April 4, 2006 - 6:30 p.m.*

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:





Lisa Burke

Alisa Zells

Marcelle McCollough

Margot Hoffman


Jared Van Sloten

Michael Vaccaro


Ricky Bicklemeier

Robert Heil

Garth McWhorter

Jennifer Adam

Jeff Adam

Dennis Cajili

Fire Department Liaison:



Monty Ruth

Mike Grady

Noble Smith

Chris Meyers

Tonia Amiril

Lilli Gonzalez




















Meeting called to order by President Lisa at 6:34 p.m. (8 board members present.)


Names of Board Members done by Secretary, member absent:  Alisa Zells.


Introduction of Guests:  Reminder to guests of board meeting protocol


Since this was the first meeting after the death of RBCERTAA Board Member: Peter De Portillo

a moment of silence was respectfully observed in his loving memory.


Motion to approve minutes for February 7th, 2005 was first motioned by Bob Heil and seconded by

Jennifer Adam.


Motion to approve minutes for March 7th, 2005 was first motioned by Jennifer Adam and seconded by Garth McWhorter.




Fire Department Corner: 


No Representative from the Redondo Beach Fire Department was present.




Class 31 Graduation:  Per Lisa Burke, the graduation went well.


RBCERT Class #32 begins on June 1, 2006.


Per Capt. Rick Martinez, RBFD Open House will be held on Saturday, 5/13/06 at both Fire Houses 1 and 2 between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. (It should be noted that the information as listed above was confirmed by Capt. Rick Martinez prior to the meeting, due to his absence).  Volunteers for the open house are being sought. 


The next Continuing Education class will be held on Saturday, May 27th, 2006 in Inglewood, CA.

Nominations for RBCERTAA Board of Directors will be accepted on this date.


RBCERTAA Picnic will take place on June 17th, 2006. (Location to be announced.) Elections for RBCERTAA Directors will be held at this function, if necessary.


The swearing in of new RBCERTAA board member(s) will take place at the July 11th, 2005 board meeting. The RBCERTAA Executive Board Members will be voted in at this time, as well.


Regarding feedback for the telephonic recorded call out message received, per Garth McWhorter, the message received from Capt. Rick Martinez, for the April AED Continuing Education Class could have been enunciated more clearly and spoken more loudly.


 Old Business:


Treasurer’s Report:    .

The Treasurer’s Report was approved.

The following checks were written:

3/7/06  #2085  Garth McWhorter for consumables in the amount of $26.18.

3/7/06  #2086  Lisa Burke for reimbursement f or “CERT hotline” charges from 3/2/06 to 5/2/06 “Affordable Voice Mail”

3/7/06  #2087  Lisa Burke for Moulage expenses for the Graduation Class #31


Treasurer Michael Vaccaro paid himself in the amount of $157.98 for the purchase of flowers from RBCERTAA for the funeral of Peter De Portillo.


It was decided to wait to fill the board position left vacant by the passing of Peter De Portillo until next month.


A letter of resignation from Vice President, Alisa Zells, was accepted by Margot Hoffman and seconded by Garth McWhorter.


Garth McWhorter replaced Alisa Zells as Vice President of RBCERTAA.


Marcelle McCollough and Monty Ruth were voted in as new RBCERTAA board members to replace

Alisa Zells and Gary Horn.






Website (Valerie and Marcelle):
Discussion pending regarding the billing and payment for the web site.    

Progress is on-going for the RBCERTAA web site.


Funding & Equipment:


Per Marcelle, possible donations of supplies are pending from approximately 75 corporations which

she personally contacted on behalf of RBCERTAA.


Mike Grady, former RBCERTAA board member provided the pink slip for the RBCERTAA trailer,

to the board.  Discussion ensued regarding the pink slip being transferred into Capt. Rick Martinez’s name to be kept with legal documents at RBFD Station 1.




Lisa Burke advised that she would take over the photo committee responsibilities.




Calendar Announcements will be forthcoming with information regarding upcoming RBCERTAA events




Jennifer made a deposit for $252.00 for the sale of apparel.  Discussion re: pricing  of patches and pins

is pending until the May 2006 board meeting. Lilli Gonzalez wanted to submit a proposal for fundraising with the RBCERTAA pins at the May 2006 board meeting.




Discussion ensued regarding better communication between RBCERTAA and the Board of Directors regarding the newsletter. Marcelle advised that she will manage the EVITE communication.


Marcelle and Lisa are an informal Communications Committee.


Marcelle, Lilli, Lisa, Monty and Bob volunteered to be on the newsletter committee.


Per Jennifer, a new Committee list is appropriate.


Marcelle, Jennifer, Jeff and Monty will be on the Food Committee. Lilli suggested the committee have one group be available and another group break down the food service.


Per Michael Vaccaro, it should be noted, that Lisa received a certificate from  President George Bushj

Commedating her for her extensive community service to her community. For more information, see the web site at


Monty suggested that  RBCERTAA Public Relations equipment be developed so that it can be quickly picked up and taken to meetings and functions where it could shown to the public.




Next board meeting is on May 2nd, 2006.


Having no further business the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:34 pm, in loving memory of Peter De Portillo.






                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,





                                                                                          Margot Hoffman,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary




Minutes approved by Board on: 5/2/06