April 3rd, 2007 - 6:30 p.m.

Billy’s Deli 

5160 W. 190th St., Torrance, CA.


Attendees at this meeting:


RBCERTAA Board Members



Guests in Attendance:

Alisa Zells – President



Mike Grady

Vacant – Vice Pres.



Gloria McClusky

Monty Ruth – Treasurer



Daryl McClusky

Bob Heil – Secretary



Terry Connor

Jeff Adam



Gina Connor

Jennifer Adam



Sandy Marchese

Tania Amaral



Bob Kumler

Lili Gonzalez



Darlene Kumler

Marcelle McCullough



Bob Applegate

Noble Smith




Jared VanSloten












Fire Department Liaison:




Capt. Rick Martinez










1) Call to order (President - Alisa)

The February meeting of the RBCERTAA Board of Directors meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM.


2) Introduction of guests (President - Alisa)

The guests shown above were acknowledged and welcomed.


3) Call for approval of Minutes from last meeting (President - Alisa/Secretary - Bob)

The minutes of the last BOD meeting were approved as submitted.


4) Presentation of Agenda Order and request for additions/deletions (President - Alisa)

These minutes reflect the final agenda.




A) Announcement of vacant board member/Executive Officer position (Alisa)

Lisa Burke, Vice President of the RBCERTAA BOD, has announced her resignation from CERT. Since she was Vice President of the CERT BOD, this has resulted in both a vacancy in the Executive Board as well as a vacancy on the BOD. Marcelle was the only BOD member expressing a willingness to fill the position of Vice President and was so appointed by acclamation.


Mike Grady was the only member in attendance expressing a willingness to fill the vacant BOD position and was so appointed by acclamation.


B) Fire Department Corner (RBFD Representative – Captain Martinez)

Captain Martinez noted that he had heard that the recent Graduation Ceremony went well, but that some of the anticipated dignitaries had not shown up. He also noted that it was reported that Engineer Melissa did an excellent job in organizing the moulage for the drill.


The medical reserve corp participated and expressed an interest in taking additional triage training to better serve the community.


Captain Martinez also reported that there has been some problems reported between RBCERTAA members and urged members to ensure that the organization is an enjoyable experience for all participants.


He also reminded all CERT members to respect the official reporting order and not to go out of channels. [He stressed that this is IMPORTANT.]


The last alumni training class had only 10 students. The fire department was disappointed by this turnout and had heard reports that this event was not well advertised. Members are advised to check the website ( for training opportunities.


C) Proposed By-Law Amendment (Monty)

Monty submitted a proposal to amend the By-laws to eliminate the requirement that a Board member be the chair of each RBCERTAA committee; instead, he proposed that the By-laws be amended to allow a non-Board member to chair a committee, so long as the Chair is a CERT member in good standing and the Board approves the appointment of said Chair.


After discussion the motion was approved as submitted.





A) Treasurer's Report (Treasurer - Monty)


i) Presentation and call for approval of Treasurer's Report.

Monty distributed a Treasurer's Report dated April 3rd, showing total disbursements of $604.02 and donations of $3,203.00. The report was approved as submitted.


ii) Reimbursements and presentation of current bills for payment.

Receipts for current expenses were solicited and will be reported on next month's Treasurer's Report. It was reported that Lisa Burke will reimburse the CERTAA for the $100 which had been allocated for mulage supplies for class 34 which she did supply.


iii) Update on filing of our tax statement and other paperwork to maintain non-profit status.

Monty reported that he had arranged for the timely filing of IRS form 8734. He is still looking for a CPA to assist us with future filings on a pro bono basis.


iv) Monty reported that he is still working on an audit of our holdings, the filing of our charitable trust paperwork, and the generation of a handbook to provide guidance to future treasurers.


v) Monty reported that he has been investigating the 'Wooden Nickels' earlier suggested by Glenn Willis as an advertising vehicle. These will be obtained at no cost to CERT and will be used to increase community awareness of the CERT organization. Monty has created artwork for these which has been approved by the RBFD.


B) Committee and Assigned Task Reports


i) Calendar and Events Notice (Alisa and Lili)

Lily has taken over this task and will be assisted by Marcelle.

The next CERT training will be AED at Beach Cities Health District on April XXX.


ii) Website Status (Alisa)

Valerie is no longer able to take on this responsibility, but has continued to update the website.  Heling Craig has volunteered to take over this task. She has been speaking with Valerie to arrange for this transition. She is also looking for volunteers to assist her with this task.


It is planed to provide CERT committee information on the website in the future.


iii) Open House (Alisa)

The Fire Department Open House will be Saturday, May 12th. In the past, CERT has participated in this event by putting up a booth to advertise our organization. Also, we have held fundraising raffles at this event in the past.


A new chair is needed for this committee. Alisa is acting in this role, but is seeking a permanent chair. Monty offered to chair this committee. Volunteers are needed to help him at both Station 1 and Station 2.


iv) LeBoutique (Rochelle)

No report submitted.


v) CERT Hotline (Alisa)

A new chair is being sought for this committee. Sandy Marchese has offered to take over this responsibility. Mike Grady has obtained control of the hotline from Lisa. A check for $88.40 needs to be written to Affordable Voice Mail to cover the cost of this service. This was approved by a vote of the BOD. It was noted that the hotline number should be put on the web site.


vi) Funding/Sponsorship/Food (Marcelle/Lily)

Action on the previously submitted funding/sponsorship brochure was tabled until next month.

Volunteers are sought for this committee.


It was noted that the fire Department provided lunch for the recent graduation which was much appreciated by the participants.


vii) Equipment (Monty)

Mike Grady has volunteered to take over the chair of this committee.

He distributed a listing of equipment that he recommends we purchase using the funds provided by the Rotary Club. It was moved and approved to authorize the purchase of the requested supplies in the amount of $3199.93.


It was announced that the Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) will be donating all of their disaster supplies to CERT. They would like to train with us in the future.


Mike will be sending a new list of items still needed to the BOD. This will be coordinated with the donations committee.


Alisa announced that her employer is considering a substantial donation to CERT.


Monty also reported that he is soliciting CERT members to participate in 'generator operating teams'. Duties of team members would include rotating the store of gas in the shed and periodic operation of the CERT generators. Monty will coordinate operating policy with the Fire Department.


viii) USAR (Committee Chair - Mike G.)

No training is planned this month. The next training will be Hazmat next month. There will be a drill later this month.




The next Board Meeting will be May 1st. (Alisa)


Future CERT Academies will be advertised in the Parks and Recreation booklet.


Nominations for the next CERT BOD will be taken at the next official CERT Activity.


The next CERT Academy will start June 7th. (Alisa)



8) OPEN FORUM (Open to floor, subject to Robert's Rules time constraints)


Video tape of the last graduation was taken and looks good.


Mike reported that Lisa asked that we thank the host of the past Chief's retirement party.


The donations committee will look into obtaining certificates, plaques, awards, etc. to recognize donors and sponsors.


It was suggested that committee meetings be held in preparation for the CERT BOD meeting.


Suggestions for effective meetings were distributed


It was suggested that novelty CERT Helmets be used as a thank-you item for donors.


Mike displayed an emergency guide which he was mailed. He suggests that we could use these as advertising material for CERT. The cost would be less than $1.00 each.


Captain Martinez's impending birthday was applauded.


9) ADJOURNMENT (President)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 PM.








Respectively submitted,





Robert H. Heil

RBCERTAA Secretary