August 8th, 2002, 6:30 p.m.

Cimmaron Café 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.



Board Members Present:

Board Members Absent:                 


Jared Van Sloten

Garth McWhorter

Rick Martinez

Pamela Hoole

Heling Craig

Paul Weavers

David Hoole


Randy Stacy

Mike Grady


Brian Wharton

Jodie Honn


Kate Wharton

Elizabeth Schnell


Kelly Heavener

Bernadine Wood



Glenn Willis, Jr.                                       



Valerie Heath



Pete Villasenor, F.D. Liaison






Meeting called to order by Pres. Jared Van Sloten at 6:45 p.m. (nine board members present.)


Motion to approve minutes for July 11th, 2002 made by Mike Grady, second by Jodie.


Jared turned the meeting over Pam to go over the Appreciation Day Party. 


Appreciation Day:  Revisions were made to the last Journal dated July 31st, 2002, confirmed so far. 


·          200 guests would be present

·          Party will be between 10:00am and 3:00pm

·          Randy will be our MC

·          Food to be served between 11:00am and 12:30pm

·          Raffle will be held during lunch

·          CERT Display will be set-up

·          Games will start at 1pm

·          Gene will set-up his disaster trailer for sign-ups


Pete mentioned that he was not able to get the help he was looking for from the Chamber of Commerce because they are a little overwhelmed since the Lobster Festival will be held on the same day as our Party. Pam created a “wish list” for Ralphs and we will have to see what type of food donations they can give us.  Pam working with Tom about the vendors he has already approached.  Only as a last resort will we ask our members to bring side dishes.


Jodie will complete the invitation and email it to Bernadine to put it on PageMaker for Mike.  Mike to take final draft to “Minute Man Press” and see if we can get 200 printed for free. Jared asked to keep “sponsored by the Mayor” in the invitation for now, as he will take one soon to Mayor Hill and see what he can obtain.


Since we are incorporating the invitation to the News Letter, all articles must be completed and submitted to Jared by August 21st.  Elizabeth and Bernadine will need final draft by August 24th to have it out on the 26th.


Captain Martinez is chairing the game committee; he asked for us to send out an email and have teams preformed prior to the games.



AES has not been contacted yet regarding parking - they might require a guard at the gate.  Pete to talk to the City and see if they could let us use “Camacho’s parking lot; also the City lot near the Lagoon.


Jared has not contacted John Moawad to discuss donations from local businesses for our raffle - still in the works.


Email will be sent out to all RBCERTAA members requesting volunteers in the following:

·          Set-up

·          Cooks

·          Vons trailer sign-up

·          Food/Condiments

·          Drivers

·          Team Captain for Games

·          Paper Plates, Utensils etc…

·          T-Shirt Sale



All additional revisions will be made by Pam and submitted to the Board Members at next meeting.



Communications:  Glenn informed us that the Ham Radio class and licensing will be held on February 22nd, 2003.  Cost is $95 per person for the class and $10 for the license (up to two more tests at $10 ea, if you fail the first time).  Deadline to prepay for the class is February 1st, 2003.  Glenn is still looking for a suitable site for the class.



CERT Class 19:  Was very successful, great job of Pam and David for coordinating it.  Thank you Glenn for providing all the “moulage injuries”.  Having all graduates going through the drill twice made a huge difference.  David mentioned that by next year, someone else will need to take over the graduation drill since they will need to return to Australia.



RBCERT Sponsored Activities:  Motion to approve our official “Outline and Request to Advertise Charitable Events” dated August 2002 made by Mike, second by Bernadine.  It will now be included into our bylaws.


Mike reported that our phone tree members increased from 275 to 280.  224 (80%) on emails, 84 on snail mail.  Phone Tree Manual has been completed and emailed to all Board Members.

Relay for Life was a huge success.  No need for major First Aid, only one bug bite, minor cut and an upset tummy.  Our team had 49 volunteers, raised $5.671.25, and total for America Cancer Society event was $95,000.00.  Mayor Hill was present; we got coverage from Easy Reader and the Beach Reporter.


Credit Union that is available to all Fire Department/Police Department employees would offer the same benefits to our CERTAA members.


S.O.S. vendor will come and do a presentation at our board meeting after we get through with our appreciation day party. They provide supplies for our CERT bags at a discount to all our members.  If the Fire Dept. allows it, they can set-up a booth during class or at the graduation. Pete to investigate.   Do we want them on Appreciation Day?



Apparel:  Elisabeth mentioned that they sold 12 T-Shirts and sweatshirts at class 19, and 2 more shirts at graduation.  Total revenues of $220.00



Treasurer’s Report:  Balance as per Bank Statement dated July 31st is $2,418.45.  Additional income of $220 from T-Shirts gave our current balance of $2,638.45.  First payment of $1,000.00 is due this month for our outstanding invoices for Apparel Purchases.  Remaining $1,700.00 will need to be paid by the end of the year.


Pam stated that she still has not received previous documents and bank statements from Heling.  Jared will get previous documents from Heling, plus chequebook and Post Office key.


Citizens Corps Council:  Paul Weaver read notes from the July 25th meeting.  A mission statement was developed to create, expand, promote volunteer opportunities and activities that will make our community better prepared for threat of terrorism, crime and disasters. 


By July 15th, 2004, Don Herr – Sub Committee Council will expand CERT training by 35% or 150 people as well as develop a program to include youth.  By December 2002, they will work on increasing self-sufficiency throughout the community as well as a self-sufficient list (kit) for a 72-hour period.



Funding and Equipment Committee:  Mike has finalized the $1,000 equipment list request for a Response Center Trailer.  Jared would like for Pete to take a look at it before we submit it.



Pete’s Corner:  November 14th LA County target date to put disaster training for CERT and Fire Dept. (respond locally.)  Trying to tie in radio communications. Pete would like to put something for CERT members, a special drill, and activate the phone tree.  Because most of us cannot leave our work environment, he will plan for the weekend before that.


Congresswoman Jane Harman is requesting us to set-up a booth about CERT at Mira Costa High School on August 17th.  Pam and David agreed to set it up.  Jared will attend as well.


Jared handed out to Pete a CERT briefing to be given to the Chief Of Police and staff to make them aware of who we are and what we are capable of doing.


Purchase Orders for half of the CERT bags and all patches have been approved.  The bags will be done in two batches and will be completed by November.  Pete asked all of us to come up with some ideas or incentives on how to distribute them. To be discussed at our next meeting.


Class 20 is full; the Fire Dept. does not have confirmed dates for 2003 classes at this point.


Motion to approve the Officers’ Responsibilities dated August 2002 by Mike second by Pam.



New Business:  Mike has emailed all Board members, asking them to read about the National Conference LA-CERT and would like to discuss at our next meeting.  Captain Don Lee who is in charge of the Los Angeles CERT program wants to take it nationally.  Conference cost is $125 for three days in November (Sun. Nov. 3rd – Tue Nov. 5th).


Guest Speaker: Kelly Heavener from Torrance Whole Food Marketing Dept.  They need to do one more special day, where 5% of total sales are donated to a non-profit organization.  This will be coordinated at their Torrance and Redondo Beach stores.  Donation Day must be concluded before their fiscal year ends on September 29th, 2002.  Kelly would need four weeks notice in order to prepare promotional flyers, banners and groceries bags.  All agreed if we meet the 501 C qualifications that it will be held on Wednesday September 11th.  Pam will look into submitting the proper non-profit documents so we can be eligible for it.  If not, the money will be given to your local Fire Department.  Pete will look into this for us as well. 


Mike to get hold of Kelly to talk to the Redondo Store Manager to see if we could set-up our booth.  Torrance CERT would set-up their booth at the Torrance store.


Glenn got a quote on our CERT Pocket Guide.  Instead of having a spiral comb, it would have a spiral wire binding.  Quote from “Impressive Images” located at 2512 Spreckels Lane is $475.00 for 250 booklets. They will produce it in the current format – it just needs ready artwork to print it.


Please submit your “vision” statement to Jared prior to the next board meeting, September the 12th.


Having no further business, the Board Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:25 p.m.





                                                                                          Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                          Valerie Heath,

                                                                                          RBCERTAA Secretary





Minutes approved by Board on: __________________