May 1st, 2007 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Attendees at this meeting:


RBCERTAA Board Members



Guests in Attendance:

Alisa Zells – President



Sandy Marchese

Marcelle McCullough – Vice Pres.



Rochelle Kelley

Monty Ruth – Treasurer



Bob Kumler

Bob Heil – Secretary



Darlene Kumler

Jeff Adam



Laurraine Caruana

Jennifer Adam




Tania Amaral




Lily Gonzalez




Noble Smith




Jared VanSloten




Mike Grady












Fire Department Liaison:




Capt. Rick Martinez










1) Call to order (President - Alisa)

The RBCERTAA Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM.


2) Introduction of guests (President - Alisa)

The guests shown above were acknowledged and welcomed.


3) Call for approval of Minutes from last meeting (President - Alisa/Secretary - Bob)

The minutes of the last BOD meeting were approved as submitted.


4) Presentation of Agenda Order and request for additions/deletions (President - Alisa)

These minutes reflect the final agenda.



A) Swearing in of new board member, Mike Grady (Capt Martinez)

New RBCERTAA BOD member Michael Grady was sworn in by Captain Martinez.


B) Announcement of upcoming Board of Directors Nominations and Elections

Our bylaws provide for elections at the May training event. Since there is no training event scheduled for May, it was proposed and passed that nominations for the new board be opened at tonight's meeting, be closed at the June BOD meeting, with elections to be held at the June Picnic.


Announcement of the opening of nominations and upcoming elections will be publicized via email, hotline and the web site.



C) Addition/formation of Public Relations (PR) Committee (President)

Marcelle has volunteered to chair this committee. Rochelle volunteered to participate on this committee.


D) Fire Department Corner (RBFD Representative – Captain Martinez)

The RBFD USAR III team material has been placed on two of the trucks. A Hazmat training session is being planned for both RBFD AND CERT USAR teams.


The final items required for the CERT USAR team were provided by the RBFD.


There was general consensus that the AED training was successful, with 15 CERT members attending.


The recent Tsunami Awareness Meeting at the library was well attended and provided useful information.


The June 30th picnic will be a 'call-out', but not a training event. It will be modeled on the successful picnic held last year. The FD will obtain the grill. CERT is asked to assist with staging this event. It was suggested that attendees could bring a side dish to share, with the entrée (hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.), buns and drinks being provided by the RBFD. This will be a fun event and all CERT members and their families are encouraged to attend. There will be a charge for this event. The CERT food committee will coordinate with the FD.


A possible CERT exercise combined with an overnight campout was suggested for FD consideration by Mike Grady. Captain Martinez will look into the possibility of this.




A) Treasurer's Report (Treasurer - Monty)


i) Presentation and call for approval of Treasurer's Report.

Monty distributed a Treasurer's Report dated May 1st, showing total disbursements of $3,376.30. The report was approved as submitted.


ii) Reimbursements and presentation of current bills for payment.

No revenues were reported and no receipts were presented for payment.


iii) Update on filing of our tax statement and other paperwork to maintain non-profit status.

Monty reported that he had received a letter from the IRS acknowledging receipt of our tax exemption paperwork. He will delay submission of our charitable trust paperwork with the state until after the upcoming BOD elections so that he can provide an updated listing of officers.



B) Committee and Assigned Task Reports


i) Calendar and Events Notice (Lily)

Lily has taken over this task and is being assisted by Marcelle. Neither was able to attend today's meeting but did provide advanced notice to President Zells.

     May 12th is Fire Service Day.

     The next CERT Academy starts June 7th.

     The picnic is planned for June 30th.


ii) Graduation Update (Alisa)

A video was recorded of the recent graduation and is being edited for use in advertising CERT.


iii) Website Status (Alisa)

Alisa is still trying to get in touch with Heling Craig to arrange the orderly transition of the website from Valerie. Additional volunteers are still needed to assist with this task. Monty Ruth and Bob Applegate have both expressed an interest in helping with this. A transition from Front Page to Dream Weaver was discussed for our website authoring. Rochelle will investigate obtaining a copy of this for CERT.


iv) Open House (Monty)

The Fire Department Open House will be Saturday, May 12th, as a part of Fire Service Day. Volunteers are still being sought to assist with the CERT table in each station.


v) LeBoutique (Rochelle)

There are no transactions to report. Someone is needed to represent LeBoutique at each station for open house. New decals and patches are being obtained.


vi) CERT Hotline (Sandy)

The new hotline number is 310.217.7682. Only two calls have been received to date, one a wrong number. The hotline number will be given to Diane at station 1 to relay to callers from CERT.


vii) Equipment (Mike)

Mike Grady reported that CERT First Aid Bags and CERT USAR Bags have been completed and are stored in the trailer for use in an emergency.


Mike submitted an equipment donations 'wish list' showing additional material which is desired.


Mike reported that he has replaced his recently totaled Jeep and he has purchased a truck to replace it. He is asking that CERT provide him with funding in the amount of $179.99 to cover the cost of purchasing a trailer hitch to be used to tow the CERT trailer. A motion was made and passed to have CERT cover the cost of a trailer hitch.


ix) Memorial Day Parade Committee (Paul W.)

The Redondo Beach Memorial Day parade will be Monday, May 28th. RBCERTAA will participate in the parade. Participants should plan on arriving at 09:00 AM to prepare for the 10:00 AM start of the parade. An email is being sent to membership with details of this event.



The next Board Meeting will be June 5th. (Alisa)


The next CERT Academy will start June 7th. (Alisa)


The community radio system is currently operating.


Nominations are officially open for the next RBCERTAA Board of Directors.


BOD Nominations received at the May BOD meeting:


Mike Grady, Rochelle Kelley, Monty Ruth, Marcelle McCullough, Bob Heil, Jared VanSloten,

Jeff Adams, Jennifer Adams, Lily Gonzales, Bob Kumler, Tania Amaral, Sandy Marchese,

Alisa Zells


Nominations will continue to be accepted until the June BOD meeting. Candidates must demonstrate that they meet the prescribed requirements for BOD membership and should be prepared to submit a short statement describing their qualifications and plans for CERT.


8) OPEN FORUM (Open to floor, subject to Robert's Rules time constraints)


It was suggested that we send a thank you letter to the Hermosa Beach Neighborhood Watch committee for helping to advertise RB CERT.


A thank you is also due to the Rotary Club and other contributors.


Alisa announced that video taken at the recent graduation would be shown after the BOD meeting was adjourned.


9) ADJOURNMENT (President)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 PM.




Respectively submitted,





Robert H. Heil

RBCERTAA Secretary