March 7, 2006 - 6:30 p.m.*

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:


Lisa Burke

Margot Hoffman

Monty Ruth

Michael Vaccaro

Dennis Cajili

Lilli Gonzales

Jeff Adam

Alisa Zells

Marcelle McCollough

Jennifer Adam


Ricky Bichlmeier

Garth McWhorter


Laurraine Caurauna

Peter De Portillo



Bob Heil



Gary Horn















Fire Department Liaison:



Capt. Rick Martinez







Call to Order: Meeting called to order by President, Lisa Burke, at 6:30 p.m. (7 board members present).


Lisa reminded all in attendance to be sure to pay their bill before leaving the restaurant.


Introduction of guests: Lisa introduced the guests (listed above) and welcomed them to our meeting.


Special announcements:  Gary Horn tendered his letter of resignation to the Board. He thanked the Board and CERT for the past 5 years of enjoyable membership. He turned in the generator paperwork to Michael V., and stated that he would arrange to transfer the website ownership when a replacement is selected. Gary was thanked for his service by members of the Board.


Approval of Minutes: Corrections were submitted to last month’s minutes, Margot was asked to resubmit next month.


A question was raised regarding provision of minutes to guests. It was pointed out that they are posted on the web site after they are approved.


Question was raised regarding the dismantling of the phone tree. This was tabled until FD Corner.





i. Point Person for the FD and CERT Volunteer Expectations:


With regard for the upcoming Board of Directors elections, Lisa encouraged the members to carefully consider who they nominate for   Board membership and pointed out the expectations placed upon volunteers.


Lisa stated out that some members who volunteered to participate during the bicycle race did not work the event. She asks that all members be true to their word.


Lisa also reminded the members present of the importance of 'chain of command' as well as the need to have CERT speak with one voice for official matters. Communications between the RBFD and the RBCERTAA should be through the designated representatives. For the RBFD that person is Chief R. Martinez and for RBCERTAA that person is the President of the Board of Directors or his/her designated representative.


Lisa also reminded the members of the need to act professionally when acting on behalf of CERT and pointed out that discourteous behavior by members during visits to the fire stations could not be allowed.



ii. AMGEN Bike Race Review:


Thank you letters from the RBFD are being sent to the volunteers.


The bicycle race went very well and the city is already discussing doing it again next year. It provided a great opportunity for CERT members to work with the FD and with the Medical Reserve Corps. It provided members with insight into the chain of command. It was noted that not all CERT members got lunch and there was a suggestion that next time (?) CERT members should pick up their lunch at the station prior to being deployed. Lessons were learned regarding traffic control and pedestrian walkways. CERT members saw some hazardous situations and reported these to appropriate officials who expressed appreciation for the suggestions.


In ongoing discussion, Chief Martinez stressed the importance of the chain of command, and pointed out the dangers of ‘free lancing’. He also said that common sense should apply. CERT members in particular should understand the chain of command. He is the appropriate contact between CERT and the Fire Department.


While he had the floor, Chief Martinez also discussed the replacement for the phone tree. An automatic dialing system is in place which can call all members within about 15 minutes. This service was not used for the race. Some method of keeping the phone list accurate is required. Perhaps the local beach newspaper could be used in an attempt to contact missing CERT members for their new contact information.


There was also some discussion regarding the difference between CERT graduates and active CERTAA members (those who keep their training up to date). A suggestion that we attempt to distinguish between these two types of graduates so that we can focus our limited resources on those who wish to remain active.



iii. Class 32: We are recruiting students. Flyers are available and will be provided to Board members for distribution.


iv. CERT Conference Reminder:  The National CERT Conference for the LA Operational Area will be May 15 - 17. The fee for the entire conference is $325 until April 15th. A descriptive brochure was provided 


During this discussion mention was made of the National Walking Challenge. Information regarding this was sent out in an email from Stacy Wyatt of the BCHD.


v. RBFD Open House: Date Saturday, May 13th. Want 3 volunteers per station. They are needed from 8:30 AM until end (around 3:30 PM). Volunteers: Jeff, Jen, Peter, Michael, Lisa, Monty, Alisa, Lilly, Ricky, Marcelle.


vi. BOD Nominations/Elections:


vii. Fire Department Corner: Chief Martinez encouraged us all to remember that we are all volunteers. There is nothing to be gained from 'being grumpy'. We should not forget to have some fun.




i. Treasurer's Report (Michael): Treasurer's Report was distributed. Total Expenses ($307.06), deposits ($ 0.00).


The bank has declined to provide CERT with a debit card. Michael will investigate alternatives. A volunteer was requested to provide a credit card for the web site until this situation could be resolved.


ii. Misc. Bills to pay (?)

            - Receipts were submitted for $26.18 for consumables (paper plates, napkins, utensils) (Garth), $100 for Moulage supplies (Lisa), $20.85 for Voicemail service.

            - Jennifer. Adams presented $127.00 in donations for apparel.


iii. Advance for FOOD ONLY for each new class (Michael):

            - The Treasurer will advance $100 to food committee for first CERT class night so that the food committee chair does not have to front the funds for each class.




i. Website Maintenance (Valerie)

             - Valerie has added photos from the bicycle race. The web site is up to date.

ii. First Aid Supply Donations (Marcelle)

             - Supplies have been requested, no response so far.

iii. Website Billing Issue

             - Marcelle will arrange to take over the billing for Gary

iv. Calendar & Monthly Info. Notice/Newsletter (Alisa)

             - Request was made to send data to Alisa for inclusion in the newsletter.

v. Le Boutique CERT (Jennifer)

            - The problem with the shirts (too big) has not been resolved. The vendor reports that they were made overseas. Jennifer encouraged to continue to seek an acceptable response from the vendor.


vi. CERT Trailer (Lisa)

             - Items are missing from the trailer. A new procedure is being instituted to limit access to only Board members with ID. No borrowing of materials for any non-official CERT functions will be permitted. There will only be one key.


             - The pink slip still must be obtained from Mike. Jennifer will contact him to get this.


vii. Class #31 Graduation Day Planning (Lisa)

             - Graduation planning is under way.




i. Next Board Meeting, Tuesday, April4, 2006

ii. July Board Meeting rescheduled to July 11, 2006

iii. Orange County Fire Authority rescheduled until April 2006

iv. San Juan Capistrano CERT rescheduled until April 2006




i. Items from the floor (subject to time limits per Robert's Rules)


It was noted that Alisa has missed the last two Board meeting and that there was thus an automatic motion to remove her from the Board. No action was taken.


Noble, Marcel, Lily and Monty were all nominated to fill the vacancy on the Board left by Gary's resignation. Marcelle, Lily and Monty all accepted the nomination. Noble will be contacted by Garth to see if he will accept the nomination.


F. Adjournment (Approximately 8:30) (Lisa)


The meeting was adjourned at 8:49 PM.




                                                                        Respectfully submitted,






                                                                       Robert Heil

                                                                       RBCERTAA Director




Minutes approved by Board on:  April 4, 2006