February 6th, 2007 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Attendees at this meeting:


RBCERTAA Board Members



Guests in Attendance:

Alisa Zells – President



Mike Grady

Lisa Burke – Vice Pres.



Andrew Alling

Monty Ruth – Treasurer



Glenn Willis

Bob Heil – Secretary



Paul Weavers

Jeff Adam



Marianna Weavers

Jennifer Adam



Rochelle Kelly

Tania Amaral



Gary Horn

Lili Gonzalez




Marcelle McCullough




Noble Smith




Jared VanSloten












Fire Department Liaison:




Capt. Rick Martinez










1) Call to order (President - Alisa)

The February meeting of the RBCERTAA Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM.


2) Introduction of guests (President - Alisa)

The guests shown above were acknowledged and welcomed.


3) Call for approval of Minutes from last meeting (President - Alisa/Secretary - Bob)

The minutes of the last BOD meeting were approved as submitted.


4) Presentation of Agenda Order and request for additions/deletions (President - Alisa)

These minutes reflect the final agenda.




A) Fire Department Corner (RBFD Representative – Captain Martinez)

The Fire Department representative was not able to attend this meeting.


B) 2007 training drill Schedule

(Covered in Calendar Report, below)



A) Treasurer's Report (Treasurer - Monty)


i) Presentation and call for approval of January 2nd, 2007 Treasurer's Report.

Monty distributed a report showing donations of $117.00 and disbursements of $20.85. The report was approved as submitted.


ii) Reconciliation of prior Treasurer Report.

Monty reported that a transcription error of 23.10 was found which explained the balance discrepancy reported last month.


iii) Reimbursements and presentation of current bills for payment.

Invoices totaling $81.12 were presented for consideration.


iv) Update on filing of our tax statement and other paperwork to maintain non-profit status.

Monty reported that we need to file a Statement of Information every 2 years. This has already been done for us by the RBFD this past January. Monty also reported that we still need to file a Registration Checklist within 90 days of the disclosure statement. Monty is pursuing this action.


v) Update on audit.

We have not yet selected an auditor. Mike suggested a possible CPA who may be willing to donate his services. An audit is not a requirement for our tax free filing.


B) Committee and Assigned Task Reports


i) Calendar and Events Notice (Committee Chair - Alisa)

Alisa distributed an updated calendar. Captain Martinez has rescheduled the picnic to June 30th, 2007. Lily has volunteered to take over this committee. Alisa will pass on the calendar information to her.


ii) Website Status (Alisa)

Valerie is no longer able to take on this responsibility, but has continued to update the website.  We need a volunteer to assume this responsibility immediately. Alisa will send out an email seeking a replacement (volunteer) for Valerie. Photos are still requested for all past graduation and/or training events.  Please email them to


iii) Graduation Drill (Committee Chair - Lisa)

Lisa reported that the upcoming graduation drill for academy 34 is expected to have some VIP participation, including Congresswoman Harmon, members of the Redondo Beach city administration, the Citizens Emergency Corp, and various emergency response providers.


Volunteers are needed for this event and donations are being sought. This event will be Saturday March 24th at Station 2, with setup starting around 8:00 AM. VIPs are expected to arrive at about 12:00. Press coverage is also expected.


Mike suggested that the BICEPP Team could present a demonstration at the graduation.


iv) Open House (Lisa/Alisa)

Lisa has volunteered to Chair this committee since Michael V. is no longer a Board Member.

The open house is scheduled for May 12th. Volunteers are needed to support this at both Station #1 and Station #2. Raffle prize donations are being sought for this event. The raffle serves to draw attention to our exhibit so that we can try to recruit new members.


Mike Grady offered to donate two $50 gift certificates from Independent Repair.


There was considerable discussion regarding the ways in which donors could be recognized for their donations. It was suggested that those interested get together and come up with a suggestion for what should be offered.


Rochelle presented a suggestion that we model our recognition based upon that used by other organizations.


Marcelle and Rochelle will form a team to draft a recognition approach for this and other events.

It was also requested that the secretary (Bob) provide a copy of our current sponsor recognition policy to the web master.


v) LeBoutique (Rochelle/Alisa)

An inventory of CERT apparel and miscellaneous items has been completed. Some items were identified which had not been previously offered in response to donations. There was discussion about adding these to the list of items given to recognize donors. It was decided that the lapel pins and patches would be added to the items offered in recognition of donations. Rochelle has sent out an email to BOD members providing details of where inventory material is currently being stored. An excel spreadsheet is now being used to track inventory, including emergency supplies and USAR equipment. Rochelle is seeking information to help her document the value of the material being held in inventory.


Rochelle also reported that she has provided a collection of CERT apparel to Mike for storage at his place of business.


Mike suggested that we could place the names of sponsors on t-shirts given to donors.


It was suggested that generic CERT caps be given to the VIPs attending the upcoming academy 34 graduation.


vi) Funding and Equipment (Mike G./Monty)

Monty reported that we have almost all of the equipment required for our USAR team. This has been labeled and will be stored in the trailer.


The Red Cross (thanks to Jared) has donated a quantity of First Aid supplies to RBCERTAA.


Monty distributed a "wish list" he believes we should add to out current trailer store of emergency equipment. Monty is soliciting additions or corrections to the list as well as donations of this material.


Mike reported that the Rotary Club, which has committed to a $2500 donation to CERT, is holding a fundraiser on March 3rd at 6:00 PM to raise funds for CERT. Members are encouraged to attend. Mike presented a flier on this event raiser and requested that the flier be sent out to CERT members with an email announcement.


vii) USAR (Committee Chair - Mike G.)

Mike reported that Captain Martinez has asked that all USAR team members attend the current CERT academy as a refresher of CERT skills. Mike also stated that he was quite pleased with the participation of the CERT Alumni at the first Academy class.


Mike also reported that there is a plan to have two BICEPP teams from RBCERT in the next competition.


The next USAR team meeting will be Feb 13th at 6:30, at Station 1.



The next Board Meeting will be March 6th, 2007 (Alisa)


The current CERT Academy began Thurs. Feb. 1st (Alisa)


The Northrop Grumman Amateur Radio Swap meet has offered to place RBCERT Academy Applications at the registration table. This meets once per month on the last Saturday of the month at the Northrop Grumman site on Aviation Blvd. (Bob)


Jared asked the board members to consider what kind of announcements should be placed on the Redondo Beach Emergency Radio service.


Alisa reported that Chief Hyink requested that she alert us to the California Volunteers workshop being held on March 7th and 8th. Alisa distributed a flier on this subject.


Mike suggested that we consider asking the local disaster communications (DCS) team to attend our Perry Park drills and plan to participate with CERT in the event of an emergency.


8) OPEN FORUM (Open to floor, subject to Robert's Rules time constraints)

Glen Willis, CERT graduate and former RBCERTAA Board Member suggested that we consider adding 'Wooden Nickels' bearing the CERT logo to our materials used to reward donors. Glen had to depart prior to the start of the meeting, but Monty presented the preliminary information to the Board. The action was tabled pending Executive BOD discussion.


Lily reported that the RB PD has reported numerous residential burglaries in the North Redondo Beach area. All citizens are asked to call 911 if they see any suspicious vehicles or persons in the area.


Paul Weavers presented a letter he received inviting RBCERTAA to participate in the annual Redondo Beach Memorial Day parade on May 28th. CERT has participated in this in past years. If we wish to participate this year we need to respond by in a timely manner. There is not expected to be a fee for CERT to participate in this. Paul has passed the information to the Board for consideration. Paul offered to help to organize this event and Lily offered to assist him. The BOD voted to approve pursuing participation in this event, given that there is no fee for our participation.


Monty reported that a 911 memorial fund raiser was held today (Feb 6th, 2007) in Redondo Beach. This is for a memorial to be located in Redondo Beach. There will be a series of fundraisers to support this.


It was noted that the mayor attended the first CERT class.


The annual Superbowl 10K race was held last Sunday. CERT did not participate. The next race here in RB will be the 4th of July. Mike suggested that if we wish to have a table we should have it on Registration day, not race day.


9) ADJOURNMENT (President)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 PM.







Respectively submitted,





Robert H. Heil

RBCERTAA Secretary