February 13, 2003 - 6:30 p.m.

Cimmaron Café 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Jared Van Sloten

John Moawad

Joan Edelmann

Garth McWhorter

Pete Villasenor, F.D. Liaison

Irwin Brand

Valerie Heath


Chuck Johnson

Pamela Hoole


Janet Johnson

David Hoole


Paul Weavers

Mike Grady



Randy Stacy



Marianna Weavers (in @ 6:32pm)



Jodie Honn (in @ 6:34pm)



Glenn Willis, Jr. (in @ 7:00pm)




Meeting called to order by President Jared Van Sloten at 6:32 p.m. (seven board members present.)


Motion to approve minutes for January 09, 2003 was made by Mike, second by Pam. Passed by seven board members present. 


Jared introduced our guests: Joan Edelmann & Irwin Brand, CERT members.


Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:  Pam will give the Asset report on a quarterly basis from now on.  Balance available:  $2,398.17.  Monies deposited this month:  $60 from patches sale and $164 from raffle tickets sale at the 10K run.  Monies paid this month:  $21.06 for display materials reimbursement (see attached.)


Master Calendar:  With the help of the Fire Department, we have our yearly calendar.  The only conflict is May 10th, as it will be the Fire Department open house during the day.  Captain Engler might propose an evening training.


February 20th is your opportunity to renew your CPR and 1st Aid cards.  You will need to be current in order to be elected according to our by-laws.


February 22nd, venue has changed to the Knob Hill Community Center located at 320 Knob Hill & PCH. 


Some date changes mentioned briefly: - our picnic date, and Board of Director meeting with the American Red Cross from 3/09 to 3/16.


Monthly Notice to Members:  Pam has created a monthly reminder and requested for Mike to send an email to our membership so they are aware of the upcoming events. She distributed a copy of the March draft; please contact her for any input or changes.  Randy to email Pam “What’s new on our website.”

Note that the full year is on the Newsletter as well as on the website. Jared would prefer to see on the first page only the next few months’ activities – the rest of the year can go on other month’s emails.


Motion to have the monthly notice sent via email only.  For those without an email address, they will receive the information on our Newsletter, and venues will be updated on the hotline.


Drills and Training:  David emphasized the 8 drills we are having this year, first one coming up Saturday February 22nd is about START Triage with Pete.  Graduation of Class 21 is Saturday March 22nd.


David & Pam need someone to take over the graduation drill on March 22nd, as they are attending the Torrance SWAT Team Hostage drill that same day.  Torrance CERT is also having their graduation that same day as well.  If you like to be a victim that day, please contact Brad Laverne (see David for more details.)


Glenn’s understanding was that his son was already approved to be in charge of all graduation drills.  Jared stated the Fire Department has canceled all youth under 18 years old to take the CERT class.  This was done a few months after Victor became a CERT member, and any future graduates might get confused seeing Victor heading the graduation drill when their own children can not enroll. At the National CERT conference, we were told how much youth is involved into their training.  They have targeted schools, so students can be trained as well. We understand that he will get some merit points as being a boy scout. Victor has helped the Hooles at various drills, he even “saved” Marianne at one, and she said he is very serious.  Jared will follow-up and address it with the Fire Department.  Only with the Fire Department’s approval, will we have Victor to do the first graduation drill and go from here. 


Newsletter:  Was completed on time but was sent with delay.  It will be available as an email form or can be printed off the website.  For those 80 people without email addresses, a printed version will be sent out in two weeks.  Bernadine still needs to print them and deliver them to Mike. Jodie stated that Pete uses his own money to mail those out as part of his contribution.  Mike to contact Captain Engler to ask if the Fire Department could pay for postage.  In the event the Fire Department doesn’t pay for postage, Mike will purchase the stamps and get reimbursed from RBCERTAA.  Drafts are due March 20.


Phone-Tree Questionnaire:  Mike stated that only 50 out of 305 were received.  Jodie has volunteered to help him sort the information.   We had quite a few changes especially telephone numbers.  We had two drop out, one moved out of state.  Sending a second request by email will hopefully save a phone tree volunteer to make a lot of phone calls. Pam stated that some people were frustrated filling out the form. Valerie offered to redo the form and make it easier to fill out, by adding fields and check boxes for each response area. Pam made a motion to send a second email reminder, second by Garth (voted all in favor by 10 members present.)


Website:  Randy will email next week a Sponsorship Request Form to all members. He really wants us to sell this program next year.  Mention how many hits we get, push for a 10% discount for CERT members.  Diane mentioned that somewhere on our website, we should add information about being a non-profit organization.


A website sponsorship comes in three stage:

$  25 yearly donation will list business and address on the directory

$  50 yearly donation will list business card ad, and link to their own website (if applicable)

$100 yearly donation will list a full home page ad, and link to their own website (if applicable)

Aloha Smog is donating a $100 to get a full-page ad; Randy is currently on it, should have it off in two weeks. 


Funding & Equipment:  Nothing to report


Apparel:  Jodie is taking over the apparel committee from Elizabeth and Bernadine.  She will be in charge of orders received at various events, graduation days as well as orders placed on the web.  Jared asked for Jodie to get a hold of Elizabeth and get all the T-Shirts and Sweatshirts from her. Jodie agreed to store them at her home.  Mike suggested it would be great if we could have someone bring shirts at the 1st day of class and at graduation day.


Breakout Session:  5 minutes needed to take an updated Board of the Directors picture since Mike had to leave at 7:30pm. 


Mike made a motion to remove John Moawad from the board second by Randy.  This is to be fair to Heiling as he has missed already two board meetings. None opposed.  If John doesn’t come to the March meeting, he will be dismissed.


Operation Manual:  Garth is working on new changes & notes for the new pocket guide.  It will now include two pages about WMD.  He is also working on an 8x11” version that would only be given to Board Members. Pam offered to help Garth with it.


Vons Signup at 10K Run – We received about 71 signatures which only 65 can be used by Gene because people did not fill out their complete information with the Vons card number.  Mike to follow up with Gene, as it was our understanding that all was needed was a name and a phone number and he would take care of the rest.  Mike to report on this matter at our next board meeting.


Communications/Radios:  The one-day Ham Radio class for February 22nd has been cancelled, we only had one paid registration, and we needed 10.  There will be another one-day class available on March 22nd, we have two reservations so far for it.  It will be held at the Marina del Rey Yacht Club.  Valerie reminded Glen, that he will need to be present at the CERT Graduation drill to oversee his son Victor, since the Hooles will not be able to attend it.


New Business:


Amendment to Elections Bylaws.  Pam made the necessary changes to reflect that nominations are made for the Board of Directors at either the general membership meeting or training/drill held in May.

We will take nominations on May 10th.   Nominated candidates are to provide a nominee statement to the Secretary along with current CPR & 1st Aid cards.   The Secretary will check with Tony that you are registered with the State of California under the Redondo Beach Fire Department.  The Secretary will type and email each candidate his or her statement for editing and final approval.


Motion to approve the amendment to the Election Bylaws made by Garth, second by Jodie. Passed by all 9 members present.


Core Council Presentation:  Valerie was asked by Division Chief Herr to recruit a few members to attend a South Bay Cities Council of Governments General Assembly at the Carson Community Center on February 27th.  This will be based on hometown security, and how each city is prepared. She explained that this meeting will be attended by city officials, FEMA & OEM representatives, L.A. County Fire Department & Sheriff Department and is not intended for the general public.  She distributed a draft agenda of all the speakers and topics for that day.  CERT will have a display as part of the Redondo Beach Citizens Corps Council booth.  She will give us a full report about the event at the next board meeting March 13th.


Jackets & Backpacks:  We have in stock 9 orange jackets and 28 yellow jackets.  We still owe a backpack to Jack Kitchen (refer to November 14th; 2002 minutes).  The Hooles will bring some of the backpacks to distribute at the upcoming drill.


Wall:  Mike, Valerie and Glenn to work on the wall given to us at Station 1 to display our awards, certificates etc...  Jared asked Valerie to purchase some frames.  Glenn offered to help out building a display case, he would only charge for the material. 


Mission Statement:  Please email your vision statement to Jared; he would like to take it up to the Executive Board meeting on February 28th.


Announcements:  King Harbor, Jared, Pam & David went to the King Harbor Yacht club’s monthly meeting to do a presentation and give awards to the Commodore and Secretary to thank them for letting us use their facility for our Appreciation Day Party.  Melanie was very happy to see her name on the certificate, she stated that was the first time someone mentioned it.  Two people recruited in Class 21.


Jane Harman was having an open house at her new office in El Segundo.  Jared, Pam & David took the opportunity to deliver her award certificate for coming to our Appreciation day last year.  See picture in the Beach Reporter February 6th, 2003 issue page 20.


CERT L.A. mailed a copy of the PowerPoint presentations given at the November 2002 National CERT conference, Valerie will make a copy of the CD for all Board Members that did not attend the conference.


Executive board meeting will be held Friday February 28th at 6:30pm.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:17p.m.



                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________