March 6th, 2007 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Attendees at this meeting:


RBCERTAA Board Members



Guests in Attendance:

Alisa Zells – President



Mike Grady

Lisa Burke – Vice Pres.



Rochelle Kelly

Monty Ruth – Treasurer




Bob Heil – Secretary




Jeff Adam




Jennifer Adam




Tania Amaral




Lili Gonzalez




Marcelle McCullough




Noble Smith




Jared VanSloten












Fire Department Liaison:




Capt. Rick Martinez










1) Call to order (President - Alisa)

The February meeting of the RBCERTAA Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM.


2) Introduction of guests (President - Alisa)

The guests shown above were acknowledged and welcomed.


3) Call for approval of Minutes from last meeting (President - Alisa/Secretary - Bob)

The minutes of the last BOD meeting were approved as submitted.


4) Presentation of Agenda Order and request for additions/deletions (President - Alisa)

These minutes reflect the final agenda.




A) Fire Department Corner (RBFD Representative – Captain Martinez)

Captain Martinez noted that the 3/31 class will be Search and Rescue (SAR) taught by Engineer Hereria, location Knob Hill. The AED class will be 4/21 taught by Vince, location TBD. USAR team equipment is largely in place (for both the CERT team and the RBFD Team.) Chief Mead will teach the required Hazardous Materials Class. This will be the next CERT USAR class, date and location TBD. This class will be restricted to current CERT USAR Team members only (due to class size restrictions).


CERTAA will assist the RBFD by reminding them of the submission dates for the quarterly RB Parks and Recreation Guide.


RBFD will be organizing a 'Fire Corp' as a part of the Citizens Corp Counsel. This is a DHS organization to help the Fire Department with non-operational (e.g., administrative) duties. More information will be forthcoming.


B) JROTC Drill competition

This competition will be held on the first Saturday in April at Raytheon in El Segundo. Noble indicated that he would be interested in attending and representing CERT at this event.




A) Treasurer's Report (Treasurer - Monty)


i) Presentation and call for approval of Treasurer's Report.

Monty distributed a Treasurer's Report dated February 6th, showing total disbursements of $81.12. The report was approved as submitted.


ii) Reimbursements and presentation of current bills for payment.

Donations of $186.00 and records of disbursements in the amount of $127.83 were presented at the meeting and will appear on the next Treasurer's Report.


There was lengthy discussion regarding the accounting of non-monetary items donated to RBCERTAA. It was determined that donations of this type should include a valuation to be used in keeping track of our annual receipts.


Monty also presented a summary of expenditures for the previous three years which averaged between $2000 and $3000 per year. The board is researching past CERT expenses to assist in creating future operating budgets.


iii) Update on filing of our tax statement and other paperwork to maintain non-profit status.

Monty reported that we need to file IRS form 8734 before March 31st to establish our permanent non-profit status. This will be done in a timely manner.


iv) Update on audit.

Monty is still looking for an auditor. He spoke with one recommended CPA who may be willing to perform an audit but would want to be paid for his services. It was noted that an audit is not a requirement for our tax free filing.


B) Committee and Assigned Task Reports


i) Calendar and Events Notice (Alisa and Lili)

Alisa distributed an updated calendar. Captain Martinez has rescheduled the picnic to June 30th, 2007. Lily has volunteered to take over this committee. Alisa will pass on the calendar information to her.


The Memorial Day Parade will be May 28th. Paul Weavers is coordinating CERT participation in this event.


ii) Website Status (Alisa)

Valerie is no longer able to take on this responsibility, but has continued to update the website.  We need a volunteer to assume this responsibility immediately. Alisa sent out an email seeking a replacement (volunteer) for this position and has received one response so far. Photos are still requested for all past graduation and/or training events. Please email them to


iii) Graduation and Food Committees (Lisa and Marcelle)

Lisa confirmed that the upcoming graduation drill for academy 34 is still expected to have some VIP participation. She has already lined-up the necessary victim volunteers for the exercise. Marcelle is actively seeking donations of food for this event.


Volunteers are still needed for this event, which will be Saturday March 24th at Station 2, with setup starting around 8:00 AM. VIPs are expected to arrive at about 12:00.


Mike suggested that the BICEPP Team present a demonstration at the graduation.


Lisa reported that Chief Madrigal has requested that alumni attending this event be in uniform (CERT logo apparel).


v) LeBoutique (Rochelle/Alisa)

Rochelle reported that we are out of the 'Write-in-the rain' books and that there have been requests for these and also for the CERT Kits from the same company. She has requested that we authorize the purchase of more of these items. Following discussion, it was moved and approved to purchase 10 of the smaller books at $9.95 to be given in response to a $15 donation and 2 of the larger kits at $39.95 to be given in response to a $45 donation. In addition, Rochelle was authorized to order additional books and/or kits in response to any additional donations received.


Rochelle also reported that she had found a service which could die our existing stock of white sweatshirts a grey color which may be more attractive to our members. The board encouraged Rochelle to determine what this would cost and how it would look.


vi) Funding/Sponsorship (Marcelle/Rochelle)

Marcelle distributed some candidate donation fliers to be used to solicit donations to CERT. The Board accepted the forms for further review. Marcelle is seeking feedback on these forms. There was considerable discussion regarding how donations should be solicited and how to handle specific earmarks.


Equipment (Monty)

Monty reported that Mike Grady has agreed to acquire and install the shelving in the CERT trailer which was previously approved by the Board. He expects to get this completed before the end of April. Volunteers to assist will be appreciated. The Board will work with Mike to arrange for his access to the trailer.


Monty also reported that he is soliciting CERT members to participate in 'generator operating teams'. Duties of team members would include rotating the store of gas in the shed and periodic operation of the CERT generators. Monty will coordinate operating policy with the Fire Department.


vii) USAR (Committee Chair - Mike G.)

Mike reported that the Rotary had held their fundraiser. A sponsor for the USAR team is now being sought to underwrite the cost of uniforms and supplies.




The next Board Meeting will be April 3rd. (Alisa)


The next CERT Academy will start June 7th. (Alisa)



8) OPEN FORUM (Open to floor, subject to Robert's Rules time constraints)


Monty asked who our website provider is. The current provider was reported as being Yahoo.


Monty also reported that the wooden nickels discussed during the last Board of Directors meeting would be donated to CERT. It is intended to use these for advertising CERT to the community.



9) ADJOURNMENT (President)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.








Respectively submitted,





Robert H. Heil

RBCERTAA Secretary