February 2nd, 2004 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Jared Van Sloten

John Moawad

Mike Martinet

Randy Stacy


Lisa Burke

Valerie Heath


Gary Horn

Garth McWhorter

Fire Department Liaison:

Sondra Segall

Mike Grady

Division Chief Bob Engler

Michael Vaccaro

Margot Hoffman



Michelle Sayre



Alisa Zells



Paul Weavers (in @ 6:40pm)



Bob Heil (in @ 8:00pm)






Meeting called to order by President Jared Von Sloten at 6:33 p.m. (8 board members present.)


Role call done by secretary, member absent:  Paul Weavers, John Moawad and Bob Heil.


Motion to approve minutes and financials for January 6th, 2003 was made by Mike second by Michelle, passed by 8 board members present. 


Introductions of our guests:  Cert Alumni Lisa Burke, Michael Vaccaro, Sondra Segall and Mike Martinet from Area G.


Additions to the agenda:  EOC Boxes (Mike Martinet) and BICEPP CERT Challenge (Mike Grady)


 Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:  Original Balance $3,666.48. Monies deposited: none.

Monies paid check #2027 for $48.80 to Margot Hoffman and check #2028 to Valerie Heath $161.77.  Balance available: $3,455.91


Items to approve – Margot’s receipts $32.95 from the Hoole’s party.  Motion to reimburse Margot was made by Mike, second by Randy.  Pass by all 9 members present.  Monies to be deposited this month: $313.92 from the Fire Department, $20 from Randy Stacy for Apparel. 


Garth McWhorter presented to the board a State Request for Domestic non-profit organization to supply corporation information and $20.  Motion was made by Mike to mail out the $20, second by Randy.  Approved by all 9 members.


Mike Grady presented a bill to the board for additional expenses incurred for the trailer such as  trailer hitch, lug wrench, caster wheel for front of trailer, spare tire etc… Motion to approve to reimburse Mike Grady for $306.29 was made by Mike second by Alisa.  Pass by 8 board members.


Local Events:  10K Run: Randy, Mike and Michael set-up booth very early on Sunday morning.  We had some great exposure and our main mission was to recruit people to fill Class 25.  Five paid sign ups, and another three that have said they would drop off their applications at a station.  Class 25 has been saved!!!!!!   It would be nice send a certificate of appreciation to Canti Productions for donating coffee throughout the day. 


Due to this great success, Jared asked for all of us to look into other opportunities such as the Safety Fair that could bring in more exposure to CERT.  Sondra mentioned about other cities fairs and festivals……. For now our training is geared towards Redondo Beach residents, and there might be some liability issues.  Lisa Burk volunteered to look further into this matter


Manhattan Beach had their first CERT graduation class, trying to do it once a month.  Lisa Burke and Pandora Victor from class 22 helped out with Moulage.  MBFD is a little reluctant having other Fire Departments get involved with their training.  


Master Calendar: 2004 calendar of activities distributed by Valerie. Class 25 starts this week on the 5th, and we are having our second training on February 21st.


Drills & Trainings:  Chief Engler will activate the phone tree on February 10th,  this will serve dual purpose, see if people can attend the February 21st drill and see if people wishes to be contacted in the for any future drills and events.   Lisa Burke said she would like to be the key person to contact the people that wish to be called in the future.



Communications:  Bob Heil absent.  


Website:  Everything is running smoothly, November 13th city drill pictures have been posted.  Randy is still working on the rolodex where alumni can update their information; he has rebuilt it twice and is still not operating.  Randy is going to remove the online apparel order form since it has never been used.


Garrett Trailers and Fast Signs donated some work and stickers on the new trailer, Randy proposed to post on the website a business cards size ad fro free to thank them.  Motion to post business card ad at no cost made by Randy second by Alisa.  We will give them an appreciation certificate to both as well as to the person who donated the trailer.  Approved and passed by all 10 members.


Funding & Equipment:  Jared is working now with Gene Mahoney to get the Vons equipment from the e-script money.  We firmly believe that he does not have all the equipment available at this time which would explain the long delays in delivering the goods.


Trailer Program:  Trailer is parked at Station 2 loaded with all our supplies, some apparel and displays stuff.  We purchased a special lock for it, keys are available at Fire Station 2.  If anyone needs to take the trailer to a drill or an event, please contact Mike first so he can show him/her how to hook it up etc….  All equipment stored and ready for an emergency, this will be our primary unit.


Mike will like for us to have an AED unit, some cribbing material (especially wedges), hooligans, chain saw and shovels.  Since we have $3,500 in the bank right now, some of those donations were made to purchase some basic items and equipment once we had a trailer to store them.  Mike will present a list at next board meeting of various items that can either be purchased or donated (get with John Moawad for this.)


Mike Martinet stated that he had to purchase tables, chairs and a lot of 2x4’s for the EOC project.  Once the project is completed, he will be donating them to all cities under area G.


Phone Tree:  We will activate the phone tree this month, for two reasons:

·        Primary reason is to test our phone-tree and reach all of our Alumni and update our files. Option as a follow-up to see how did the message go out? We would pick one member name from each branch and found out how the message was given to them.

·        Secondary is to see if people are able to attend our various trainings, drills and events.  This is a great opportunity to see if people want to be called in the future (without being a full phone-tree activation.)


Bob Heil emphasized the idea of getting telephone contacts in order to bring more people in.  Lisa volunteered to call this member list directly, may be we could add on our questionnaire “Do you want to be called directly?”   Will it be just for State Disaster Drills or for anything such our quarterly training and local events RBCERTAA is participating?


Mike stated that Valerie has mentioned to him that might be willing to handle the record keeping of the phone tree and e-tree as long as Mike continues to go to the classes and gather all pertaining information from new CERT graduates. Valerie is still thinking about, once she is no longer a secretary for us. Mike will remain the primary Fire Department contact to activate the phone tree, Randy second and Valerie third. 


Boutique CERT:  Michelle will set-up at the February 21st drill.  She has 3 of each item in two CERT bags that will be kept into the trailer. Please notify her so she can restock accordingly.  Everything is well organized in boxes stored in Alisa’s garage.  Valerie gave forms and receipts to Michelle to give track of all sales, and   Garth will need a copy for his asset report.  Michelle will keep the $40 floating money for apparel and present the excess to Garth after each event.


Welcome Packet: Jared, Randy and Valerie are working on a welcome packet to give at CERT classes. Valerie proposed a PowerPoint presentation of various CERT activities, bloopers, as an introduction as to what CERT is all about. Not all work, but fun too! Chief Engler thought it was a great idea. He will need to allocate time for it since he has new trainers and he and Captain Martinez are trying to step down from the training program.


New Business:


Area G:  Mike Martinet is putting together EOC (Emergency Operation Center) boxes for 88 cities.  Each kits will have 4 basic phones, battery operated lanterns, clock, AM/FM ban radio, stationary supplies, forms used in EOC, vests to identify various officers, signs for media briefing, volunteer sign-up and first aid areas. So far we had 3 pallets of printed materials and stationary supplies delivered.  We got help from 2 Palos Verdes CERT, Torrance CERT, Mike and Jared from Redondo Beach CERT on Monday which was a huge help. 


We will have evening and Saturday shifts available. Our site is located in Del Amo Mall at the old Copeland Store (across the Burlington Coat Factory.)  Please contact Kathleen Gilbasin at (310) 540-7243 or via email at as she is keeping track of a coverage schedule.


BICEPP:  Mike Grady asked Mike Martinet for his approval to form an Area G team in the event he could not have a Redondo Beach Team to compete with 17 other cities CERT teams in April.   Mike M. agreed it would a great opportunity to bring the South Bay CERT Teams together.  We could go on Saturday as observers as well.


BICEPP will hold a community challenge on Sunday, team will have ten people.  Two will be active at the Command Center the entire day, two resting, and six people active at various areas: Search & Rescue, Logistics, Fire Suppression, First Aid etc….  Team will be judged, critiqued, safety issues will disqualify your team.  Winning teams gets special awards, plaques, and information will be given to FEMA (no guarantees how they will advertise it.)


Mike asked Chief Engler to see if some of the firefighters would be able to train this team of 10 people as this event is two months away.   Chief Engler will check with his crew and get back to Mike G.    Once he has the man power to train, Mike will send out an email to our CERT Alumni and see if anyone is interested to form this team.   Jared asked to see a show of hands at this meeting; five people agreed to donate their time and train to form a team.  Registration cost of $300 that will need to be paid to BICEPP by February 24th in order to participate will be paid through RBCERTAA.   Mike will send an email vote once he has all the necessary documentation, training schedule and team built.  In the event Mike puts together and Area G team instead, we might be able to get assistance from other Fire Departments.


 Fire Department’s Corner:   Chief Engler mentioned that the Fire Department will be coming to the CERT Group and get valuable information to mitigate disasters such as earthquakes, floods etc….   Examine our talents and experiences to keep the Fire Department as a city to look into disaster.  The City is putting a Disaster Act Mitigation of 2000 Community Forum.


Announcements:  Mike Grady received an email from Brad (Torrance CERT) that talked about a General Federal Law for companies that use Social Security numbers for their records.   These numbers should strictly be used by Social Security, Banking and Health facilities only.  Chief Engler will look into the matter further and back to us.


Mike was asked to check if Victor Willis would be allowed to get re-certified


Sondra Segall proposed for RBCERTAA to issue Emergency Medical Cards that could have our logo on it.  This card is very useful in an event of an emergency, you can fill in all the medications you are taking, any allergies you may have etc…, and either sell them for a small profit or hand them out at classes and events.  All agreed it would help promote CERT.  Jared asked of her to look into the matter further and present it at a future board meeting.


Randy had a few items to talk about:
Video – We should have a video of our drills and other events as Lisa Burke will be chairing the video committee.  Adelphia will still make a loop video and add voice over etc…


Voting on small receipts, we need to stop doing this since the by-laws authorize us up to $250, just present you receipts in the future.


Our first quarterly Newsletter is coming up soon; please submit your articles to Jared by the end of the month.




City Calendar:  Randy spoke to John York last week he will give us 20-25 lines on the home page of the city of Redondo Beach official web site. 


Michael Vaccaro attended an all day event for the 10th Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake at Cal Tech.  They had speakers all day, lots of different groups and displays, when he asked for 20 of the new 2004 Earthquake brochures for CERT they were kind enough to give him a box of 100.



Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:47pm.





                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,





                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________