April 10th, 2003 - 6:30 p.m.

Cimmaron Café 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Jared Van Sloten

Glenn Willis, Jr.

Captain Bob Engler

Garth McWhorter

Randy Stacy

Marty Burke

Valerie Heath (in @ 6:50pm)


Inness Davison

Pamela Hoole


Lisa Faulk

David Hoole


Lisa Burke

Mike Grady


Bob Heil

Marianna Weavers


Paul Weavers

Jodie Honn


Margot Hoffman

John Moawad


Michelle Sayre – class 20



Jim Eckhrart – class 21



Mike Swanson – class 21


Meeting called to order by President Jared Van Sloten at 6:30 p.m. (seven board members - Valerie and Pam not present yet.)


Jared introduced our guests from King Harbor Yacht Club:

Marty Burke, Vice Commodore, Inness Davison and Lisa Faulk, co-chairs of Boat Parade. They did a short presentation on the boat parade, how it is run etc…  Requirements of Grand Marshall position to the parade were also given.  Someone from the military would be appropriate, might be Jessica Lynch?  Contact Melanie at Yacht Club 376-2459 by September (lined-up)


Introductions of new CERT members attending their 1st board meeting:  Michelle Sayre from class 20, Jim Eckhart & Mike Swanson from class 21, also Margot Hoffman.


Motion to approve minutes for March 13th, 2003 was made by Jodie, second by Pam (passed by nine board members present.)


Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:  Balance available:  $3,053.33.  Monies deposited this month:  $390 from apparel sale. Payment of expenses this month: $39.24 for muffins at Bandaging Drill and $45.40 for money pouch for Jodie to keep some change at apparel sale.  Vons trailers: % return on contributions has dropped from 2.38% to 1.08%. Previous rates of return:  2% up to $200  - 3% $200 to $500  - 4% over $500.  Current payout is 1% to 3%.

We currently have $2,472.00 vested in it and need to collect $27,000 for the smallest disaster trailer. Pam mentioned to Gene that it will take for ever to get a trailer now.  He does not understand why with all the people we have registered that it is not producing more funds.  It is very low compared to other programs. Because of some other changes that they have made, he has stopped promoting the program.  Valerie asked Pam to forward her his email to keep on file with these minutes (since done.)


Motion to pay Mike $194.05 for the website yearly costs and stamps reimbursement for mailing the January Newsletter to members that do not have email. Made by Pam, second by Valerie, passed by all nine board members.


Motion to approve the March financials (see attached) made by Mike, second by John, passed by all nine board members.


Master Calendar:  Mayor Hill will be out of town April 15th, so we will present his appreciation certificate and other CERT goodies at the next city council meeting, May 6th at 7pm.


The Board of Director meeting with the American Red Cross about team building as well as the afternoon CPR class have been rescheduled from April 27th  to May 18th.   Jared asked Captain Engler to notify the Fire Department of this change and asked if he could secure Camacho’s facility for us.


Captain Engler mentioned that the Fire Department is giving a CPR class to Whole Foods employees that morning.   Some employees working that morning will join the American Red Cross afternoon training.


Pam asked to send an email for those two changes since people have been notified and were going to attend both events.  Lisa will change the hot line and if we can have Randy change the website to reflect the changes that would be great.   Mike mentioned that Randy will not be able to work on the website for the next two months, perhaps we will have an “under construction” till he can update it?


Pam mentioned that we met John York who is the Webmaster for the City of Redondo Beach at our last drill.  He offered his help, so perhaps the website committee could meet with him.  Jared, Mike, Randy and Valerie are still part of this committee.


Monthly Notice to Members:  Notices are getting out; Mike doesn’t have class 21 on the database yet, they will be for next time.  David passed around May’s draft, trying to keep it shorter for drills.


Drills and Training:  LA CERT has confirmed their first bi-annual drill on April 26th.  It will be held at Grant High School, 13000 Oxnard St, Valley Glen CA 91401.  See the web site, for further details. Mike is unable to go since his boss will be in Alaska and he has to man the shop.  He offered for people who want to carpool to park at the auto shop.  Don’t forget to bring your lunch and something to drink with you that day.


May 10th training about Weapons of Mass Destruction offered by Division Chief Don Herr has been confirmed it will be held at the Knob Hill Community Center from 6:00pm to 8:30pm.  Since it will be in the evening we will have a  “Patriotic Theme” potluck.  Margo will coordinate it and stop by the Community Center to make sure they have a kitchen facility.  Valerie will bring the coffee urn etc….


We had the best turn out at our April 5th Bandaging Drill.  22 Cert backpacks were given out; we had 37 attendees versus 23 attendees in February.


Newsletter: Mike would like to add one picture to his LA CERT article, he will email it to Pam.  Pam is in charge of layout, since Bernadine cannot do it.  All articles have to be emailed to Jared for his final approval.  Jodie has submitted hers by the deadline - it just needs to be proof read by Jared.  Pam was concerned about postage to mail out a six-page newsletter versus the normal four-page one. Garth told her it would still be under the limit.  Mike can get the newsletter to a local print shop, postage cost for mailing it the last time was $28.00.  At the next election we need to make sure that each chair person has a committee, for the newsletter we need a composer, an editor and someone to print and mail it out to non e-mail members.


Website:   No new sponsors at this time.  Valerie posted three pages of pictures: January 26th 10K run, February 22nd drill and February 27th decontamination drill. 


Funding & Equipment:  John would like to get a list of equipment that we need. Also try to get some specs on the trailer, things we are trying to get money for.  Mike will email a list he worked on with Pete and the Fire Department.  Things take a while to get approval and donation moneys to come through. 


Michelle said that one of the CERT members in her class was the son of Body Glove’s owner; she will try to get a hold of him and see if they can offer anything to us.


Captain Engler mentioned that the city cut 2% of funds for Fire Department right now.  The Fire Department has no money.  Things we have go to sister cities; our old ladder truck just went to auction.  Lisa will check with CSFA and see if they have a recycle program. 


Jared has not contacted the city of Palos Verdes.  He understands that the supplies that will be donated are from a 1950’s bomb shelter that they have built.  Pete talked to the Captain in charge of it.  Jared will take care of that in the next few days and see if we could use supplies at our training and drills.


Phone-Tree:  Mike will get in touch with Jodie to input questionnaire information.  Mike really needs a full back up to take over the phone tree; someone who knows the program, has the list and who is Excel literate.  Mike explained how Chief Herr modified the phone-tree activation last year.  Because CERT membership is growing, dispatch no longer has the time to contact each team captain.  The Fire Department Dispatcher has a list of only three people:  Mike Grady, Randy Stacey and Valerie Heath.  Each person is required to carry the phone-tree with them at all time as well as a fully charged cell phone. In the event a team captain is not reachable, then we are in charge of contacting their members.


Boutique CERT: Jodie is combining all accessories available, t-shirts, sweatshirts, patches, decals, jackets and baseballs caps and will keep them stocked at her house.  Jodie will have a float so she can have some change when people purchase items. Currently we have 29 patches, 21 yellow jackets, 75 small decals, and 155 large decals. The backpacks are to remain with Pam & David since they are keeping track of their distribution at each drill. The 9 orange jackets will be given to special people who helped our Alumni Association as well as new elected Board members.


Amount agreed by the Executive Board was $25 for the yellow jackets, $3 for the small decal and $5 for larger decals.  Jared will contact Mike Martinet to see if we can sell the yellow jackets, as they were not given to us, to make a profit from them.  Also decals sale is pending since we are only willing to pay back Gary Horn $169.30 for the decals instead of $236 from his original invoice since some merchandise had be given away prior to our knowledge of these decals. Mike will give Jodie Gary’s email address and phone number so she can contact him. Once everything is approved we will post a picture of the jacket and decals on the website.


Baseball caps are still under negotiation.  Mike will email information to the entire board, about the barter, amount of caps etc…. 


Note from Captain Engler:  His concern of having the  “Redondo Beach Fire Department” name showing on the CERT Decals is that it will be abused.  This does not give you permission to park wherever you want; demand a discount at restaurants etc…  As long as this decal is displayed on your car you must conduct yourself as you are representing our City, RBCERTAA and the Fire Department. You cannot display anger or gestures to other drivers and tarnish the Fire Department’s image.

 Mike will work with Captain Engler in writing a “code of conduct” note that will be attached with anything that represents the Fire Department.


Operation Manual/Pocket Guide:  nothing to report


Communications:   nothing to report


New Business:


Mike mentioned that Glenn Willis communicated to him in writing his resignation from the board and him and his wife from the phone tree.  The Willis’ will be available to help out in an event of a major disaster. We would like to thank Glenn for his vital input and information on ham radios, his help and support as well as for the fabulous fake wounds he has created for us.  Without a choice, it is with reluctance that we accept his resignation. Motion to accept Glenn’s resignation made by Mike, second by Valerie, passed by all nine board members.


Nominations to fill in one vacancy are as follow:  Bob Heil, Michelle Sayre and Kelly Heavener.  Elections will be done by secret ballot at our next board meeting.


Elections Bylaws:  Discussion about the two proposed amendments created by Garth came to an agreement. Motion to the amendment to the Elections Bylaws is as follow:

o       Must be registered with the “Governor’s office of Emergency Services” through Redondo Beach Fire Department

o       Have current CPR and First Aid cards

o       Shall have attended at least one Board meeting in the past six month

Motion made by John, second by Jodie.  Passed by all nine members present.


Mission Statement:  Changes made as follow:

o       To serve the community with the Fire Department and provide disasters assistance in time of emergencies.

o       To represent the Graduates of the Redondo Beach CERT program, enabling the Alumni to have a voice in matters that affect the Alumni.

o       To keep the Alumni advised, interested and involved in CERT Activities.

o       To raise community awareness of the CERT Training Program

Motion to approve the preamble, vision statement and mission statements made by Valerie, second by Marianna.  Passed by all nine members.


Announcements:  Jared presented to Captain Engler a CERT backpack to thank him for his constant involvement and valuable contribution.  He also thanked the Fire Department for interfacing with our group.


April 21st Public Safety Commission – City Hall at 7pm, Chief Herr will be talking about the CERT program as well as the CERT Alumni Association.  It will be nice to have some CERT members attend this meeting wearing their orange jackets since this will be televised and give us great exposure.


Mike would like to put on the agenda Relay for Life next board meeting.  Captain Engler agreed to serve the pancakes; still need to confirm that Ruby’s will sponsor the breakfast again this year.  Relay for life has gone nationwide to CERT and has requested that we do have the 1st Aid booth again this year.  Mike will put together a roaster of people to man the CERT booth/1st Aid tent as well as one for the volunteers to walk the 24 hour relay. 


Motion made by Mike to propose that CERT provides it's presence to promote CERT and provide self-help First Aid supply at the Relay for Life with the understanding that Firefighter Pete Villasenor will be present to assist with any life threatening incidents; second by Marianna, passed by all nine members.  Pam I sent this to John & Mike for their revision.


Executive board meeting will be held Friday April 25th at 6:30pm.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:05pm.



                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________