March 2nd, 2004 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Jared Van Sloten (in @ 8:00pm)

Bob Heil

Lisa Burke

Randy Stacy

Paul Weavers

Michael Vaccaro

Valerie Heath


Lauraine Caruana

Garth McWhorter

Fire Department Liaison:

Gary Horn

Mike Grady



Margot Hoffman



John Moawad



Michelle Sayre



Alisa Zells









Meeting called to order by Vice President Randy Stacy at 6:31 p.m. (8 board members present.)


Role call done by secretary, member absent:  Jared Van Sloten, Paul Weavers, and Bob Heil.


Motion to approve minutes and financials for February 3rd, 2004 was made by Mike second by Alisa. Passed by 8 board members present. 


Introductions of our guests:  Lisa Burke and Michael Vaccaro.


Additions to the agenda:  Daily Breeze article about EOC Boxes and Homeland Security Fair at El Camino (Valerie)


 Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:  Original Balance: $3,455.91. Monies deposited: $313.92 from the Fire Department, $20 from Randy Stacy for Apparel.  Monies paid check #2029 for $92.35 to Margot Hoffman for the Hoole’s party cost and check #2030 for $306.29 to Mike Grady for trailer additional costs.  


Balance available: $3,391.19.  Motion to approve the March 2nd financial report was made by Mike, second by Valerie.  Pass by all 8 members present.


Monies received at this meeting $88.00 for apparel from Alisa and $45.00 for apparel from Randy.


December 2003 Asset Report current of donated and purchased items stands at $19,978.69.  Items to be added at next quarter asset reports:  Blue Gortex bags value at $7.50 each, new equipment donated by Area G/Fire Grant, e-Script purchased equipment, and our fabulous donated new trailer as well as tables and chairs given by one of Pam Hoole’s friend.


Mike and Garth will do a full inventory of what is stocked in the trailer.  Since we only have 27 CERT Bags left, Mike suggested that we keep five in the trailer for transport when called on an emergency. 


Installation Dinner:  Margot spoke to Jared and Randy to have an installation dinner in July, perhaps held at Kincaid’s, or Samba.  We are trying to keep at $10.00 per person.  This dinner is to honored past and new officers, board members and Fire Department CERT trainers.


Memorial Day Parade:  Paul Weavers absent.  Mike will contact him as he had a few thoughts about driving some vehicles with our CERT decals (on magnet), the parade starts in the morning at Veterans Park, and perhaps we could throw a BBQ afterward?


BICEPP:  Mike mentioned that without the additional training we could not have completed the competition.  Chief Engler really wants to have a Redondo Beach team to compete next year in this event, may be we could have Honda paid the $300.00 entry fees for us.  Torrance had to cancel since they did not get 10 people to participate.


Drills & Trainings:  Chief Engler being absent, Valerie distributed the 2004 Event Planning Calendar.  We do not have a training drill in March; next one will be April 16th, 6:30pm at Know Hill Recreation Center.  Valerie will forward email of upcoming trainings to Mike for membership distribution.


Communications:  Bob Heil absent.  


Website:   We get between four to twelve hits per day, we are now at 5,400.  States of the City pictures have been posted.  Still working on the January drill pictures, as well as trying to get pictures from the February drill.


Funding & Equipment:  John Moawad is still trying to get a couple of generators for us.  He will put a package together including our 501(c)(3) form and various information about our non-profit organization for Northrop.


Mike went over some of the items in the trailer.  He got an offer from someone to build shelves for us as long as we paid for the materials, as right now they are just staggered on top of each others.  Mike is compiling a list of various items that would be needed if we were to respond to a major incident: Walkie Talkies to communicate with the Fire Department, 2x4, 4x4 & wedges for cribbing, generators, fuel tanks for generator, halogen lights, tripods, flash lights, extension cords, gas powered chain saw, c-spine collars, finger splints, medical tape, 25lb fire extinguishers, shelter about the size of a two car garage, binoculars, manuals, report forms, caution tape etc…


Phone Tree:  Mike stated that the phone tree worked and failed.  The test was to relay a message about an upcoming drill.  Each branch is assigned to call from a list of contact; they volunteered to be available to make those calls.  Some could not find their lists, some were not available, and others got all their calls done and gave Mike great feed back. 


Discussion from various board members was brought up that RBCERTAA should have its own phone list separate from the Fire Department phone tree so we can contact any volunteers on this phone list to attend trainings, drills and to participate at special events.  This will help to validate their interest and see how much they want to be involved with our program.  We need to have a better attendance of people as these drills.  Some people filled out the questionnaire that was sent out over a year ago, may be the best way to approach is to go forward and have the current class CERT attendees sign up their names and phone numbers to be called just trainings, drills and other events.


Lisa Burke volunteered to be the chair person of the “Drill and Training Calling Committee” she will be in charging of keeping a list alumni that wish to be called to attend trainings, drills and special events RBCERTAA is going to be involved with.  She will be the main person to make these calls, and have others to help her out as long as they are part of this committee.


Motion on the floor, to be voted and approved at the next board meeting: 


“Motion made by Mike to have a request sent out to our Alumni that wishes to be contacted for drills, trainings and events added to our newsletter, our hot line and to our future training email as well as posted to our website.  Interested parties would leave their name and phone numbers by calling our hot line.  Lisa Burke will be the keeper of this list as a chair person of the “Drill and Training Calling Committee”, none of the names and phone numbers can be given to anyone except for other members under this committee, nor can they be contacted for any other purposes.”


Boutique CERT:                                Sales Report: 

No sales on January 11.

February 1st, 10K 1 medium, 1 small t-shirt

February 21st, $88 in sales

March 2nd board meeting, $45


Michelle and Alisa will keep the 2 gear bags and apparel in them.  They will also cover all events or find people to cover for them.   Michelle will sell at March 3 and March 11 classes.


New Business:


Proposed Bylaws revision:  Valerie distributed copies of changed items to the Bylaws and Officer’s Responsibilities for Jared.  Pam Hoole has worked on the changes of the bylaws to add a Past President position, this position is to help the newly elected President, hand out information, be a counselor to the new President.  


Bylaws (refer to page 4)

  • The Past President (Counselor to the President) is an honorary title, conferred on the Past President, as a recognition for their past service & contribution to the Alumni Association.  The PP will provide advice & support to the current President, but only if asked to do so. There are no additional voting rights associated with this position. The Past President will not be a part of the Executive Board, unless invited to attend and contribute.


Officer’s Responsibilities (refer to page 3)

  • This title is conferred on the Past President as an honor for their past service & contribution to the Alumni Association.
  • The Past President will have served the maximum term allowed under the by-laws.
  • Because of their prior knowledge and experience in the role, the Past President will be able to provide advice & support to the current President.
  • It is up to the discretion of the President, as to whether he asks for advice or guidance from the Past President.  If it is not explicitly asked for, then it will not be forthcoming.
  • There will be no additional voting rights or powers associated with this position.  If the Past President is elected to the board, then he will have regular voting rights.  If he is not re-elected to the board, then he may attend board meetings and participate, but not vote.
  • The Past President will not be a part of the Executive Board, unless invited to attend and contribute.


Jared will bring a revised description as this person should be allowed to be serve after only one year of presidency as well as able to vote is he/she is elected as an Executive Board member therefore be allowed to vote.


 Fire Department’s Corner:  Chief Engler absent.




LA CERT:  Their first bi-annual drill for 2004 will be held on April 17th, since Mike cannot attend it, he asked for someone else from the board to coordinate attendance and car-pooling with Kathi Galbasin from Torrance CERT.


EOC Boxes:  Jared talked about the Daily Breeze article as he volunteered time to put together the EOC boxes that will be distributed throughout Area G cities.  It was amazing how much stuff and forms had to be sorted out, each command center will be equipped with four EOC boxes.  We should be wrapping it up by the end of the week.  Unfortunately for those who worked during the day, there was no evening time available to help. This was a great team effort from Torrance, Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes CERT members.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:47pm.





                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,





                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________