May 8th, 2003 - 6:30 p.m.

Cimmaron Café 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Jared Van Sloten

Jodie Honn

Chief Don Herr

Garth McWhorter


Captain Rick Martinez

Valerie Heath (in @ 6:34pm)


Janet Johnson

Pamela Hoole (in @ 6:37pm)


Corey Fleischer

David Hoole (in @ 6:37pm)


Heling Craig

Mike Grady


Paul Weavers

Marianna Weavers


Margot Hoffman

John Moawad


Laurraine Caruana

Randy Stacy


Bob Heil



Gary Horn





Meeting called to order by President Jared Van Sloten at 6:30 p.m. (six board members present.)


Introduction of our guests: Chief Don Herr, Captain Rick Martinez, Janet Johnson – Citizen Corps for Neighborhood Watch, Cory Fleischer – City Commissioner for Public Safety Commission, Lisa Zells, Graduate Class 20. Vice-President Garth explained the purpose of CERTAA Board to our guests, talked about past accomplishments and our status.


Motion to approve minutes for April 10th, 2003 was made by Jared second by Marianna, passed by nine board members present. 


Neighborhood Watch:  Janet Johnson talked about the history of neighborhood watch: how it started 30 years ago in the country and it’s ups and downs.  They are involving with Medical Reserve Groups trying to increase emergency preparedness groups.  Neighborhood Watch pride themselves for their communication system, expanding their arena by taking over some police observations and bringing the community together.  In December we had 22 Block Captains and 49 as of yesterday.  The block captains do not have a committee or an organization as CERT.  Per out last meeting with Mike Diehr, our goal is to increase our number of block captains to 150.


Corey Fleischer asked: will you help us and will you let us use your resources such as our e-tree to recruit block captains?  We need to get our neighborhood watch numbers up due to Police downsizing.  1/3 of community police officers have been reduced due to city finances.  We would like to propose a one-page flyer along with an application and send it to all the RBCERT Alumni’s.


At this time, the Board asked that Janet and Corey to come back to our next board meeting once they have updated their brochure. We can make a vote on this then.



Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:  Balance available:  $2,662.41.  Monies deposited this month:  $25 from apparel, monies paid at this meeting $43.86 for additional business cards and $8.91 for production of CDs from LA CERT conference to all Board of Directors. Payments that have cleared: $194.05 for Web Site 2003-2004 dues and $169.30 for purchase of decals. Quarterly Asset Report: $17,222.19 Pam added the decals and yellow jackets. Vons trailers, net contributions $2,633


Note – Approval of the April financials will have to be made at our next board meeting June 12th.


 Master Calendar:  David distributed copies of the monthly calendar, no changes this month.


CERT Pride of Conduct:  Mike has this printed on business cards, as a reminder that when apparel is being sold, people remember whom they represent.  It was reiterated that stickers should only be sold to CERT Alumni not to public. 

Jared stated that his understanding was that the cards were to be given out when decals are being purchased, and that Pride and code of conduct were two different things.  It was voted by six people via emails and cannot be changed.  John pointed out that things like these should be discussed and voted at meetings and not voted via email and discussed after the fact.   Voting via email should only done in case of an emergency.


Mike reiterated that when the conversation came up that night; he was going to work with Captain Engler on the wording and we were voting via email.


Current Activities:

May 10th:  RBFD open house: Valerie is in charge of station 1 with the help of the Weavers in the morning and the Hooles & Jared in the afternoon. Lisa Burke and her family will be in charge of station 2.


CERT Board Nominations will be performed at the beginning of May 10th evening drill.  Valerie has emailed current board members as well as newly elected with a copy of the 2002 synopsis.  We will confirm that all board members wish to be re-nominated and take additional nominations that night.


Chief Herr will conduct the evening training about Weapons and Mass Destructions.  Doors will be opened at 5pm to set-up.  We will conduct our CERT Election nominations prior to training.


Mayor Greg Hill received his appreciation award as well as a pre-paid certificate for CERT Class 23.  Pam gave a copy of the certificate to Chief Herr; Captain Martinez will make sure that Mayor Hill is registered with Tony Israel in the September class.


Chief Herr announced that the Fire Department has agreed to do an extra CERT training for members of KHYC.  24 have signed up already.  Mike wanted to make sure that Whole Foods people could join as well.  Captain Martinez stated that a class was offered to them, they had the trainers available but no one showed up.


Fun Fest is a festival for the children that will be held at Dominguez Park Saturday May 24th between 1pm & 3pm.  Fire Department will have a tent with a table for CERT, NW & VIPs.  Marianna will be chairing the Fun Fest committee and will be assisted by Laurraine Caruana.  The Hooles will make sure they have displays and brochures before hand since they will be on vacation.  Chief Herr added that American Red Cross will have a booth there selling their one-day and three-day packs survival kits. 


Jared has been asked to attend a meeting on May 14th with Ridge & Harman.


Memorial Day Parade:  Paul Weavers talked about the parade, it will consist of 30 units including a tribute that will be held at Veterans Park.  They are looking for marchers and volunteers to pace units, traffic control etc...  Paul passed around a flyer about it, may be we could solicit some RBCERT alumni’s to volunteer at the parade and to march at the parade.  The Fire Department will have an engine there, may be we could march along with it?


Motion made by Pam to have CERT alumni’s participate in the parade on Memorial Day second by Randy.  Motion for the alumni association to contact its members via email in order to recruit other members to participate in the parade made by Pam; second by Marianna.  Both motions approved by all eight members.


Boat Parade – Grand Marshall

Margot contacted the Air Force Space to contact Jessica Lynch.  She is with the Army at Fort Bliss.  Margot will contact the Air Force again to see what is the protocol to have her released from her military duties in order to travel and be our Grand Marshall.  Chief Herr stated that one of his firefighter has contacts with Radio Celebrities; Jared will meet them at Station 1, May 13th at 10am.


Monthly Notice to Members:  Waiting for confirmation of Traffic Control venue.


Drills and Training: LA- CERT bi-annual went very well.  We had a very little turn out seven from Redondo and a few more from Torrance.  All participants were issued an LA CERT Photo ID that day.   Training was on fire hose, search & rescue, cribbing, triage and treatment.


Pam distributed a list of items we could purchase from Gene Mahoney.  Board needs to make a decision of what to purchase, we will also need a chairperson to take over the money tracking and equipment.   John Moawad requested copies of our equipment wish list, secretary give them to him at meeting.


We received a note from Tony Israel that anyone attending a 1st Aid/CPR refresher course needs to bring a food item with him or her.  Pam will make a note in the future training notices.


Newsletter:  Excellent job, a copy was mailed to the Mayor.  We will no longer mail a copy to members that have an email address; we almost broke the Fire Department’s bank!  Next draft is due June 30th; please send your article(s) directly to Jared. 


Website:  Randy will contact all sponsors for 2003-2004 ad renewal.


Phone-Tree:  Nothing to report, Mike had to leave early.


Funding & Equipment:  Pam distributed a list of items offered by Gene Mahoney for exchange of monies received from Vons purchase/contributions. 


Chief Herr said that Mike Martinet from area G will be getting us some grant money about $600-$800. The Fire Department will have control of the money, and purchase items for our CERT cache and keep it at Station 2.  We need someone to chair this committee.


Boutique CERT:  Jodie absent. Pam made a new sign for all apparel sold.  She added the decals $3 for small and $5 for large, these can only be sold to the RBCERT Alumni’s.  Mike will print the “code of conduct” cards and give them to Pam to have at the Fire Stations open house and drill on May 10th. 

Operation Manual/Pocket Guide:  Nothing to report.


Communications:   Nothing to report


New Business:


Hats:  Per Randy it will be another couple more weeks before we get sample.


Board Member Election:  We have three nominees, Kelly Heavener, Bob Heil & Michelle Sayre.  Valerie distributed the ballots, and counted the nominations.  Congratulations Bob, you are now a part of the RBCERTAA Board of Directors!  Bob was very pleased to be part of our board and since he is a HAM Radio operator he will be the chairperson for the Ham Radio committee.  Chief Herr said we are resurrecting the DCS program in Redondo Beach soon.


Pam announced that Linda Robb offers to any fundraisers her catering services and would give us a reasonable discount. This style of fundraising does not really fit within the vision of RBCERTAA, and John Moawad will discuss with her.


Chief Herr talked about the waiver that you sign when enrolled in a CERT class stating even if the Fire Department is negligent; you give up your rights. We had someone who refused to sign it and has been in contact with me and other city officials.  Following the FEMA standards, they cannot participate as disaster workers.  This is a liability with the city, and our City Attorney is looking into it.  For now, they cannot participate in the drills; they are not issued a CERT ID badge or certificates.


Faulty CERT bags (3) have been given to John Moawad for exchange.


WMD Drill, potluck has been organized by Margot.  Since no one responded from email sent, a menu has been arranged amongst board members, we will have a donation tin available to cover some of the costs.


Captain Rick Martinez will be meeting on Sunday-Mothers Day with Jeff Coffey who is a contractor with FEMA and provides free training for contractors. Rick will do assessments and see if this is legitimate.


Announcements:  Jared gave a CERT backpack in recognition to Chief Herr and Captain Martinez for all their help and support with our training program this year.


Executive board meeting will be held Friday May 23rd at 6:30pm.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:40m.


                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary



Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________