January 09, 2003 - 6:30 p.m.

Cimmaron Café 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Jared Van Sloten

Jodie Honn

Captain Bob Engler

Garth McWhorter

John Moawad

Captain Rick Martinez

Valerie Heath

Pete Villasenor, F.D. Liaison

Bob Heil

Pamela Hoole (in @ 6:36pm)


Paul Weavers

David Hoole  (in @ 6:36pm)


Marie Davis

Mike Grady


George Nakano

Glenn Willis, Jr.


Angela Davison

Randy Stacy



Marianna Weavers




Meeting called to order by Pres. Jared Van Sloten at 6:32 p.m. (seven board members present.)


Motion to approve minutes for November 14th, 2002 was made by Mike, second by Marianna. Passed by seven board members present. 


Jared introduced our guests: Captain Bob Engler, Captain Rick Martinez from Redondo Beach Fire Department and Marie Davis, Field Staff from the American Red Cross.


2003 calendar:  Starting with the date for calendar drills.  Captain Engler handed out a sheet of proposed training dates that the Fire Department will provide this year.  Proposed are 8 continuing trainings this year, 2 per quarter, with an attempt to have 3 quarterly training after graduations to include new CERT members’ participation.


Proposed CERT Training Schedule for 2003

Continuing Training


Primary Training

Special Training

Sat Feb 22nd

Start Triage

Class 21


Quarterly Training

Sat Apr 5th

(am) Advanced Bandaging & Splinting

Class 22


Red Cross

Sat Apr 5th

(pm) Red Cross course - CPR

Class 23


Quarterly Training

Sat May 10th

Weapons of Mass Destruction & Terrorism



Special Training

Sat June 14th

Traffic Control – Possible date for CERTAA Election



Quarterly Training

Sat Aug 2nd

Search & Rescue



Special Training

Sat Sept 13th

Victim Transport - Possible date for a Social Event.



Quarterly Training

Sat Nov 1st

Full Deployment Drill



Special Training

Sat Dec 6th

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing/Psychology




First Quarter training will be on Triage (harder for some people to do).  New triage tags to be included, practical training, and advanced bandaging/splinting. WMD training – new course offered by the National CERT training, hopefully part of CERT 2nd quarter training. Third Quarter training will be with ropes. Fourth Quarter training will be a full-scale drill, with use of radios. All drills are on Saturdays – some could be done on Sunday.


Other dates we need to add to our calendar: 

May - Fire Department Open House – Captain Martinez or Captain Engler will confirm the date.

July - American Cancer Society – Relay for Life – 24-hour event, Mike will confirm the date.

October - Police Department/Safety Fair  - Garth will confirm the date.

Note LA CERT Biannual – We need to try not to conflict with their dates.  LA only gives word out 3 weeks ahead.  2002 were in April & October.


Mike proposed a picnic event at a park, may be 9/13 in conjunction with training in the morning and fun in the afternoon?  This will be a pot luck style – bring your own food and beverages.


Jared introduced our guest speaker: Marie Davis (American Red Cross)

A few CERT members had attended the training class on sheltering.  As a mass care worker, you could be asked to drive one of our vehicles to buy food and serve food.

Some of the trainings we offer are:

·          Defensive driver training

·          Safe food handling

·          Breaking barriers (seniors & people with disabilities)

·          Organizing your Community (may be one person has CERT training, others have neighborhood watch, get together to find out who has what type of training)

·          CPR (normally charge $35 per person, only charge CERT $5 for the material and certificate)

·          Mass destruction workshop (trying to pilot it this year)

·          Advanced manager shelter workshop (also pilot by Marie)


Marie has agreed to do a 2 hour “Super” CPR with a minimum of 50.  This will be offered to CERT members, family & friends with the understanding that these people will respond to their community.  Cost will only be $5 per person.  If we can get a recreation park, gym etc… Red Cross will provide the dummies and trainers.


Mike will send out an email to all our CERT members to get a pre-enrollment for Marie.  We need at least 50 people to qualify.  We will combine it with our quarterly training on April 5th.

·          Advanced bandaging/splinting 9am-12pm

·          Lunch 12pm-1:30pm

·          Super CPR 1:30pm-3:30pm


Jared would like for all board members to attend the Organizing your Community class.  Redondo Beach Community neighborhood watch is meeting on January 16th at 6:30pm.  Marie will give more details to Marianna to present to them so we could combine neighborhood watch and CERT board members to attend the class.  Date chosen is March 9th at 2pm.


Captain Engler suggested having our classes at the Beach City District building.  Jared will contact John Moawad.  Marianna will contact Janet Jackson to invite Chris Cannon from Citizens Corps.


Mike thanked the Fire Department for given us 8 training dates - that is fantastic!  Captain Engler said he was very happy since to have more instructors now.  All drills are on Saturdays – some could be done on Sunday. 


Funding:  Glen stated that VONS does not want us to set up a trailer in front of their store.  We have to rely on other events such as open house, safety fair etc…  Newsletter, information will be included.  Other opportunities: Boy Scout event at Manhattan Beach Town Fair, Frontier Days Fair, distribute sign up sheet at work, 10K Run coming up at the end of the month. 


Mike to contact Meredith at the Chamber of Commerce and see if we can get a booth for free at the 10K run.  This two-day event would be a great exposure to thousand of people participating in the event, sign them up for incoming classes as well as Vons disaster trailer.  He will email us as soon as he gets more information.  Mike asked the Hooles to have their display available, then to Glenn to contact Gene to bring down the disaster trailer, as well as volunteers to work the event, as he works on Saturday.


Breakdown Session:  Jared asked a special guest to join our meeting tonight:  George Nakano. 
Jared: We wanted to honor you with a presentation to thank you for your support and coming down to our Appreciation Day last year.  George Nakano thanked us for being part of our city volunteerism – “it give us a sense of security knowing that people went through this training”. 


He referred to a town in Germany where there was lack of organization and volunteerism.  In communist country there are no churches, no volunteer groups.  Public Office comes from community group, level of trust of the people and the government.  We are blessed in this country to have service clubs, non-profit organizations, churches and volunteer groups.  It is nice to see you stay active to provide the kind of training to support our community.


Jared described to George Nakano our acclaimed website, that Randy has done a fantastic job on it.  Randy thanked Valerie for being the photo editor and spending numerous late hours on it as well.   Jared showed a copy of our Pocket Guide Book (done by Garth) - it is a valuable resource.  Jared promised to send George a hard copy of it.


Website:  Sponsor Area, Randy would like us to push it this year to get donations ($50 for a business card size or $100 for a full-page ad.)  Captain Martinez to give list to Mike to email members of the Chamber of Commerce about sponsorship program.


Mike made a motion for Randy to write-up an email (with Jared’s final approval) to go to our membership about our sponsor page with the cost etc… to pass it on to their employers, second by Marianna.


Funding Part II:  Pam asked if Whole Foods one-day donation could be a possibility again this year?  Mike said that we could talk to them, however store managers have no input into it.  Their headquarters makes the decision as to which entity they wish to donate; we just got lucky because others didn’t want to participate in that program.


CERT DECALS - Gary Horn has 200 already printed decals, it has the same “Redondo Beach CERT Fire Department” logo that is on our helmets.  We could sell them to alumni graduation or give them to members.  Gary’s cost to have it done was $220.  Jared asked Gary to bring some samples at the next board meeting to have a vote on it.


PATCHES – Pam stated we still have 41 patches for sale at $10.00 each.  Since we are giving one patch to George Nakano, and one patch to Division Chief Don Herr, Mike made the motion to sell the remaining 39 patches, second by Marianna (all voted in favor.)


Award:  Marie Davis from the American Red Cross wanted to make a presentation to the CERT Board members.  Her office based in Inglewood covers 22 cities, by far Redondo Beach is the most organized she has dealt with. Marie: “Hats off to the Fire Department for their motivation and dedication as well to the CERT Alumni.  Our community is safer due to training. If the Tom Lee incident had extended one more day, I would have had to call upon CERT members to help out.  I am looking forward to our continued partnership and present you with this award:”




The Fire Department offered us a wall at Fire Station 1 to display awards and certificates we have received as well as training materials.  Plaque and other certificates were given to secretary to keep for now.


Phone-Tree Questionnaire:  Mike thanked Pam, David & Valerie for helping him to edit it.  So far we have 15 questions that were reviewed at the last Executive Board meting in December.  Mike went over each one of them with the board, as it needed to be sent out this month.  We only have one chance a year to submit it.


First question: CERT Teams

Would you be interested in participating in one of our new local CERT teams? This would require you to make a commitment to: a)… b) … c)…


Mike explained that at the National CERT Convention in LA, geographic areas were broken up into teams.  We can activate teams in relation to the region where incident occurred.  Harbor Team, South Redondo & North Redondo, each would have a separate response area. In the future, promote competition etc…


Most board people and guests did not like the wording.  Some members might be offended by it or refuse to fill in the rest of the questionnaire because of having to commit.   After a long discussion about it question number one about CERT teams will be the last question.  We will only asked people if they are interested in participating in one of our new proposed local CERT teams during 2003.


Second and third questions will be extremely valuable to the Fire Department and CERT knowing people special skills, or special tool they might own.  We need to ask about affiliations and Ham radio license.  


Board members asked to remove the answer “can’t afford it” under question #8 “Is your CERT bag complete if no - why not?”  Again, people might feel defensive or too embarrassed to admit to it.  It’s better if they volunteer that information on their own.  All other questions were fine.  Mike will resubmit the questionnaire after corrections for final approvals to all board members.



Treasurer’s Report:  Final balance $2,195.23.  Monies deposited this month:  $20 from patch sale, and  $250 reimbursement from the Redondo Beach Fire Dept. for LA CERT Conference tickets (see attached.)


Asset Report  - YTD $19,614.70 (see attached.) Pam will adjust the values of the patches to $10 each on our YTD asset sheet.  It was raised that we may need to modify the value of the Convention Display Backdrop,.  It was valued at $3,000 when it was purchased, but it may not be that value now. Pam agreed to change the title of the heading of the column, to show “replacement value” of the assets.  That is, what it might cost RBCERTAA to buy the items today.


Vons Trailer Report: We have received a year to date amount (January to September) of $1,628.00 with the total number of supporters (as at October) of 196 supporters.


Executive board meeting will be held Friday January 24th at 6:30pm.


Jared distributed an article from the LA Times “Heated Up”, it’s a homemade kit to keep you warm, made of one quart of rubbing alcohol, a roll of toilet paper and a coffee can container.  This will not give out any fumes and last for hours.  Words of caution from Captain Engler: kill the flame before you refuel it.


Motion made by Mike for the board to email our Alumni’s to invite our members to attend the neighborhood watch meeting on January 16th, second by Valerie (passed by nine members.)


Motion made by Garth - if we get a booth at the 10K Run event - to have permission to email the membership requesting help to man the CERT booth and activities, second by Randy.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30 p.m.



                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on: _____________________________________