January 4th, 2005,

Billy’s Deli

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Garth McWhorter

Bob Heil

Valerie Heath

Margot Hoffman


Monty Ruth

Alisa Zells

Fire Department Liaison:

Peter DePortillo

Julie Treher

Rick Martinez

Lauraine Caruana

Mike Grady


Loren Avedon

Gary Horn


Nicole Avedon

Michael Vaccaro


Jeff Adam

Jennifer Adam  



Lisa Burke






Meeting called to order by President Garth McWhorter at 6:32 p.m. (9 board members present.)


Role call done by secretary, member absent: Bob Heil and Jared Van Sloten .


Motion to approve minutes and financials for November 2nd, 2004 was not accepted. Margot advised

that there was a discrepancy in the minutes and financials due to a misunderstanding about the motion to pay Lisa Burke for the Cert Hotline charges from 1/2002 to 12/2004. The wording for the motion should have been for a total of $281.66 to include the time frame as listed above. The changes were made to the November minutes and will be brought up for approval again at the February 1st, 2005 board meeting.

It was approved to amend the October minutes to read the corrected version of the payment to Lisa Burke. The November minutes will be e-mailed to the board for further examination.


Introductions of our guests:  Valerie Heath, Monty Ruth, Peter DePortillo, Lauraine Caruana, Loren Avedon, Nicole Avedon and Jeff Adam


Agenda Order and Additions:  No changes



Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:    .

Deposits included $1,500.00 received from Redondo Beach City Prosecutor Mike Webb on 12/20/04, from the “Make Amends Fund” program which he created to have offenders provide funding to make amends for their criminal acts, in lieu of community service.   The check from Mike Webb is earmarked for buying a new trailer. Also,  a check was deposited on 12/20/04 for October apparel sales in the amount of $175.00.







Payment of expenses approved at the January  4th  board meeting included the following:


$443.00 to Express Supply for purchase of 30 CERT polo shirts, to replace previous check for $360.00 because the price was now higher

$20.00 to Secretary of State Filing Fee for biennial Statement of Information


Michael Vaccaro advised that the debit cards from the bank are no longer available to RBCERTAA.

Garth stated that he will be devising a system to centralize all important RBCERTAA documents to avoid the concern for lost documents.  Lisa Burke made a motion to approve the Treasury Report and Mike Grady seconded the motion.


Recent and Up-coming Activities:   

Garth McWhorter stated that the next Continuing Education class is on January 28th, 2005 at 6:30 p.m. at Knob Hill Community Center. The topic will be advanced first aid training.  Garth McWhorter further advised that  only four board members attended the November Continuing Education class. President McWhorter further explained that the board members should attend more training sessions  than other RBCERTAA members because board members should be visible to the other members.


Mike Grady encouraged all board members to attend all of the training sessions because we can always learn new skills even if the material covered is familiar to us.


Garth  McWhorter stated that new RBCERTAA supplies that were purchased by the RB Fire Department were funded through Area G (County) monies. The value of the new equipment totaled $875.


Mike Grady would like to send a “Thank You” note to Mike Webb for the $1,500.00 donation received specifically for a second trailer.


Garth McWhorter wants to purchase storage racks for storage in the container..


Mike Grady stated that Jim Chen would provide RBCERTAA with some shelving.


Gary Horn advised that if Jim Chen buys RBCERTAA new storage shelves that Chen can use the purchase as a tax write-off.


Garth McWhorter explained that the next CERT class starts Thursday, February 3rd, 2005. He advised that

Tony Israel, RBFD, is out right now, and that CERT records are unavailable.


Mike Grady inquired as to whether or not RBCERTAA wants a booth at the Superbowl 10K Run on Sunday, February 6th, 2005?   No decision was made at the meeting.


It was decided to provide pizza, soda, water and coffee to the participants of the January 28th Continuing Education Class.


Captain Rick Martinez, RBFD, advised that CERT graduation on 10/30/04 was successful. He explained that the moulage and other activities were well received  by the students. Martinez also said that the CERT bag challenge should be continued at future CERT classes


Mike Grady stated that RBCERTAA should issue CERT bags to students who cannot afford to purchase their own bags.


Valerie Heath is compiling a RBCERT Welcome Kit with information regarding a pre-made emergency kit.


Mike Grady said that Herb (not further identified) from Torrance CERT could sell pre-made kits at  class.


Capt. Martinez, RBFD said that 2004 was great for CERT. He was pleased with all of the participation from RBCERTAA members.



Web Site Director, Valerie Heath explained that she cannot seek out web site sponsors at this time,

due to the time constraints of her schedule. Valerie suggested that we wait until Past President Jared Van Sloten returns to the group to continue seeking new sponsors for the web site.


Loren Avedon, RBCERTAA from Class #27 volunteered to work with Valerie on the web site.


Alisa Zells will take over the CALENDER portion of the announcements. Alisa will also take address cards for the phone list.


Margot Hoffman will update the board member phone list.


Julie Treher and Michael Vaccaro will take over the Station One Open House duties.


Funding & Equipment:

Jason Schroeder, RBCERTAA Class #27 and Commissioner on the Public Safety Commission said that he would like to pursue corporate funding for additional back packs.


Gary Horn stated that grants are available to RBCERTAA if the RBFD gives it’s blessing. Garth McWhorter asked Gary Horn to come up with a business plan for obtaining grants  for acquiring equipment for RBCERT.



Per Mike Grady, the purchase of oxygen to be stored for use in an emergency is not within the scope of CERT at the present time.


Capt. Rick Martinez explained that AED training may come into play later on.


Phone Tree: 

Julie Treher advised that obtaining phone tree volunteers is difficult, at best. Mike Grady said that reverse

911 is available through the RBFD. Julie Treher said that she needs a priority list of alumni members who have had attended Continuing Education classes recently.


Capt. Rick Martinez thinks that reverse 911 would suit the needs of RBCERTAA. Capt. Martinez also advised that the phone tree list is owned by the RBFD. He also said that the phone tree has to be updated



Garth McWhorter asked the Phone Tree Committee to organize a plan.


Michael Vaccaro asked if the list was on Mail Merge? A discussion took place regarding the value of snail mail vs. e-mail.


Boutique CERT: 

Per Julie Treher, Mike Grady ordered various sizes of shirts for a total of $443.00.


A motion was made that  the Fire Department shirts will be sold for $20.00 each and the CERT logo shirts

will be sold for $25.00 each. It was agreed to lower the price of the tee-shirt to $8.00 from $10.00. Alisa seconded the motion. The board voted to give their unanimous approval.


Lisa Burke motioned to give Mike Grady a replacement check for $443.00 to replace the check for $360.00 for a new shirt order. The motion was seconded by Gary Horn. Mike Grady abstained from the vote.


Mike Grady said that one green vest was missing from the trailer. He stated that one green vest was brought back to Independent Honda Repair. He also stated that he has one fold up table at the shop


Graduation Drill Committee:

George Anderson and Kevin (not further identified) will assist Lisa Burke with the Graduation Drill activities even if Lisa cannot do anything other than moulage.


Tracking of Volunteer Hours:

Alisa Zells continues to track volunteer hours for the volunteer recognition program.


Randy Stacy Scholarship Fund:

This is an on-going project with Margot Hoffman and Julie Treher researching the scholarship

Plan to be addressed a  later meeting. 


Patriot  Day Event  Documentation:

Lisa Burke gave documentation regarding the script for the Patriot’s Day to Jared Van Sloten in October,



Open House Committee:

Michael Vaccara is the Chairman of the Open House Committee assisted by Alisa Zells and Jennifer Adam.


Drill  Calling  Committee:

The Drill Calling Committee has been dissolved until the topic of Reverse 911 is addressed.


Video/Photo Committee:

The Patriot’s Day tape is still sitting at Independent Honda Repair. Monty Ruth, Class 27, generously offered to help edit the tape with his personal video editing equipment.   Gary Horn will chair this committee.  Gary will be assisted by Julie Treher, Valerie Heath,

and Monty Ruth.  Lisa Burke dropped off of the committee.


Patriots Day / Safety Fair Committee:

These committees were dissolved.





New Business:


Fire Department’s Corner: 

 Capt. Martinez stated that he will not be able to participate in RELAY FOR LIFE in                                           2005 and would be replaced by Michael Vaccaro.


 10K Event:

Mike Grady will contact Conte Productions. He would like to have a group of six RBCERTAA members at the booth in shifts.


Parks and Recreation Guide:

CERT did not appear in the RB Parks and Recreation Guide because Tony Israel did not   provide information to the Parks and Recreation Guide.


Medical Reserve Kits:

The MR kits are available to Redondo Beach residents for $21.00,when a new supply of the kits arrives in February 2005.



The By-Laws will be discussed at an Executive Board Meeting.


Scope and Direction of  RBCERTAA:

Capt. Rick Martinez said that RBCERTAA should only take on projects that we can  reasonably  complete.  Garth McWhorter said that it was Randy Stacy’s wish, as well as his own, to tie up loose ends within the group, and not continually start new projects which cannot be completed.  Garth said that we should bring a list of committees and recruit new committee members at the drills.  Garth also said that instead of discussing only problems on the committees, that committee members should also bring solutions to the problems to the meetings.


Nomination of Board Member:

Gary Horn nominated Peter DePortillo and Mike Grady nominated Jeff Adam to the Board of Directors.

Elections will take place at the February 2005 meeting.  Alisa Zells would like to solidify the by-laws

regarding the number of board members.




1.      Jennifer Adam was sworn in as the newest Board member

2.      Next board meeting is February 1st, 2005

3.      Items from the Floor

4.      Per Alisa Zells there are no more orange jackets 





Having no further business, Michael Vaccaro made a motion to adjourn the Board Meeting. The motion was seconded by Alisa Zelss. The meeting was adjourned at approximately  9:15 PM.



                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                          Margot Hoffman,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on:   February 1,  2005