February 1, 2005

Billyís Deli

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Garth McWhorter

Alisa Zells

Luraine Caruna

Kimberly Burke

Margot Hoffman


Jeff Adam

Mike Grady


Melanie Davis



Peter DePortillo #27


Fire Department Liaison:

Mike Swanson

Jennifer Adam

Division Chief Rick Martinez

Dennis Cajili #14

Bob Heil



Gary Horn









Meeting called to order by President Garth McWhorter at 6:33 p.m. (9 board members present).


Role call done by secretary, member absent:Alisa Zells


Motion to approve the minutes for the meeting on November 2, 2004 was first motioned by Mike Grady and seconded by Lisa Burke.


Motion to approve minutes and financials forJanuary, 2005 was first motioned by Lisa Burke and seconded by Julie Treher with one change pertaining to the bank debit cards no longer made available to non-profit groups.Mike Grady and Bob Heil abstained from approving the minutes because they had not read them before the meeting.Approved.


Introductions of our guests:President Garth McWhorter introduced the seven guests (as listed above) to the Board Members.


Old Business:


Treasurerís Report:

Currently there are 1000 CERT hats accounted for with 977 hats in inventory and 23 hats which were found at Independent Honda Repair, Redondo Beach. The discussion of hat sales was tabled until future



Of the $3,364.13 in the bank account, $1,500.00 of the money is set-aside for a second trailer.


Margot Hoffman submitted a receipt for $82.00 for pizza and beverages for the continuing education drill

on Friday, January 28th, 2005.


Julie Treher submitted a check for $278.00 for apparel sold at the last drill. Mike Grady motioned to approve the Treasury Report. Julie Treher seconded the motion to approve the Treasury Report.


Classes & Training:


Garth McWhorter, President, stated that the turnout of alumni and board members at the 1/28/05 Continuing Education was favorable.




President McWhorter wants more storage racks and Independent Honda Repair will provide a long term loan of shelves.


Former RBCERTAA Secretary, Valerie Heathís communication duties were delegated to the following

Board members:

-         Calendar:Alisa Zells

-         Monthly newsletter update:Alisa Zells (sent out a week prior to due date and completed perfectly)

-         Board member phone number update:Margot Hoffman


Funding & Equipment:


Fire Chief Bob Engler asked Division Chief Rick Martinez about getting a temporary storage building made out of wood or stucco. Chief Bob Engler will e mail Mike Grady regarding getting word out to construction companies.President McWhorter mentioned RBCERTAA members Curt Gunderlach or Dave Valenzuala (concrete contractor) as possible resources.


John Moawad contacted Gary Horn regarding a generator however, but Gary had more pricing to do and should have more information within a week.


President Garth McWhorter advised that funding was slow for another order of CERT back packs from Boeing Aircraft through Jason Schroeder.




No further information regarding equipment.


Boutique CERT:


Julie Treher submitted $278.00 sales of apparel. She advised that there are only a few medium shirts left.

Treher made a motion for RBCERTAA to donate a shirt to the winner of the best emergency bag on a one

time basis. Lisa Burke seconded the motion.


The prize for the five places would be:

1 embroidered shirt

1 sweat shirt

1 tee shirt

2 hats

5 knives


Julie Treher requested clarification on CERT logo 3 inch Decal.Treher wanted to put on the agenda for March that more stickers are needed.


Mike Grady made a motion that if the Redondo Beach Fire Department notifies Mike Grady of the RBCERTAA that a CERT student is suffering from financial hardship, that Mike will buy a CERT bag for a motivated hardship student. Mike Grady made the motion which was seconded by Lisa Burke.

Let the record reflect that Bob Heil voted against the motion.


Phone Tree:


Julie Treher stated that we need to regroup regarding the phone tree volunteer system. Julie wants to send out a letter (not postcard) requesting the level of interest for phone tree participation among RBCERTAA

Members. Postage would cost approximately $158.00 for the letter of inquiry. Per Team Leader, Lurraine Currano, many of the phone numbers on the phone tree are dead numbers. Discussion took place regarding phone tree training. Julie Treher volunteered to be the Instructor.


Julie stated that only four volunteers per class are willing to put time in as phone tree participants. Julie will make a form requesting alumniís level of interest.




Valerie Heath and Loren Avedon Ė No information updates available

Garth McWhorter has sponsorship data for future assignment.


Graduation Drill Committee:

Per Lisa Burke, the committee is organized and ready for the next graduation


Tracking of volunteer hours for Volunteer Recognition Program:


Alisa Zells did not attend the board meeting so no further updates were available.


Randyís Scholarship Fund:


Per Margot Hoffman and Julie Treher, the plans for Randyís Scholarship Fund are on hold pending further research to make it both legal and work within the structure of disaster preparedness.


Patriotís Day event documentation:


Lisa Burke passed a script to Jared Van Sloten to memorialize the alumni performance for future use at other events.


Monty Ruth, Class 27, is involved with getting the video put in order for future presentations.


Open House Committee:


Michael Vaccaro and Julie Treher


The exact date of the Fire Departmentís Open House is needed in order to better organize the staffing needs.


Parks and Recreation Guide:


Valerie Heath was going to contact a City of Redondo Beach employee to make sure that CERT received

space in the guide to attract new recruits for future CERT classes. It was stated that Matt Johnson of the RB Fire Department was able to get CERT advertised in the Parks and Recreation Guide.


New Business:


Fire Departmentís Corner:

The next Continuing Education class will be Saturday, March 12, 2005. Specific information will be forthcoming.


A discussion regarding REVERSE 911 took place. Division Chief Rick Martinez advised that he would attend a Citizen Corp meeting to address the possibility of developing a reverse 911 system funded by the CCC.


By-Laws proposals:


This topic was not discussed due to the absence of Alisa Zells.


Election of Board Member:


The election was between Jeff Adam and Peter Deportillo.The winner was Peter Deportillo.




Swear in Certificates are needed for Gary Horn, Jennifer Adam and Peter DePortillo. The next board meeting is March1, 2005.


Items from the Floor:


Per Mike Grady, Paul Weavers will be coordinating the RBCERTAA portion of the Memorial Day Parade.


Lisa Burke advised that she saw a CERT green back pack at a Salvation Army store. Lisa Burke and Mike

Grady will work on an e mail to be sent to all RBCERT alumni asking them not to dispose of unwanted RBCERT gear indiscriminately.The letter would request that any RBCERT gear would be brought back to the RBCERTAA.


Lisa Burke brought up the possibility of a CERTAA picnic with neighboring cities to be held in the summer of 2005.




Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:05 pm motioned

by Gary Horn and seconded by Mike Grady.





†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Respectfully submitted,





††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Margot Hoffman,

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on:March1,2005