CERT who has shown an interest in purchasing items such as baseball caps and lanyards.


Phone Tree:  Mike is still looking for a replacement to take over the phone tree. 


We should send out an email to the CERT alumni, possibly before the next drill, for people to contribute and participate in various committees.  They do not need to be board members, we can use help such as writers for the newsletters, or keep record of the phone tree (Excel skills a must), photographers at drills and graduations, cooks, victims etc….  



New Business:


Listing of Committees:  Valerie Heath distributed copies of the list of committees; please contact her with any changes by May 25th. 


Fire Department’s Corner:  Captain Martinez announced that Division Chief Bob Engler was promoted as our new Fire Chief as of May 3rd, 2004.  With this promotion, Chief Engler will no longer participate in the CERT program/training.  Captain Martinez might move to Special Services, he will be the CERT liaison.  Captain Matt Johnson will now be in charge of the CERT academies.


Class 26 – So far only 10 people signed up.  We need 16 people minimum to have a class up to 35 by May 17th.  We should be able to recruit at the open house.


Relay for Life: Rick Martinez will be Captain, Bernadine & Elizabeth co-captains.  We need to get participants, get a roster of who is going to walk, be part of the volley ball team etc…


Captain Martinez thanked everyone who participated at the academies.  The man power is tremendous; we could not perform as well without all of you.  The students who played victims at the last graduation drill will get credits towards their El Camino EMT class.  Mike Grady was able to coordinate that for them with Nancy Schwabb.  Captain Martinez will let Kevin Coffelt to do the same for the EMT class he teaches as well.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:55pm.





                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,





                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________